Barrister Babu New Era Episode-10: Binoy gets emotional after reuniting with his family.

The episode starts with Anirudh and Somnath hugging Binoy very tightly with tears in their eyes.  Binoy gets confused as well as very emotional.

Binoy asks, “What happened beta???”  But, Anirudh and Somnath aren’t able to say anything.  Then Binoy turns to Trilochan and asks, “Da, at least you tell me?  What had happened in the last 9 years??  Why you all are crying like this???”

Then, Trilochan narrates to Binoy all the incidents that had happened in past 9 years in a very emotional voice and with teary eyes.  Binoy cries a lotttt after hearing everything.

Anirudh says with tears filled in his eyes, “Ba.. Babaaa…. You… you finally became fine after 9 years.  Baba, I have to tell you soo many things.  I want to talk and laugh with you Baba.  I was longing to hear your voice from last 9 years.  Finally.. Finally, I got my Baba back.  You don’t know how much I missed you.  I can’t express my happiness today.  I’m really so sooo soooooo happy Baba…”  Saying this, Anirudh hugs his Baba again.

Binoy emotionally says, “Anirudh.. Anirudhh…. Please forgive me beta.  I couldn’t be there with you in your difficult times, I couldn’t be there to wipe your tears when you cried.  I… I…..”  Before Binoy could complete his statement, Anirudh says, “No Baba. You were always there with me in my difficult and tough times. I always used to forget my sorrow after seeing you.  Please don’t say like this.  Please bless me Baba.”  Anirudh touches Binoy’s feet and Binoy blesses him.

Somnath also takes blessings of Binoy. Then Somnath says in an emotional tone, “Baba, I’m also very happy to see you fine.  I had really lost hopes that you’ll get cured, after all the doctors had given up.  But, you became fine and now my happiness can’t be expressed in words.  But Baba, please meet Sampoorna ma first, she has received a huge shock after Thakuma hitted you.”

Binoy looks at Sampoorna who is still standing like a statue in a shock.  Binoy shakes Sampoorna.  Sampoorna comes to reality and falls in Binoy’s arms. She looks straight into the eyes of Binoy; but she thinks she’s dreaming,  so she starts shouting, “Where is Shashwati’s Baba?  Thakumaaaa, where have you kept my husband😰??  Tell meeeee…”  Binoy calms Sampoorna by saying, “Here I am Sampoorna.  Look, your husband is with you.  Where’s Shashwati? I want to meet my daughter.  Please take me to her.”

But Sampoorna says, “No, noo noooo… This can’t be possible!!  This.. Thisss can’t happen……  I know I’m dreaming..”  Sampoorna pinches herself to confirm whether she’s dreaming or not.  Then she realises that she isn’t dreaming.

Sampoorna gets very emotional and says, “Y… Youu..??  Youuuu….???!!!” Sampoorna couldn’t speak anything further and she collapses on the ground. Tears are rolling down her face.  Her eyes have became red by crying. The tears in her eyes are not only tears of happiness, but also tears of regret, sorrow, shame and grief.  She is feeling regretful and ashamed of her previous bad deeds, of her attempts to separate the members of Roy Choudhary Family.  She is in sorrow as her husband doesn’t know that she has changed.  She is distressed because Binoy doesn’t know about the kind-hearted Sampoorna bahu of Roy Choudhary family and the loving & caring Sampoorna Ma of Binoy’s children.  Sampoorna is not able to meet her eyes with Binoy due to shame.  She’s just crying inconsolably.

Binoy goes towards Sampoorna.  Sampoorna stands up, but still she is not able to face Binoy.  Sampoorna says, “I have got the punishment of my evil deeds.  In spite of being with you, I had to stay away from you till 9 long years.  You don’t know how I have spent these years. Each and every second seemed to be a long month.  I’ve regretted a lotttt for all my bad deeds.  And you know, I’m not that evil Sampoorna now;  I’ve changed my mind and my heart.  Yes, I’ve thrown away all the bad thoughts.  I know that I was very evil; but if possible then please please forgive me…”  Saying this, Sampoorna joins her hands in front of Binoy (she’s still looking away from him).

Binoy goes in front of Sampoorna and hugs her.  Sampoorna cries very bitterly at this hug of her husband after 9 years. Binoy says, “Sampoorna, you were never evil.  You were just manipulated by some bad people.  You were always a shining sun who spreads its warmth and love all over the world.  The sun was just covered with clouds of darkness for a while, but now those clouds have disappeared.  So, my happy and cheerful sun is back.”  Sampoorna gets very happy after hearing this. She smiles with teary eyes.

