Barrister Babu 7th July 2021 Written Episode Update: Anirudh and Bondita’s confrontation

Barrister Babu 7th July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Anirudh saying I will not see you, I will stop the lights of the entire world. He breaks the lights. He says no light and no reflection now, we won’t be seen together now. Bondita says we will be seen together. He says I don’t want to see you, stay away, don’t come here, else I will shoot myself. She says you promised to give your life for me, not take your life because of me, why do you hate me, tell me, why did you break my dream. He says dreams broke with the relations. She asks why, answer me.

He says your family cheated my family, we tried to befriend them, but your family took revenge, they poisoned the sweets and fed us, my family had tolerated a lot, we got much hurt, we didn’t forget that. Somnath says Anirudh got some letter and went to old palace. Trilochan says he would have gone to catch the thief, ask the men to be ready. The informer hears this and goes to tell Chandrachur about it. Chandrachur asks his men to take the guns. Anirudh says Thakumaa’s lies and cheat created this enmity between the two families, two villagers got involved in this.

She asks why are you sacrificing our lovely relation. He says because you are from Krishnanagar. She asks why did you care for me when I was away, because we have a relation. He says we have no relation, you were my responsibility, but you aren’t that now.

Anirudh says I fulfill my promises and responsibility, but I also fulfill my enmity, the day you became a barrister and fulfilled your dreams, my responsibility ended, I left your hand that day. Bondita cries and says no. He says just remember one thing, we have no relation now, our paths are so different that it will never meet. Dur hai ek udaasi…plays… He says this is our last meet, I will never see your face. He goes. She cries.

Trilochan and Chandrachur see the Durga maa idol. Anirudh comes there and prays. Trilochan says Anirudh got the idol back. Trilochan says go and catch that thief. Tapur asks Bondita to come with her. The men look for Bondita. The man says there is no one inside. Trilochan says this time you got saved, if you do anything such again, then I will show your place. Anirudh does the puja. Trilochan smiles. Thakumaa and Chandrachur look on from far. Thakumaa says after one month, we will win the sword fighting competition, we will get the puja rights. Trilochan says its not good to dream in day, we will always win in the puja. Bondita lies on the swing. She recalls Anirudh’s words and cries.

Tapur comes and gets worried. Sumati asks what happened. Bondita’s friend calls her and says Anirudh would be so proud of you, right, he made you wear the robe and hat, right, he would have hugged you, this is your real victory. Bondita takes the receiver. She says I lost, I was waiting for this moment, Anirudh came in front of me, Anirudh doesn’t even want to see my face, he said I was just his responsibility, we have no relation. Chandrachur gets happy hearing this. Bondita says everything got over. Chandrachur thinks you lost, this is my win, Anirudh left from her life forever. He goes and drinks. He dreams of Bondita. He says Anirudh broke her heart, now she will know how much it hurts.

Chandrachur dances with his men. Jhoom le…. plays… Its morning, Sumati and everyone worry for Bondita. Tapur says she is heartbroken. Chandrachur says I will break the door. Bondita opens the door and comes out smiling. She recalls a book falling down in front of the idol. She thinks Durga Maa gave me a sign to keep courage. Sumati asks where are you going. Bondita says I m going to the court, I have courage, I prayed that I get my first case. Sumati blesses her. Thakumaa also blesses. Bondita goes. Chandrachur thinks its good she accepted her broken heart as fate, I will colour her in my colour. Sumati thinks Bondita is learning to hide her pain from me. Bondita goes to a man to take the case. The man says its not a woman’s work to fight a case. The men gossip about Bondita. The man says you need a man’s name for your identity, you have come to fight a case for men. They all laugh. Bondita says you men also want support from women. She asks do they have an identity without their mum, wife and daughter. The men leave.

She coughs by the smoke. She asks Kaka to stop. Kaka says let me do my work. Bondita says I came here with my hardwork, I have no work because the society stops women, this thinking will change now, educated women will get respect. She leaves. Bihari sees her and comes to her. He asks her to come back to haveli and return old Anirudh to them. She cries.

Bihari begs Bondita to return old Anirudh. She gets a letter. She reads about a girl coming next week to study. She thinks I m in love with Anirudh. She thinks to go to haveli as Vejayanti and know Anirudh’s feelings.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. O God I thought the letter has the story of flashback .

  2. So excited for upcoming episodes. What made Ani change a lot.Waiting for the truth to get revealed

  3. Priscilla-Ignacia

    No @Anoona. It’s a perfect idea. She’ll go there disguised as a maid and get close to Anirudh. Superb idea. Can’t wait to see the chemistry. Why is that bedbug rejoicing over a victory he hasn’t won? The makers should get him out of the show by next week. He irritates me so much.

