Barrister Babu New Era Episode-13: Mishti’s Tragic Past.

The episode starts with Batuk saying,  “I’m coming to snatch your happiness Bondita.  But this time, I’m not alone.  I have a very very huge weapon.. hathiyaar with me this time.  BRC is coming Bondita.  No one can stop me now….”

[Batuk recalls Anirudh telling him to get out of Roy Choudhary Haveli.  Batuk walks away from Roy Choudhary Haveli in anger.  Then, he thinks of going back to Italy, but the very next moment he says to himself, “If I went back to Italy, then how will I take revenge from that Bondita?  I’ll have to stay in India only for taking revenge from Bondita.”  Batuk is wandering here and there.  He feels very thirsty.  He’s searching for water. His throat has dried up completely. He’s perspiring.  All of a sudden, he comes across a Haveli.  Batuk thinks that he’ll get some water in the Haveli, so he tries to go there.  But now, he isn’t left with enough strength to walk.  His lips are cracked up, the only moisture left on his lips is the blood oozing out from them.  Batuk struggles very hard to speak, but he could only utter, “Wa… water….. waterrrrrrrr………”   Saying this, Batuk collapses on the ground.  He gets unconscious.

After a while;  when Batuk opens his eyes👁👁, he sees a very beautiful and gorgeous girl sitting besides him.  She looks very concerned for him.  Batuk says, “Where am I?  And who are you??”  The girl sitting near Batuk is actually Mishti.  Mishti says, “You were lying unconscious outside our Haveli.  You were dying of thirst.  I brought you here, doctor babu has examined you.  How’re you feeling now????”

Batuk :  “Who told you to bring me here?? Why are you sooo concerned for me?  Why…. whyyyyyy…… did you brought me here???”

Mishti :  “My heart told me to bring you here.  I’m concerned for you because I am also a human just like you.  I can understand others’ pain.  And as a human, it’s my duty to help others when they need it.  If I hadn’t brought you here, then you would’ve died of dehydration;  that’s why I brought you here.”

Batuk :  “You don’t need to think much about others, think about yourself and mind your own business.”

Mishti keeps both her hands on her waist and says, “What do you think of yourself haannnnn???  I saved your life.  And instead of thanking me, you’re giving me boring lectures??!!!!  I have answered all your questions.  But who’ll answer my questions?  I asked you something, don’t you remember????”

Batuk :  “No, I don’t remember.  Neither I want to remember.”]   Flashback ends.

Batuk laughs  and says, “That.. that girl…  She looks exactly same like Bondita!!!!  Now, I only have to find that girl.  And then, with her help, I’ll go to Roy Choudhary Haveli to take my revenge.. Badlaa…..  Hahahahaaaaa…”


Batuk bites his lips.


Meanwhile, in Roy Choudhary Haveli :-

Anirudh and Bondita enter in the Haveli with the little girl whom they had found on the road.  Binoy gets surprised to see the girl and asks, “Arrey Anirudh, Bondita bahu; who is she??”

Anirudh :  “Baba, her name is Arunima.  She wants to do something big in her life, but she isn’t able to do it because of the low mindset of our society.  So, we’ve decided that we will help her in fulfilling her dreams.”

Bondita :  “We already had 8 kids, now we got one more.”

Anirudh :  “Haan yes Bondita.”

Sampoorna comes there and says, “No no nooo.. not at all….  Now, we’ve got 11 kids in total.”

Anirudh :  “But.. butttt how Sampoorna Ma?”

Sampoorna says to Anirudh and Bondita,  “Arreyyy, you both are also not less than kids.  You two are also very stubborn and naughty just like kids.”

Bondita :  “Aaaaaaaaannnnn… Noooooooooo Sampoorna Maaaaaa…..”

Everyone laughs at this childish cry of Bondita.

Binoy :  “Sampoorna, then we’ve got a cricket team of 11 kids!”

Sampoorna :  “Yeah, absolutely.”

All laugh.

