Barrister Babu 23rd July 2021 Written Episode Update: Anirudh recalls his moments with Bondita

Barrister Babu 23rd July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Tupur coming to Bondita. Bondita says I will save you from Bahu vivaah, its wrong, I won’t let anything wrong happen with you. Tupur scolds her and goes. Bondita thinks she look worried, I will not let anything happen to her. Its morning, Anirudh says this time, we will work harder and win the sword fight competition. The men say we will win, don’t worry. He says its like inviting defeat if we underestimate the enemy. Bondita thinks what shall I do to make Anirudh confess his feelings. She sees the piano and recalls Anirudh playing it. She plays the piano. Anirudh says its good to have faith but…. He gets disturbed. He goes to her. She says I like to play piano. He corrects her. He says this is not a good tune, its called headache, get up, you don’t know tunes. Bondita says you can’t play this.

He says its called piano. She says I want to play it, you also play it if you want, you play a love tune. She smiles. She says I mean lovely tune, like I m playing. He asks do you call this lovely tune, get up. Trilochan comes. She asks can I take this home. Anirudh says no. She says I will give money, how much do you want, my dad is rich. Trilochan says its not about money, Anirudh, let her take if she wants, its just kept here since 8 years. She says I will take it with me. Anirudh says no, you won’t take it. She says fine, you have to prove that you can play it, tell me.

She asks Trilochan to send the piano with her. She prays that he plays it. Anirudh plays the piano. She smiles. The kids come. Anirudh cries and thinks of Bondita. Trilochan praises him. Anirudh leaves and goes to his room. He cries.

Bondita comes and asks are you crying. He says no. She says I know you well, I saw your tear drop on the piano, do you think girls cry, so you don’t want to cry, even boys can cry, they also have a heart and feelings. He asks her to get quiet. She sings Hum honge kamyaab, it was a lovely tune, I like it a lot, you have to sing it with me. He opens the door and scolds her. He says you won’t come to this haveli from tomorrow, you will give a small test and then it will be your last day. She cries. He leaves.

Somnath says this man was trying to give our info to Krishnanagar people, I caught him. He asks the man why did he go there. Anirudh asks the same. The man faints. Somnath says I know he is acting. Anirudh asks Somnath to get back, take him to the man, we will talk to him tomorrow. Bondita prays and says I love Anirudh, I feel he also loves me, he isn’t able to tell me his feelings, I want to make him admit that he also loves his Bondita, we will end the enmity of the two villages, everyone will stay with love, but how shall I do this. She gets a sign and thanks Durga Maa. She says I m Anirudh’s student, I won’t lose so soon.

Its morning, Bondita takes Anirudh’s blessings. She says you are my Guru, you have made me a literate, I want to give you Guru Dakshina today, I want to do something for you. She sees the books. She says I have arranged all the books according to the alphabets, English ones also. He recalls Bondita. She says I took Shashwati’s help. She asks did you like it. He says I don’t like arranged books, let it stay the same. He spoils the alignment. She thinks I will make you say it soon. Chandrachur hurts Tupur and asks did you talk to Bondita, go and talk to Thakumaa, she isn’t foolish to make both her daughters a widow, you know Tapur’s kundali has widow dosh. He gives her 24 hours and threatens her. She cries.

Bihari gives aarti to Anirudh. Anirudh hears some sound. Bihari goes to see. Bondita comes to Anirudh. She asks shall I ask something. He says yes. She applies kumkum to his face. Rishta tera mera…plays… He asks what did you do. She says you said you like everything spoiled, its not holi, but you got the colour on your face today. He goes to his room. He washes his face. Bondita waits outside the washroom. She gets an idea. He hits the mirror and hurts his hand. She sits in the cupboard and knocks. Somnath gets the man to Anirudh. Bondita looks on. Anirudh asks what did you see on Shashwati’s birthday that you were running to tell Chandrachur, answer me. The man says I will tell. Bondita worries and thinks if that man tells them that I have come here as Vaijanti, then everything will get spoiled. She thinks. The man says Vaijanti. She breaks the glass. Anirudh runs out to see. Somnath also goes. Bondita scolds the man. Anirudh hears her. She says I have come here as a spy to know Anirudh’s preparation for the swordfight competition, do you want us to lose. The man signs no. Anirudh gets shocked.