    1. @priscilla-ignacia you have reflected what’s going on my mind. I too wish that Chandrachur’s truth to be exposed soon and this enemity to end.

    2. Barrister babu fan

      Noo she will go as a student.

  4. Pfft. Why is this serial kinda turning into a typical drama. It’s been 7 episodes, and Ani still didn’t see Bondita’s face? Duh. I hope this enmity track ends soon.

  5. i still cant get if kalindi das wasn’t married then who the hell is bondita’s father and kaka
    how did she become thakuma then
    this show has soo many loopholes in its story line which are not clearly specified
    before leap bondita was 12 after 8 years she’s 20 and became barrister
    but we become graduate at 21 was
    dont know whats going on

    1. can someone answer

    2. Dashee

      Kalindi is Bondita’s paternal grandfather’s SISTER.
      And, yeah I agree there are some loopholes, like, did she attend school like us, or, directly into Barristery course at such a young age?

    3. oh thanks

    4. I think Senior school was not as 12th standard during that time. It could be as matriculate.

    5. Those days might be different. I know some can start their college education around 16/17.If they begin their education early, they’ll complete their college education earlier.

  6. Dashee

    Kalindi is Bondita’s paternal grandfather’s SISTER.
    And, yeah I agree there are some loopholes, like, did she attend school like us, or, directly into Barristery course at such a young age?

  7. Why anirudh didn’t know about bomb blast . Only bondhitha feelings are showed. didn’t he love bondhitha??

  8. Varsha Maurya

    I don’t understand some things like tupur was married the same day at the same moment when bondita left for London so how thakumaa invited aniruddh to tupur’s marriage as It was told that aniruddh went to thakumaa for saying sorry after few days of marriage.

    1. Neha Choudhury

      @varsha Maurya thakumaa invited Anirudh to attend the post wedding ceremony (for e.g. reception) of tupur not marriage

  9. Varsha Maurya

    Now bondita knows about the reason of both sides so she should now work on ending the enmity first

  10. Pranbirlover

    Takumaa wanted Bondita to get married only because she had a strong bond with Anirudh and Ksj- whom Takumaa hated. Since Bondita ran away, Tupur became the bride. Don’t know if it is because of the law or because Takumaa is really against the child marriage custom- Tapur is not married yet( she is now elder than the age when Tupur got marrie)

  11. Durga ma told bondita to force on her job as a Barrister.🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦 Girl!

    Why don’t the writers force on this topic. Women in those days, found it hard, in males only job.

    The more I watch this drama, the more I realized, that the older Anirudh gets, the dumb he becomes.

    Or maybe he was always dumb, it was bondita, who show him the right path.

    People like him, I am saying men and women. Now these people are rich. Rich people even today, use poor people to fight their battle. Now these emity can last a lifetime, a very long time.

    I have a friend who is trying to get these village people to stop fighting each other. He told me, that they were fighting over 100 years ago. It becomes a generalized. Even they don’t know, how all this has happened.
    The fighting never stops.

    This is what Anirudh is doing. Ok hate takumaa, now to blame people who live in her village, also Bondita.

    As for Bihari he has no right to ask Bondita, for anything.

    I know many of you want chandrachur truth to come out, if this happens. The drama becomes boring. Then Anirudh and Bondita get back together. Anirudh abuse on Bondita get to another new high. They break up, then another leap. Anirudh abuse bondita again. Then the toe goes down. The drama come to a boring end.
    Wether you like or hate chandrachur. He is the one who well keep this show alive now. Not bondita or Anirudh. Who fault it is. The writers, the program makers. The actor who plays him. He should ask for more money.

    1. If the drama is boring, don’t watch. Easy! This is your 3rd rant I’m reading. I remember you mentioned about quitting the show so why are you still here?

      Anirudh’s still loves Bondita. It’s so obvious. If he hates he could’ve said to her face2face. Also,you’re expecting so much from a 20 years old girl.The leap just started.
      If you want strong women in court drama with zero romance, go watch Law& Order SVU.

