Barrister Babu 26th October 2021 Written Episode Update: Tapur’s engagement called off

Barrister Babu 26th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bondita coming to Tapur. She says you already got ready. Tapur says I thought you won’t come. She argues and goes. Bihari comes and says Anirudh asked you to get the gifts kept for the groom. Bondita opens a cupboard and gets the letter. She says I wrote Tapur’s letter for Somnath, what is it doing here. Batuk looks on and recalls keeping the letter with the gifts. She says it means Tapur didn’t give this letter to Somnath, then why did he give her a flower. She goes to Somnath and helps him. She says you read Tapur’s letter and chose her present than the past, you accept this relation right, will you keep this relation all life. He says yes, I have no problem with it. She smiles. Trilochan comes and asks him to see the Shiv idol, show it to Tapur also. Bondita asks why. Somnath says Tapur wrote this in the letter that Shiv ji’s idol is also placed in our temple, I fulfilled her condition, you trust me now, right. She says yes. He goes. She thinks to find the truth.

She checks the drawer. She gets the letter. She says its a fake letter, how can this happen, I have to tell this to Anirudh. Somnath and Tapur sit for the engagement. Bondita asks Sampoorna and Bihari about Anirudh. Sampoorna says he was here. Bihari says he went to get shagun things. She goes to the room and says its good you are here, I m in a big problem, Tapur is lying to me, its not Somnath’s mistake, he has a right to know the truth, we hid the truth, if Somnath knows that someone tried to stain Tapur’s dignity, he will think that we cheated him, maybe Somnath breaks the alliance. Trilochan turns and shouts. She worries. Batuk comes there and smiles. She recalls giving the red stole to Batuk. Batuk recalls giving it to Trilochan. Bondita says stop, I will tell you, don’t say anything, the guests are here. Trilochan throws the gifts. Bondita says I beg you, don’t say anything. He says no rasam will happen here. He requests them to leave. Somnath asks what happened. Trilochan says lie doesn’t last for long, you got cheated, its good I got to know this from Bondita, someone had tried to ruin Tapur’s dignity. Everyone gets shocked.

Bondita says I will fix everything. Everyone goes. Batuk says I will see him. Bondita asks why didn’t you tell the truth to Somnath before. Tapur says stop faking concern for us, stop this drama. She scolds Bondita. Bondita cries. Tapur says you aren’t happy with this alliance, I heard it that night. Bondita says I wasn’t feeling right. Tapur asks what, that an ordinary girl is becoming Roy Choudhary bahu. Bondita says listen to me once, don’t go. Trilochan scolds Tapur and Tupur. He says my bahu shouldn’t cry, leave. Bondita says they are my sisters. Batuk says I will handle Bondita. He sends Trilochan. He says whatever happened, I take the blame on myself, I will explain Kaka and Somnath, don’t leave the house. Tapur says don’t fold hands, please. He says you don’t want to stay under the same roof as Bondita, you stay in our other haveli, you will be safe there. Tupur says okay. He thanks them. He stops Bondita and says you shouldn’t go there, you should wait, don’t worry, they will be safe there, I will bring them back. She asks really. He says really. He thinks you snatched my brother, see how I snatch your family from you.

Its morning, Trilochan says I won’t let Bondita go to the court. Bondita says I will do all the work from home. He says no need to do any work. Some men come. Bondita asks why didn’t you send the case papers. The man says we called you many times, someone said barrister Bondita doesn’t stay here. Trilochan sees Batuk. Bondita asks what, its our number, I will see the case file now. The man gives the case and goes. Trilochan says it happens. She asks how can this happen. Batuk says just let it be. A girl comes and hugs him. She says I missed you, my sweetheart. Trilochan signs him. Bondita makes her away and asks who are you, by what relation are you hugging my husband. The girl says sorry, love is blind, I saw him after a long time, I m Mallika, do I need to tell our relation, I m Batuk’s girlfriend. Bondita thinks why is she calling Anirudh as Batuk. Everyone looks on.

No Precap Shown Today.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Snowflake


  2. Snowflake

    Episode is out early again! Aghh

  3. Sreya Susan Roy

    Felt that there is a lack of continuation in the scenes ,like scenes are cut short 🙄

    And Iam getting bored day by day 😒 just for the sake of trp watching it on tv

    1. Snowflake

      Yes…many scenes are missing like

  4. Srishti @

    Update in Progress

  5. Lopa

    BRC and his plans 😏

  6. Lopa

    TRC got to know about tapur

    1. Why so rich? 😭

  7. It’s better the show ends with positive note as this track really doesn’t convey any issues and become like ordinary itv shows, I am sorry if I hurt any of our fan but that’s really true that show has become bore now a days without logic

    1. I have a doubt, why people are calling colors channel as itv?

    2. Lopa

      Colors channel is not itv… itv means indian television

  8. Srishti @

    I get confused after reading update scenes are not connected fluently😅😅

    1. Snowflake

      They have cut short bcoz off air date is close na

    2. When is the off air dates

  9. brc is so clownery !!!
    bring arc back plzz

  10. Prachi Gill

    Okay now BRC’s actions are irritating me… ARC needs to come back quickly

  11. Anirudh where the hell are you 😭 this BRC is annoying as hell 😑 he’s blowing the sense out of us… Barrister babu Bondita pls use your barrister brain and uncover his truth 🤦

  12. things are going really fast now!! like engagement, finding the letters, now batuks real face will also come fast

  13. Lopa

    Why Bondita’s every sister goes against her at least for once 🙄🙄?
    Now tapur is in negative role

  14. oh sivasiva why these much galata pls save bb

  15. #BatuLika
    #MalTuk ??