Precap: Vaijanti wears barrister’s dress and comes to Anirudh. She thinks that she needs to do all this to bring Bondita’s name on his lips. She asks him to wear one too and they will take photos. He says no. Her dress catches fire. He uses his hands to off the fire. She says that they can buy such dresses easily in market. It’s silly to burn your hands for it. She will throw the dress in trash. He locks her in a store room saying she will stay there till it’s her train time. She says that he gave her 24 hours and now even took that away. What will she do now?

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Oh god…now anirudh will hate her😔 this enmity is getting so long …😵…

    1. Yes you are right TT

  2. Ma’am I was waiting for today’s episode and the update. I’m worrying what going to happen. Anirudh going to chase away Bondita or make her slave there. Because he doesn’t know that Bondita is Vaijanthi. Vaijanthi efforts like..

  3. I think aniruth did’t hear anything bontita talked with that man just precap scare us nothing will happen. Bontita need to do some more work so her identity not relevel soon. Will wait and watch. But we need to wait till Monday 2 days gap so sad

    1. I watched Ani and Bon’s new scenes on YouTube. They seem to be interacting as though nothing had happened. It’s a hand mirror scene and a desk scene.

      If this happens, my take is,either Bon had convinced Ani by twisting her words like always or Ani is pretending to find out what’s Vaijyanthi’s true intentions. Or he actually didn’t hear anything. My fear is CC’s spy call Vaijyanthi as Bondita in front of Ani.

    2. I hope aisa hi ho 🤞🥺

    3. Can u pls send the link???

  4. Sukanya Gogoi

    Hope jaldi se jldi dushmani track khtm hoo jaye and eagerly waiting for Aniditas dhamakedar sweet, emotional, romantic unique union.Hope next week main ho jaye and saath main milkar dushmani khtm kare.

  5. Sukanya Gogoi

    I don’t want to see them seperate pata nehi kya hoga aaage

  6. I hope Anirudh didn’t hear anything.

    So this is why Tapur is not yet married… In her kundali it is said that she will be one a widow….

    Ohh… If she marry Batuk(like many of us wish😉) what will happen!!! Poor Batuk😔

    1. Do you believe in the kundalis and these superstitions?

  7. Many people are uploading the episodes in YouTube and more that 30k views are also there. Please stop it. The trp is just 1.4. it deserves more. Trp of useless shows like kundali bhagya and Kumkum Bhagya are 2. Something…

    Barrister Babu fans, watch the episodes on tv.

    1. True , in colours there are only two shows one at 2.30pm n 8.30pm. the recap is at Monday early morning… This is one of the best shows. Yet I see other shows more often than this …

  8. I am finding this bondita is very annoying. I know that she is no aurra. Aurra was much better bondita.

    It could be because aurra was a child, you can get away with anything.
    But when you become an adult you can’t.

    I know I said to take your time, but please cut the cheese. I haven’t been able to watch because of the cheese.

    But I have been reading the update, I also saw some comments, which I am going to comment.

    Somnath, someone said that they would like to see Somnath and tupur to get together. I will say his behaviour, what is the difference between him and chandrachur. This also includes Anirudh. There are no different, but it was the time, even today men do say BS to please people. But which they don’t stand by.

    But in Somnath defence, his violence behaviour is due to Anirudh. Somnath was a shadowy character, but because of Anirudh telling him off. Somnath didn’t act upon it.

    Now Anirudh had feeds Somnath, I can see something bad is going to happen.

    This includes Somnath teaming up with chandrachur.

    Another bondita mother, someone said that she didn’t defence bondita. I will say who was holding a gun. When bondita went to London, remember. It’s not her fault, if Bondita acting like a loved up teenage drama queen girl.

    Reading and writing has been wasted on Bondita. She not even trying to find a job, even to make a name for herself.

    Bondita is sooooo love blind up, that she can’t even see, the problems that coming her way.

    I find what she doing now is wrong. You can’t force someone, she is playing games with Anirudh feelings. So her Romantic dream can come true. Little Bondita wouldn’t have done this. Little Bondita, would have given up, so her Anirudh can find some happiness.

    People are like cats, when we don’t want to do something, we don’t want to do it.

    When someone trying to force us, we bite them. It our nature.

    People seems to forget, that everything happens to Bondita is Anirudh fault.

    Now what has happened to Somnath and the village is also Anirudh fault.

    Just like thakuma, he doesn’t think. He just does, this is what bondita is doing. Little Bondita wouldn’t have done this.