    2. @ Hope
      1. Bondita is struggling hard to make her career. You need to understand this is a fictional show which obviously needs to have drama and stuff… Honestly there are many shows where the FL wants to make her career but simply forgets about it in the course of the show, but BB is very different. The focus on career is quite evident and clear.
      You need to understand that since 8 years Bondita has been guided and supported by Anirudh and is now alone all of a sudden even then she is working quite hard to shape her career.
      2. Talking about village fights, this is nothing new even for the real world. But here there are misunderstandings which will sorted as the story developes.
      3. I know Anirudh is hurting her but he is doing so only for her sake. if you dont remember, she was attacked with stones and captured by tulsipur people just because she was from Krishnanagar. Anirudh does not want her life to be in danger and so wants her to stay away from him.
      4. He does not want to see her face because deep down even he knows that he loves her and will fall weak on seeing her which will lead to them getting closer which is a threat to Bondita’s life. This is evident because he literally panicked by the mere thought of her coming in front of him.
      5. Even though he denies it, he is still protecting her and mark my words if ever Bondita is in trouble he will not even think twice before helping and protecting her.
      6. Meanwhile Chandrachur is lusting for Bondita. Yes he is a good actor but the character is disgusting. He lustfully eyed a 12 yr old girl ( 8 yrs back).
      7. Bihari has taken care of Bondita and is family for her, he is only respectfully requesting her to come back and there is nothing wrong in that. He knows that Anirudh loves Bondita and just wants them to unite.
      8. Lastly, for God’s sake STOP CALLING ANIRUDH’S COLDNESS TOWARDS BONDITA AS ABUSE. Mind you that guy loves her immensely, he has protected her by risking his own life many times AND IS STILL DOING THAT. He has always wanted her benefit that is exactly why he is acting cold towards her.
      9. PS: This show is not a saas – bahu , dhum tanana Ekta kapoor drama where leaps and separations are inevitable.
      This is a show which describes the journey of a beautiful relationship between a man and a woman which is based on trust, friendship, support and the purest form of love which is free of all sorts of malice.

    3. Sukanya Gogoi

      I’m really very happy with your explaination,every words are true .I want Anidita always be together as a married coupleand fighting together for social issues. Separation, Saas bahu drama es serial main aage bhi naa hoo aur Anidita jald saath aa jaye

    4. Priscilla-Ignacia

      From your rants it’s perfectly clear that you haven’t watched Barrister Babu before. You only listen to people talk about it or read only the updates. Even you are more boring than Chandrachur. This is barrister Babu not Kumkum Bhagya or any show without meaning. Stop saying things you don’t know. You are irritating me. Had you been the producer, you would have been very selfish or should I say the show would have gone off air right from episode 1. You have a very bad taste for story writing. Just read and keep scrolling and don’t comment if you have no sensible thing to say. Your rants are just sensible-nonsense. You have really made me rude to you.

  12. Everyone knew bondhitha and recognise her she is wife of anirudh in tulasipur then how can she enter into anirudh haveli as veyjanthi

    1. People recognise Bondita
      in court because she is the only female barrister in the whole town, and everyone knows ARC and her fight for it.So out of court I don’t think many will recognise her

  13. Anirudh and bondita’s marriage is broken because they have divorced each other before the leap. Hope you understand @Mini.

    Anirudh loves bondita but he is not able to show because of the fight between krishnanagar and tulsipur. And as he is from Tulsipur, so he is supporting tulsipur.

  14. Actually @mini, I am trying to say that she can alter her voice and cover her face while in Roy Choudhury Haveli just as Roopa did while in Thakurma’s Haveli.

    And @Hope, I am thinking your point at some limit is right. As the fight between them is very fierce and may last longer which we will not like but we will have to watch due to our curiosity!

    @June, calm down dear. She will see what she should do or not, let us just watch the show till then!

    1. Tamilians not cover their face rusha

  15. Well,can anyone tell me that
    Today is 8th July and this update is of yesterday! Why?????

    1. @Rusha
      This is because the update here comes after when the episode comes on voot select. However, since last week episodes aren’t coming on voot select 24 hrs before for any of the serials. Duh, they wrote the episode of yesterday, yesterday itself because the episode came yesterday on voot select.
      Otherwise, usually the update was also here one day before as u said.
      But we can’t help it out. Hope u understand.

    2. Thanks @Paru !

      And talking about u @mini,bondita is from bengal not tulsipur and if you are talking ABOUT her vedyaanthi or something yes we can see what the makers will show us so LETS just wait becoz I was just guessing it.

    3. Yes @rusha we can see what the makers will show us

  16. I think Anirudh should at least be happy that Bondita who was like a student to her returned after 8 years & just want him to see that the trust he had on Bondita came true & the incident took place in absence of Bondita,is the relation of their teacher student smaller than the enmity of the two villages,he at least can talk face to face with Bondita then can stop talking to her as at least Bondita should get a chance to talk to her teacher once.

    1. I can say you are saying correct but we should see what happens next!

  17. I was already aware that he will not see her and so it happened but afterthe break when i saw the promo i am so much happy and my curiosity again starts to watch the 9th july episode yehhhh🤩😍😍😍😍😍🤩🤩🤩

  18. Pranbirlover

    Ewww… This Chandrachur… He eyed Bondita 8 years back when she was just 12!!! And even after getting married to her sister, he is still after her???!!!

  19. Thanks Amena for the update.

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