    1. Lopa

      Not interested in anyone 😂😂
      BRC go back and ARC comeback

    2. Snowflake

      Yup, not interested

    3. Sreya Susan Roy

      Not interested in anyone ,let BRC stay single 😒😌

  16. I commented on the previous update..was saying that lets contact the CEO of colors tv Mr Raj Nayak… Let’s tell him the beauty of the show, it’s also representing colors in international level as well it has so many international fans!
    Also update him about how the colors tv management doing partiality with it!!

    1. you are can we do that?i want do that definitely.i want save this unique drama.

    2. Dashee

      As if he doesn’t have any other work than reading emails and letters

    3. @Dashee sis/bro sorry if you didn’t like the idea… but I got too emotional to save the show… Please understand my emotion..😥

    4. You don’t have to apologise. You did nothing wrong

    5. We will do something to save our barrister babu.i always with you.

    6. @Dashee if you don’t support that’s ok we will do whatever we need, dont demotivate others, whatever the result will be we will keep trying

    7. @Dashee,
      you can’t discourage such a superb idea. It takes only the brave and bold to think like this and try the initiative. Please do not kill her zeal with your words. He’s a CEO, he won’t read but his PA or secretary or anyone tasked with that would read and convey it to him for sure.
      Sorry but maybe you aren’t aware, every email sent to CEOs are read. He is aware of every mail he receives but may not directly read it due to other schedules. Most of the time, emails is what is checked first before the day starts. But at the end of the day he knows what goes in and out of the company.
      I know what I’m talking about.

    8. This has done before for shoes in USA. For example, the Party of Five supposed to be cancelled due to low TRP. The fans rallied, send petitions signed by thousands of people and the show continued

    9. Lopa

      Ms Dashee those emails created so that people can contact with them… Not to show just and I know he will not read and he must have someone who is appointed for this task…
      Sorry to say but your comments are always demotivating, we don’t know what the result will be but what will we lose if we try?
      If you can’t support then atleast don’t demotivate… its my humble request and who are trying to save the show by trending or requesting… They are not fool, they are not jobless… Don’t forget that its because of fans Demand that colors tv thought about slot change, still they are discussing… still no time slot is given to new show… still off-air is not final…
      So please don’t demotivate and I am not interested to argue with you for this again 🙏

    10. Well said @Lopa di👍🏻💯

    11. Best reply Didi👏👏

    12. You know the President of India too replies to the letters written by the public. Who could be busier than him?

    13. @Moon,you are right. Maybe this is the only way to salvage the show. He’ll know how much we love the show and will want to see it telecast for a longer period of time.

    14. OMG!! I was not expecting guys are really amazing 😘😘😘…if you all were present here…I would have hugged you🤗.. love you all…you got my zeal back…
      This comment section is the best place…♥️♥️

    15. We are glad we activated your zeal🥰🥰. Keep it up and don’t back out bcoz of others💫💫. Go girl, you gat this 👍👍

    16. Dashee

      Seriously guys, you all took it so seriously🙄. I think I should put a laughing emoji to indicate that what I said should not be taken seriously, or maybe a disclaimer. U guys started bashing on me just because I let out my opinion. Did I say something like, ‘DONT EVEN TRY. He won’t be reading ur letters’? I just said something which I thought is a fact. And excuse me, Lopa. I’m not the one who’s demotivating. U r the one who’s intolerable, and I just spit out facts. I don’t butter any of my opinions based on others interest. I seriously don’t get why some girls make mountain out of a mole hill. And, @Moon, I never told that I don’t like the idea. I just said that it is nearly not possible that he wud read the letter. Plz, don’t get demotivated so fast. My comment itself made u sad, u should make urself tolerant a bit, because there will be ppl who’ll intentionally hurt ur feelings in OFFLINE life😊😊. I’ve used a positive emoji, so now at least don’t take it as a judgement or something.

    17. Dashee

      I’ve not discouraged her in any way. She’s the one who became sensitive towards my one sentence. And what words are u talking about ? Did I use any demotivating or a word cursing her ? Did I say her not to try ? Did I say her that she’s dumb to even think that ? Why are u guys so intolerable ? Am I supposed to know if she’s that sensitive ? How do u guys survive in the world if u guys misunderstood a sentence said by a person ONLINE ?

    18. Dashee

      I remember once u had commented about Bondita and Anirudh s*xual I***course. I don’t understand why that didn’t seem wrong to anyone. Is it because u had used a laughing emoji? Or is it because there are ppl here who selectively Target the comments of those who don’t butter up their comments ? U also defended ur comment with’everyone had their own opinions’. I’m sure u r educated, and u know that everyone are busy these days, especially some professional ppl. So what I said, isn’t it an opinion? Isn’t it what I think ?