But, there’s one person in the Haveli who is looking at Anirudh and Bondita in anger.  He is Trilochan.  Trilochan wants to tell Anirudh and Bondita that they shouldn’t keep Arunima in Roy Choudhary Haveli. But, he isn’t telling them because he knows that Anirudh and Bondita won’t listen to him.  He walks away sniffing with anger  while tapping his walking stick against the hard floor.

Meanwhile at Chakraborty Haveli :-

Mishti is trying to get out of the locked room.  Mishti is suffocating inside the room.  All of a sudden, Suchi passes by the window of Mishti’s room.  (Suchi is the same girl whom Suraj had teased in the college.)   Mishti sees Suchi and calls her, “Suchiiiiii… Succhhhiiiiiiiiii…..  Please open the door.   I want to come outside.  Kindly help me.”

At first, Suchi gets scared.  But, after hearing the continuous screams of Mishti, Suchi feels pity.  With trembling hands, Suchi opens the door of Mishti’s room.  Mishti comes out and sighs in relief.

Then, Mishti and Suchi go to a quiet place.  Mishti says, “Thank you so much Suchi for saving me today.”

Suchi :  “Btw Mishti didi, why were you locked there?”

Mishti :  “Suchi, my Baba had locked me so that I don’t go out of our Haveli.”

Suchi :  “But Mishti didi, it’s wrong to disobey the elders.  Mithun Kaka had done this for your good only.  He wants your safety and your welfare.”

Mishti gets emotional and says, “No Suchi, you don’t know anything.  I had a very verryyy tragic past.  My Baba never liked girls.  He always used to think that girls are burden for the family, a girl is a curse for the family.  So, when my elder sister was born, Baba was very angry and he got her married at the age of 7 years.  My didi gave birth to 4 children and unfortunately, all of them were girls only.  That’s why, the sasural(in-law) members of my didi drowned her in the river alongwith her 4 daughters because they thought that didi was an evil shadow for their family.  And you know what, my didi was only 17 when she died.”  Saying this, Mishti cries.  Suchi consoles her.



After a while, Mishti wipes her tears and continues, “This is nothing Suchi. I’ve seen a lot in my life.  When I was born, my Baba became muchh more angry.  He tried to kill me many times, but Ma always saved me.  Unfortunately, Ma couldn’t save my younger sisters.  I had 5 younger sisters.  As soon as they took their first breath in this world, my Baba made them sleep forever with a single stroke of a sharp knife.  Baba always used to humiliate Ma in front of everyone.  Baba never considered me and my sisters as his daughters.  My Ma was the only support of me and my siblings.  She always used to motivate us for doing something good in our life, she was really a very great and sweet personality.  She was completely opposite of Baba.  She was soo loving and caring.”  Mishti recalls the sweet moments with her Ma.

Then Mishti says, “Baba wanted to get rid of me.  When his plans of killing me failed several times, he decided to marry me off. I was just 6 years old when Baba fixed my wedding with a 66 years old man.  My fiance was a womaniser.  Baba wanted to sell me to that old man for money.  Butttttt…, do you want to know what happened on the day of my marriage?  At that time, Ma was pregnant with the 8th child.  Everyone was preparing for my wedding.  And, Baba was the happiest person in the whole world as he got 15 lakh rupees from my fiance for selling me. Then Baba thought that he’ll have to share his money with Ma too, so he decided to kill her.  Baba gave poisoned Kheer to Ma. No one in our home knew about this, even Ma was unaware that she had eaten poison.  All of a sudden, when Baarat(Marriage procession)  came at our door, Ma felt dizzy and she collapsed on the ground.”


[Mishti recalls the heart wrenching incident.  Mishti’s mum falls on the ground.  Mishti screams, “Maaaaaaaaaa…” The relatives bring Mishti’s mum inside the room.  Mishti makes her Ma lay on the bed and sprinkles a few drops of water on her face.  Mishti’s mum opens her eyes. Mishti’s mom says, “Beta, my time is over now.  I’m going faaarrrrrr away from you all.  I’ll never ever come back, but my blessings will always always remain with my daughters.  Mishti, take care of yourself Beta.  And do something good in your life.  Go… Goodbyeeeeee……..”   After saying this, Mishti’s mum closes her eyes forever..  Her 8th child also dies with her.  Mishti cries inconsolably.

