Barrister Babu 3rd November 2021 Written Episode Update: Batuk instigates Trilochan

Barrister Babu 3rd November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mallika lying to Bondita. Trilochan asks Bondita to take rest. Batuk asks Mallika to go. He asks Bondita to take care of herself and their baby. Its night, Batuk imagines Anirudh and laughs. He says I m very happy, you are back, now I don’t need to hide anything, we will go and tell her, but first hug me. Anirudh disappears. Batuk cries. He says I can’t hug you, my nephew will be coming, your son, I will always keep him close to my heart, I will snatch your baby from Bondita, I will throw her out of this house. He laughs. He goes to Trilochan. He says you and Anirudh gave much love to an ordinary girl, she was useless, she was going to get Sati, Anirudh made that stone a diamond, she didn’t do anything in return.

Trilochan say she did a lot for Anirudh and us, she saved Anirudh from the death sentence. Batuk says don’t get mistaken, she wanted to prove a point that a female barrister can also do anything, she is a selfish girl, she just thinks of herself, how she will look, she doesn’t love and respect you all, she doesn’t see us. Trilochan says no, she loved Anirudh a lot. Batuk says you and I know that Anirudh is no more, but I m Anirudh for her, she could have obeyed me, Anirudh told her not to go out and leave the barristry practice, did she listen, no, she just had to post a letter, did she tell us, she wanted to prove that she can do anything, that woman power thing, she should obey our orders.

Its morning, Bondita says driver didn’t come till now. She asks Bihari to get the car keys, she will drive and go, else she will go by rickshaw or by walk. Bihari says please stop. He makes a black line on the ground. Trilochan comes and says its Laxman rekha, you aren’t permitted to cross it. Bihari says sorry and goes. Bondita says I m going to find about Batuk, please let me go, I will take care. He says I want to take care of you and the baby, so I decided this, until the baby is born, you can’t go out. She says but its wrong. He says enough, its my last decision, if you don’t respect it, then I will end my relations with you and leave this house. He goes. She cries and goes. Batuk comes and laughs. Mallika looks on.

Batuk gets food and medicines for Bondita. He goes and plays the mouth organ. She comes to the study and thinks to talk to him by the coconut shell. He holds it. She talks like before. He goes. She recalls their old moment. She hides under the table and knocks. Batuk stops. She talks from there. He makes a face. She says I feel a small mistake can end our relation forever. He goes. She looks for him. She goes and prays in the temple. She says Anirudh has shown me the sky, if he wants me to sit at home, its fine, but what about my promise to him that I will fight against injustice. She plays the shank. Anirudh is seen somewhere. He says Bondita…. The old thank sees him conscious and thanks Durga mata. He says make him fine soon. Anirudh says Bondita. Rishta tera mera…. plays…

Precap: Mallika takes away lenses that Batuk uses to disguise himself as Anirudh. Bondita finds them. She goes to Batuk who is searching for the lenses. He tries to hide his face. Bondita says eyes tell the truth. Other side, the man tells Anirudh that he can see pain of losing his people in his eyes. He says that he will pray for Anirudh, so that he recovers quickly and they can try to find out about Anirudh’s family.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  2. Finally they showed Ani at least 😭😭😭😭, I am so happy….

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    Oh God its so short episode 😒😒

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  6. They are just stretching this track. Sorry to say, but they messed up the ending of the show. What happened to the widow thing! The show named as Barrister Babu, but only one case was shown. I think they were in constant pressure from the channel and experimented way too much to gain TRPs.

    1. Lopa

      Yaa actually now they are pressured to end it somehow so they overlooked the widow part because they have not the time to show the case. It’s all because of channel

    2. Yes exactly. This Batuk part is being messed up unnecessarily.
      And I don’t get, why should family members become enemies! 🤦‍♀️😂
      Trilochan Kaka knows how much Bondita loves Anirudh, how much she is devoted to him. How can he get manipulated like that, when he knows that Batuk hates Bondita!