Binoy exitedly says to Sampoorna, “Won’t you let me meet our daughter?  She was a small baby when I had seen her last time.  I want to hear the word Baba from her.  Tell me na, where is she??  She must be in our Haveli.  Where’s Roy Choudhary Haveli?  I want to go.”

But before anyone could say something, Trilochan says, “No one will go to Roy Choudhary Haveli.”  Everyone gets shocked.  Binoy confusingly asks, “But why Da?  What happened??”

Trilochan says, “How can we go home and celebrate without thanking the one because of whom Binoy got cured??  Tell me….  You all are getting happy and rejoicing, but none of you thought about Kallindi ji who brought our Binoy back.”

Sampoorna :  “Yes, you’re right Jethji. We considered Thakuma as wrong.  But, she did a very great work for our family.  We must thank her.”

Anirudh :  “But Kaka, where is Thakuma?”

Somnath :  “Yes, I didn’t see her after she hitted Baba.  Where did she go??”

Trilochan :  “I know where she must have gone.  Her favourite place.  Probhat Sarovar(Lake).  Come, let’s go there.”

Anirudh, Somnath, Binoy and Sampoorna go with Trilochan to Probhat Sarovar.  And to everyone’s surprise,  Thakuma is standing there only!!!

Trilochan joins his hands and goes towards Thakuma by bowing his head. He says, “Kallindi ji, please please please please forgive me and my family.  We misunderstood you.  We really regret for our mistakes.  We’re very verrryyyyyy sorry..  You have already done such a big favour for my family; kindly do one more favour, kindly forgive us.  You brought my brother back. I don’t know how to thank you.”

Thakuma’s eyes get filled with tears and she says, “No no Trilochan ji. Please don’t make me feel ashamed.  In fact, I should ask forgiveness from you all because I behaved badly.  I did this only because I didn’t wanted anyone to come in the middle of Binoy ji’s treatment.  Please please please forgive me for this.”

Anirudh :  “But Thakuma, why didn’t you tell us about your true intentions before?”

Thakuma :  “Jamai babu, if I would’ve told you that I’m going to hit Binoy ji’s head with an iron rod, would you all have allowed me to do this??  Not at all…  That’s why, I had to pretend like that.”

Somnath :  “I understood everything.  But Thakuma, what was the need of igniting that fire???”

Thakuma :  “Somnath, if I hadn’t ignited the fire, then you all would’ve came to save Binoy ji.  Then how could I treat him? Please tell..”

Somnath :  “Ok, okay Thakuma.  Now I understood everything.”

Thakuma :  “Does anyone have any other doubt?”

Sampoorna :  “Thakuma, you’ve really done a huge favour for Roy Choudhary family.  You’re verryyy great!  I really reallllyyyyy don’t have any words to thank you for your greatness.”

Thakuma :  “Sampoorna beta, stranger people thank each other.  Family members don’t say thanks to each other.  And whatever I did is nothing in front of what Roy Choudharys have done for my family.  You Roy Choudharys have really done sooo many favours for my family.  First, Anirudh Jamai babu saved my granddaughter from being Sati by marrying her.  Then he gave her good education and made her a barrister.  Trilochan ji and Binoy ji accepted her as a Roy Choudhary bahu.  Then, even after divorcing her, Jamai babu married Bondita again and accepted her as his wife.  After that, Anirudh Jamai babu got ready to be hanged for saving Tapur’s dignity.  Lastly, Somnath saved my Tapur’s life.  You all have done these many favours for my family.  I can’t pay you for all this.  I just did a very small thing for your family.”

Anirudh :  “No noo nooooooo Thakuma…  It’s not at all a small thing.  You really did a very great thing.  You brought My, Som’s, Bat.. (Anirudh stops for a moment),  and Shashwati’s Baba.  You gave us all the happiness of this universe!”

Somnath :  “Yes yes Thakuma.  Dada is right. Das family has also done soooo much for our family.  You…….”

Before Somnath could complete, Binoy says, “Now, will you all only keep appreciating each other’s family or someone will take me home also??  Haannn????  I want to meet my Bondita bahu and my Shashwati bitiya.”

Trilochan says, “Sure, sure, Binoy.  Come, let’s go.”