Mishti :  “Ma, you were my only support; how will I live now??”

Mithun is calling Mishti for the wedding. But, suddenly, a spark of courage ignites inside Mishti.  Mishti wipes her tears and says in a lioness-like voice, “Ma, I’ll surely fulfil your last wish.  I’ll do something big and good in my life.  I’ll raise my voice against this evil patriarchal society.  I’ll fight for women rights.  I’ll try my level best to change the mindset of this society.  But, for that, I’ll have to fight for myself first.  I won’t let anyone sell me.  I’ll run away from here.”   Then, Mishti sneaks from her home and runs on the road.   She runs across a deep forest, after that she comes to a place where goons are residing.  Some goons kidnap Mishti by making her unconscious.

When Mishti opens her eyes, she sees Saudamini in front of her eyes.  Saudamini asks, “Are you fine Mishti?” Mishti says, “Yes, I’m fine. But who are you???”   Saudamini says, “I’m your Saudamini didi, the daughter of your Shivraj Kaka.  Some goons had kidnapped you.  Baba was passing by.  He saw all this and saved you.”   Mishti thanks Saudamini and Shivraj for saving her life.]  Flashback ends.

Mishti continues her story, “Suchi, then I narrated all the incidents to my Shivraj Kaka and Saudamini didi.  They were moved after hearing everything.  On that day itself, they took my responsibility. They kept me in a huge house. Soo many people used to work in that house. They all were like my family members.  They gave me all the happiness of this world.  Saudamini didi also used to come there for visiting in a few days. But, after a few months;  Saudamini didi went to jail for attempting to kill someone.  After she went, Shivraj Kaka looked after me like a father.  He admitted me in a good school and college.  I studied very hard and made my family members proud.  But, there was someone who was very dejected and angry.  It was my Baba.  When my Baba came to know that Shivraj Kaka has taken my responsibility, he scolded Shivraj Kaka.  Baba asked Kaka to kill me, but Shivraj Kaka took a stand for me.  Kaka explained the importance of girl’s education to Baba and convinced him to let me stay in Chakraborty Haveli.  After a lot of arguments, Baba finally agreed for letting me stay in Chakraborty Haveli.  But, Baba never loved me.  He always hates me to the core.  I am only like an object for Baba.  Still, I’m very lucky that I have got so many kind-hearted people in our Haveli.  All the workers in our Haveli are like my family members.  All their children are my besties.  I can share all my feelings with them.  I share my happiness, sadness, anger, disappointment, joy, distress, everything with them.  They all are pure souls.   When Saudamini didi returned from imprisonment after 15 years, she started to stay with me for taking care of me.  Although, she’s a very selfish and self-centered woman, but her heart is very soft and warm from some corner.  She always keeps thinking and talking of revenge, still she also has love and humanity in some corner of her heart.  I’m really very verryyy grateful to Shivraj Kaka and Saudamini didi for whatever they’ve done for me.  They’ve done sooooo many favours on me.  Kaka looked after me like his own daughter and Saudamini didi also considers me as her own sister.  I respect them a lottttttt….”



Mishti pauses for a moment.  Then she takes a deep breath and says, “Suchi, you know what?  I’ve seen a lot of women and girls suffering in this cruel society.  That’s why, I have decided to do something for their freedom.  I want girls to fly in the open sky like free birds.  I don’t want them to be caged.  That’s the only reason, I never ever tolerate anything wrong happening with any girl.  I always fight against the harrassment to women.”



Mishti :  “I have seen my Ma and my sisters dying in front of me and I couldn’t do anything to save them.  But, I won’t let any other girl or woman suffer because of this society anymore.  I’ll always become their shield.”