  17. Lopa

    To be honest first time I am not liking Pravisht’s smile… I mean BRC’s smile 😂

    1. And too be honest, I couldn’t sleep when ever BRC laughs. It just freaks me out😹

    2. totally agree with kitty and lopa dii 😂

  18. VarshaMaurya

    How can Tapur say like this?
    If Bondita really wanted bad of Tapur then she would have said her truth in front of everyone. Tapur didn’t think before saying that Bondita hid her truth and honour even when his own husband’s life was at stake.

  19. Sana786

    What to say ??? I want to cry 😭😭😭😭

  20. Snowflake

    Guys it’s ok…off air doesn’t mean out anidita ka the end… their memories will always be in our hearts ♥️

  21. Firstly I would like to say that I couldn’t connect myself with today’s episode.
    Secondly,I never expected this kind of behaviour from Tapur. Okay I agree there is some misunderstanding between her and Bondita because of BRC but how can she think that Bondita consider her as a ordinary girl and don’t want her to get married to Somnath.

    Badly missing ARC. I just hope he comeback after 2-3 episodes.

    1. Its because tapur thinks herself ordinary. When we make ourselves feel low then we think others also treats us as inferior

    2. So true!

  22. I watch bb before tv btu at 8:30 my mom watches imlie. what to do ?

    1. You give phone to your mom and says to watch the serial in Disney+hostar then you watch in tv if your mom agrees

  23. Batuk will deny Mallika for sure. Bondita should use her logical reasoning to fathom the situation.
    I pray Mallika becomes BRC’s downfall. I wonder why she’s so proud to call herself his gf. Ewwww, how disgusting, a dude who goes about bonking other ladies and she’s proud to tell their relation🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️.
    Makers should bring ARC ASAP.
    Or, Bondita should find out BRC’s truth, BRC repents of his wrong doings, Bondita gets into a life threatening situation, BRC sacrifices his life for Bondita in order to save Junior Zamindar Babu/ Lil Bondita, ARC steps in to take over…case closed.
    He maybe ARC’s clone but the truth is I can’t see PM with another lady apart from Bondita (Anchal). So I suggest BRC dies.
    I can’t imprison your mind from thinking I’m selfish but I’m helpless and the above is my POV.

    1. Love it, Priscilla sis. Case closed!!

    2. Loved your POV di.❤❤

    3. Dashee

      Or Batiuk can return to Italy

    4. Yes, this is better @Dashee di. I don’t want PM to die.

    5. That is also not bad idea.

  24. Why is everyone bent on hurting Bondita? After so much happened, still there is no trust for Bondita. She supported Tapur and Tupur, even freed Anirudh, nothing matters to them. So angry to see BRC. All the magic of the show is lost. So many clues that Bondita will connect perhaps now that she heard the girl call him Batuk. I hate it when ITV brings a pregnancy track only to put the pregnant woman under all challenges possible. Especially in this show. Hasn’t Bondita endured enough? Some sweet episodes would have been nice.

  25. With Anirudh I mean. Makers, BRING ARC BACK

  26. Because they want to maintain trp, BB’s story is getting weirder day by day. they’ve been shooting for some scenes which may have been cut so the story is getting shorter. If it’s true I’m really concerned because they’ve worked so hard. Let the broadcast see later how the BB replacement series will go, is it better than BB or worse, if worse then they will regret that BB has been replaced. at least BB’s trp is always stable and its fans are also getting more and more views from pravisht and anchal’s rapidly growing followers. Both of them are also getting famous now. That means BB has a lot of fans, it can also be seen on youtube and the sound when an episode is uploaded BB has more viewers than other broadcasts. That’s why because of BB’s success many people are interested in taking advantage of airing episodes before they air on itv. I don’t know what’s clear BB’s story doesn’t make sense since Batuk’s path and anirudh’s fake death. This is like a normal story in general that we often watch. I love all BB tracks from the first episode to the bondita track to become anirudh lawyer. After the batuk track everything got weird and messed up I know it was all because wanted to maintain the trp. I can’t help increase the trp because I’m from another country. I can only pray and thank them for their hard work because BB has accompanied me during my busy and caring times. thank you❤️

    1. 💯💯 agree with you di👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  27. Good morning fam..I think it’s high time for ARC to come back 😔 atleast trp will increase if he makes his re entry in this week only…

    1. Yes Sunshine sis

  28. Only want to say that –

  29. If BRC had used his this witty brain in barristry then he wouldn’t have to do LLP.
    To keep mallika away from him BRC will do some serious mistake. And bondita will catch him also punish him. Thus bon’ll fulfill her wedding vows. That she is not someone’s ‘baudi’ while serving justice.
    After ARC’s return wanna see ARC vs. BARC court scene

    1. Athuvaraikum serial irukuma nu theriyalaiye. Naama than kavalai partukitu irukom. BARRISTER BABU off air aga poguthunu but makers ku antha kavalai illaiye

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