  7. Finally our Ani is back 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

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  9. And finally Anirudh is back on screen… Love u ARC… None can replace him…

  10. Sreya Susan Roy

    Last line RISHTA TERA MERA PLAYS ❤️💕💕❤️,its been more than 2 week since our RTM played in episode ❤️❤️❤️😭

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  11. Finally Ani is back 🥳🥳🥳
    At least saw a glimps of him today
    Now Kaka also is coming under Batuk’s influence 🙄
    He also has forgotten Bondita also loves the family and can do anything for them

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    Today’s episode is shorter than yesterday’s. BRC😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠.
    My only prayer is Anirudh should go back home quickly. BRC is very irritating 😤😤

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  14. Sreya Susan Roy

    How easily this kaka get manipulated 🙄🙄,I won’t say that he never loved Bondita but I will say that he won’t ever be able to love Bondita and ANIRUDH equally, Preference will be always for his own blood 🥴😒😒

    And this Hell irritating Batuk deserves to get slap from Both ANIRUDH and BONDITA for his dirty games😤😤

    Atleast they showed a Glimpse of ANIRUDH ,thats enough and more for me as I don’t expect anything big from makers 😌😌🙄

    1. True Sreya di👍🏻💯
      Kaka is unpredictable!😂😂

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    3. His lukewarm attitude is the only thing I hate about him. How easily BRC manipulated him like he’s a year old child.

    4. **hypocritic attitude.
      Forgive my keypad. It’s used to lukewarm attitude 😅😅😅😅

    5. Sreya Susan Roy

      Yaa he is a hypocrite ,and changes his character like chameleon 😏😒

    6. Yes Shreya. His other name is chameleon🦎🦎🦎

    7. Priscy di, you’re correct.😂😂😂
      Ksj is a 🦎.
      Always keeps changing his colors.

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  17. ARC was shown on Friday’s precap.
    Till now he is not come. I feel today’s and tomorrow’s track was just a waste. It did not convey anything much.
    They could have shown Anirudhs re entry today.
    If makers have no story left, show the following in the upcoming last few episodes

    A 9 month leap and their baby is born

    Binoy is well again

    A changed Chandrachur

    Tapur and Somnath marriage

    BRC forgives Bondi and more anger and hatred

    A happy and reunited Roy Chaudhary family

    A court case won by Bondita and Anirudh jointly

    ….. And finally a happy ending….

    All’s well that Ends well…

    And then on the last date, show a precap of Barrister Babu…… Season 2….But with the same casts

    1. No more* hatred and anger

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      That won’t happen.

    5. I like ur last line….

    6. Or moveto another platform like immj2 But don’t end the serial. Please makers!

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    8. 🤞hope it happens

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    Although I am happy because Ani is shown in ep
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  20. The man at the post office saved him ??

  21. This batuk’s track literally distroyed the whole show! I am so done with this serial now!

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  25. shreeeeeeeeeee

    why does batuk hate bondita so much? is he jealous of her talent? why is he acting like this?

    1. Dashee

      I assume you’ve missed few episodes here n there. Actually, Batuk thinks that BONDITA was the reason why he was sent to study in Italy, far from his family. Moreover, when he returns, he sees Anirudh saving Bondita, and ‘losing’ his life, which increased his hatred towards Bondita.

    2. Even I dont know this.Thank you dashee sis❤

    3. shreeeeeeeeeeeeee

      Acha he was sent to italy for his safety due to this enemity. and if knows that anirudh was accused in killing chur chur and then he was saved then its clear bondita was not the cause of the enemity, even somnath has accepted it. then what’s his grudge now? he knows that bondita was not the cause of enemity it was that chur chur

    4. No Shreeeeeeeee di, Batuk thinks that Bon saved Ani from getting hanged only to show woman power. She doesn’t care for him, she only wants to prove that women can also do everything.
      It’s just his thinking, it’s completely wrong.

    5. shreeeeeeeeeee

      but she proved chandrachur responsible for the enemity then how is that he hates her still? maybe his interpretations are wrong but the truth is that she proved chandrachur ? he may not like her due to her progressive thinking and also that anirudh dotes on her so much but then why revenge?

    6. Shree di, if he’ll understand bon’s intentions and if he’ll interpret everything correctly, then how the story will go on??😂😂😂
      He’s currently a smart villain of bb, so if he won’t hate her, then what’s the use of this storyline????🤣🤣🤣🤣
      The story can’t move on if Batuk realises the truth.😆😝

    7. Sakuraaa

      That’s the point Barbie sis😂😂

    8. 😅😅😅😅

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