Suchi gets very verrryyyyy emotional after hearing Mishti’s sad story.  Suchi says, “Mishti didi, you’re really great! I don’t have any words to appreciate you!! Hats off to you!!!”


It’s night :-

In Samnoy’s room –

Binoy sings a lullaby for Shashwati.  Shashwati sleeps.  Sampoorna says to Binoy, “You don’t know how much I missed you!!  In these 9 years, I never slept peacefully and kept thinking about you.  I…. I…….”   Sampoorna’s eyes get filled with tears and she couldn’t speak further.

Binoy keeps his hands on Sampoorna’s shoulders and says, “Sampoorna, Sampoorna, Sampoorna;  now I’m with you na?  Then please no tears.  Please please please smile now.  Sampoorna smiles  and she hugs Binoy.

Samnoy sit on the bed🛏.   Sampoorna sleeps in Binoy’s lap.  Binoy caresses Sampoorna’s hairs.   Yeh tera mera rishta khuda ne banaya hai na plays….

It’s morning :-

Some villagers enter in Roy Choudhary Haveli and ask Trilochan, “Trilochan Jamindaar babu, with which relation these girls of Das family are living in Roy Choudhary Haveli?  If they don’t have any relation with Roy Choudharys, then they can’t live in this Haveli.”

In the mean time, Batuk is searching for Mishti.  He’s showing Bondita’s picture to everyone and asking them if they have seen that girl.  But, no one has seen her.  Batuk bites his lips in anger and disappointment.

The episode ends. 

Update Credit: Khushi(a)Barbie


Somnath says to the villagers, “The girls of Das family have the relation of humanity with Roy Choudharys.  Yes, we are bonded with the relation of hearts❤, and the relation of hearts is above all the relationships of this universe.”

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    “Do you remember that time when you were small and a wish of yours came true, while we were on a bus journey? This fine summer evening with this mild breeze reminds me of that incident. You remember, don’t you?” Kaveri asked her daughter Lata, as they sat on chairs in their balcony, sipping tea. “Yes, I remember. You have narrated that incident many times”, Lata replied, smiling. Though she was too young back then, to remember it now, her mother had vividly described it to her.
    They had been travelling in a bus, their destination being, Lata’s grandparents’ home. It was bound to be a journey of about twelve hours or so. It had been about an hour or two and Kaveri and Lata, both had been showing symptoms of motion sickness, Kaveri more so, than Lata. Lata had heard her mother saying that she felt nauseous and dizzy. “Don’t worry mama, I’ll do something that will help us reach Grandma and Grandpa’s house quickly”, she had said and Kaveri had smiled endearingly at her daughter saying, “Thank you Lata, that’s so sweet of you.” Lata put her finger on chin and thought hard. She wondered what she could do. “Such a big responsibility on such a small child’s shoulders”, Lata murmured and frowned. Kaveri looked at her, shaking with laughter at her daughter’s antics. Lata was slowly falling asleep. Then, all of a sudden, she got up from her seat so abruptly, that she banged her head against the roof of her bus seat. Her mother gasped and panicked, but Lata remained unfazed and unaffected. Kaveri rubbed the spot on her head, where she hurt it, but Lata simply ignored her and peered towards the window. She had taken her hand to her mouth and mumbled under her breath wishing to God fervently that he make them reach their destination quickly so that her mother could stop feeling sick and folding her palm, she had stuck her hand out of the window and unfolded it, blowing a light breath on it. “See, now we will reach them very soon,” she said, grinning toothily at her parents. Her mother and father had smiled at the naivety and innocence of their daughter. What they hadn’t expected was that the journey that had to be of around twelve hours, maybe ten hours being the fastest it could manage, to end in just seven hours.
    The incident made Lata’s parents smile even after years. May be it was a coincidence or may be it was the selfless, innocent wish of a child making something so improbable come true. But, it was astounding. It was somewhat inexplicable………
    Shared the story here, once again 😅. For convenience 😉

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