When everyone is about to leave, Thakuma stops them saying, “Wait waitt waitttttt….  How did you all came to know that I am here?”

Anirudh :  “Kaka told us.”

Thakuma smirks at Trilochan and says, “Ohhh.. So Trilochan ji knows about my favourite place too.”

Trilochan :  “Why I won’t know?  After all, we have some relation.”

Thakuma gives Trilochan a very cold look.  Trilochan immediately says, “I mean we are Samdhi and Samdhan.”

Thakuma :  “Yes yes.  Jyadi baat, Jyadi laat; Tabhi samjhe Mard jaat.”

Everyone laughs at this.

Anirudh says in an excited tone, “Baba, there’s a big surprise for you at Roy Choudhary Haveli.

Binoy :  “What??  Whattttt surprise Anirudh???”

Anirudh :  “Baba, if I’ll tell you then how will it remain a surprise?  You go and see for yourself.”

Binoy :  “Okay.”

Everyone starts heading towards Roy Choudhary Haveli.

In Roy Choudhary Haveli :-

Bondita, Tapur, Tupur and the kids are still playing.  Someone knocks on the door.   Shashwati, who doesn’t know that she is going to get all the happiness of the entire universe today;  opens the door.  She sees Binoy and gets scared (as she doesn’t know that her Baba has got cured). Shashwati runs inside.

Binoy says, “Shashwati betaaaaa…”  Shashwati turns back.  She gets immense pleasure after hearing her name in her Baba’s voice for the first time.  Shashwati cries and says, “Ba.. Babaaaa….”

Binoy :  “Please come here beta.  Your Baba has became alright now.  I won’t scold you, I won’t get angry with you anymore.  Please come to your Baba.”

Shashwati :  “Baba…”

Binoy :  “Betaaa…..”

Shashwati runs to Binoy and hugs him very tightly.  Binoy cries.  Shashwati gets overwhelmed and very emotional after meeting her Baba.  Both father and daughter exchange love with each other.

Shashwati :  “Baba, I missed you endlesslyyy…”

Binoy :  “I also missed you infinitely my sweetheart..”

Shashwati :  “Baba, now you won’t leave us na??”

Binoy :  “Not at all beta.  I’ll never leave you all now.”

Binoy and Shashwati cry while hugging each other.

Anirudh comes there with Bondita.  Binoy sees Bondita and wonders who she might be.   Binoy asks Anirudh, “Anirudh beta, who is she??”  Anirudh laughs and says, “Baba, you didn’t even recognise your Bondita bahu!”

Binoy happily says, “Bon… Bondita bahuu???  You’re my Bondita bahu?  You were soo small when I had seen you 9 years ago.  You’re really verryyy beautiful!!”

Bondita smiles and touches Binoy’s feet. Binoy blesses her.  Bondita emotionally says, “Sasurji, it feels very nice when I hear my name from your mouth.”  Binoy hugs her  and says, “I also feel very happy when I hear the word Sasurji from your mouth.”

[Bondita recalls Anirudh coming to her and telling her how Thakuma cured Binoy.  Bondita gets very happy and emotional after hearing this.]  Flashback ends.

Anirudh says, “Arreyyyyy Baba, don’t you want to see the surprise?”

Binoy exitedly says, “Haann, haaaannnnnn… Please show me the surprise!  I’m very excited and curious!!!!”

Bondita brings the two heavenly cradles with the two angelic babies sleeping in it.  Anirudh and Bondita together say,  “You have became a grandfather of twins!!!!”  Binoy’s eyes get filled with tears of joy.  Binoy sees his cute little grandchildren and starts cuddling them.

Sampoorna says, “Tomorrow is Diwali.  We all will celebrate this Diwali with a lot of pleasure.  Dugga Ma brought a big happiness in our Haveli today.  Thank you sooo much Dugga Ma.  This will be my first Diwali with my husband.”

Trilochan says, “And this will be the first Diwali of Das family and Roy Choudhary family together!”

The episode ends. 

Update Credit: Khushi(a)Barbie


Bondita’s lookalike is beating a boy.  A woman angrily says, “Hey girl! Who are you? Don’t you have any shame???  How dare you beat my son??”  Bondita’s lookalike says, “Mishti, my name is Mishti…”

Later, Anirudh and Bondita are dancing with Roy Choudhary and Das families in the Diwali function.

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