Barrister Babu 9th November 2021 Written Episode Update: Bondita believes Anirudh is alive

Barrister Babu 9th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bondita seeing Batuk with Trilochan. Batuk makes Trilochan hear Bondita’s speech. He says then, Bondita won the case of that widow, that widow got remarried and took the child again, what did her Sasural get, they lost their son and his last sign also, this may happen with us also, Bondita will know that Anirudh is no more, she will go, will we let her do this. Trilochan says no, we won’t let Anirudh’s baby go away. Batuk says thanks Kaka, I have a plan, I will talk to Bondita well until baby comes, I will make her away from the family and baby, she will be thrown out. Bondita cries and leaves. Anirudh sits and tries to write that he misses Bondita. The man reads my dear Bondita. He asks is she your wife, tell me your address. Anirudh says I don’t remember the address, just the door and window, room. The man asks him to recall. Anirudh says haveli. The man asks where is the haveli. Anirudh says I don’t remember. Someone calls the man. The man goes. Anirudh sees the idol there. Bondita is near the Durga Maa idol. Anirudh prays to Durga Maa. He says make this letter reach home. Bondita holds a diya in hand and prays to Durga Maa. She says I won’t let anyone snatch my baby, I m sure that Anirudh will come back, he can’t leave me, you joined our relation, I will fight for Anirudh and baby, you have to make my faith strong that you protected Anirudh and will make us meet again.

Its morning, Batuk comes to Bondita. She says I had the food and medicines also. He says very good, I came to talk something else, I know we have tension between us, I also felt bad, I want to end the bitterness, sorry, forgive me. She thinks I will stay silent and find out Anirudh’s truth. She says I have forgiven you. He says thanks, I have a surprise, come on. He shows her fav Rasgullas. Bondita recalls Anirudh. She takes the sweet pots with her. She keeps Anirudh’s sweets. She says I will have the sweets brought by Anirudh. She says I swear that I will never eat Rasgullas from today. A flower falls in the plate. She sees the idol. She says it means Anirudh is alive, I was sure he will never leave me alone, I will find him, I will have Rasgullas by Anirudh’s hand, then we will stay together. The man asks where do you belong. He tells the name of the districts. Anirudh says I don’t remember, my family would be worried, how will be Bondita, I don’t know my village name. The man asks him to take rest. He picks a pot from Tulsipur’s name. He takes the map.

Its morning, Bondita asks what, did you see Mallika, she went to Italy. Batuk hears her. Bondita says you are mistaken, what, you are sure that you have seen her, where, near the british library, thanks. BAtuk thinks Mallika won’t listen this way. He goes. Bondita sees some old pics. A man stops Batuk. He says sorry, your telephone line was not working since few hours. Batuk says it was working in haveli. The man says no, it will work after some hours. Bondita writes a letter. She says I m going away from the house, I m going to find Anirudh for the sake of the baby, I will miss you all, I will come back when I find Anirudh, I promise. She packs her bag. Batuk comes back. He asks why were you trying to run away from the house, you don’t care for us, our baby, don’t you love. Bondita says such pure words like love doesn’t suit you, you are a darkness, Batuk. He scolds her. She says I hate you. He says I hate you. She scolds him for cheating the family. She says Anirudh always spoke about women equality, you talk about bounding them. He says I m not like Anirudh, else I would have not been alive, he gave you love and respect, what did you do, you killed him. She says its wrong, Anirudh is alive.

Precap: Batuk tells Bondita once she gives birth to Anirudh’s child, she can go wherever she wants to go, she can die too if she wants, he doesn’t care. In night, Bondita covers her nose and creates smoke in the room. Batuk falls unconscious. Bondita says, I am not as helpless and weak as you think. I will find Pati babu, he is alive.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  4. Is barrister babu going off air ???

  5. i think they will give us a rushed ending! only 3epi’s left and they need to show Anidita reunion+anidita’s babys welcome+batuk realizing his mistake+some extra diouloges+some anidita moments……….

    1. but my gut feeling says we will get a bb season 2 cz from my exprience the past shows which had a baby in the ending gets s2 to show baby girl\boys life ๐Ÿ™‚

    2. Even I too have the same feeling but I think they will show anidita taking part in freedom struggle. Because first the story began in 1920.Then after leap it should be 1929.Then after marriage and after batuk entry it will be around 1931.But makers changed the year to 1942 after leap. First they showed Bondita’s ticket to London. If it was a mistake then again they showed batuk seeing the calendar with the year 1942.So makers changed the year to bring freedom struggle based tracks. I think if season 2 might come with 3 or 4 years leap with anidita and their child. If it comes I wish Coral should play Anidita’s child.

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    4. season 2

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