    1. Lopa

      Yeah you said right somnath is not less than cc, he is too aggressive. From starting we are seeing him being aggressive…

    2. Priscilla-Ignacia

      Point of correction-Bondita is grown now. She is acting per the script. Chandrachur and Somnath are two parallel lines. Chandrachur is cunning, mean and evil, but Somnath is been over protective, he doesn’t want Tulsipur or his family to suffer from the atrocities of Krishnanagar.
      Aside been a Barrister in professional life, they both have personal life issues. And on the other hand is social life which affects and evolves around professional life and personal life. One cannot go within the other, all these lifestyles work hand in hand and affect each other one way or the other.
      Bondita is trying to find a job.Trying to resolve the dispute between the two communities is part of her work as a Barrister. It’s called the ALTERNATIVE DISPUTE RESOLUTION (ADR) method. Not all lawyers work in the court some settle cases outside court. Per my observation Anirudh is an ADR specialist, he tried to negotiate for peace with thakumaa instead of litigation. The show has touched many aspects of barristery and many haven’t realised it. Lawyers don’t only argue in court, they handle a whole lot of situations. His first change was to stop the sati custom. He also proposed the Anti-Child Marriage Acts and initiated women empowerment coz Kaka once said “many men want to marry educated women,all thanks to Anirudh” and even ‘Vaijanti’ is studying so that she can get a husband to marry. In today’s episode ‘Vaijanti’ took Shashwati’s help to arrange the books, meaning Shashwati is literate. Another point is Anirudh has adopted six orphans and is giving them a shelter and future. Is this not a way of handling social issues. He has helped curb streetism with it’s consequence of deviant behaviorand probably child labour, child s*xual harassment. Those kids would have been street children, could have been engaged in work beyond their limit and could have been victims of various s*xual abuses if not for Anirudh. These points are just to mention a few.
      There is no wrong with getting a fulfilled personal life after professional and social life issues.
      I’m a potential barrister myself that’s why I was able to realise all this. I just laugh when I read people’s views that the show isn’t focusing on social issues, you have to look well and observe keenly and above all think critically to understand what is happening in the show. My love for Barrister Babu increases daily coz I see so many changes in society in the show.

    3. Priscilla-Ignacia


    4. Well done barrister babu priscilla. Very long and perfect reply for Hope’s comment. I totally agree with you. Somnath is not selfish like Chandrachur. We will see his soft side also.

    5. Priscilla-Ignacia

      Thank you. I’m finger crossed to see his soft side too. I feel Tupur can soften him

    6. @Priscilla-Ignacia, Perhaps Tupur and Somnath can unite….😐

    7. Remember @suchi, you are not the producer or script writer of this show…

      So anything can happen so better not talk about it..

      @Hope, I agree with you badi bondita is really a drama queen. I know she is acting per the script but bondita is a special character of the show.
      So she should be the character we I mean the character which the audience wants to see.

      And we want to see bondita with some courage and confidence…
      Some may say she already has these skills…….

      But, I want that bondita should make Anirudh comfortable when he remembers bondita…
      He cries…

      So let’s come to the topic of Somnath and Chandrachur (CC)…..

      Somnath is highly agreesive… he is very rude towards krishnanagar which he should perhaps be..

      And if we see CC, we will come to a conclusion that he is bad minded just like saudamini. The difference between saudamini and cc is that saudamini wanted Anirudh and cc wants bondita.

      Somnath and CC
      Cannot unite as they both are rivals. But just as I said, anything can happen.

      So just let’s wait and watch. Thankz for reading!😚

    8. No producer or cript writers comments here. We all share what we feel and think. Anything may happen anytime.

    9. Lopa

      I agree with you dear somnath is protective obviously but sometimes he is aggressive too. You remember the 3rd episode, he was beating a man very badly because he drank water from their pot. Though it was the customs that were in fault.
      I wish you don’t get me wrong @Priscilla-Ignacia

    10. Priscilla-Ignacia

      Not at all. I remember that episode very well.

    11. Superb comment.

    12. I totally agree [email protected]’s views…@hope I have read your comments earlier also, you are being too negative,this is a daily-soap please enjoy it instead of searching for too many flaws.I am not telling that you are not allowed to express your views/opinions but still don’t take the serial personally…it may be based on the post independence era yet somethings should be modern also.

    13. Varsha Maurya

      You have written 100% correct👏👏

    14. @Priscilla-Ignacia. You’re absolutely right.I always believe creating social awareness should start at home. Look at KKsj. Ani was always going against KKsj regressive thinking for the sake of Bondita starting from day one- Education rights, period taboos and so on. Now look at him, he’s pretty lax with Shaswati. The girl is very western clothes, playing and studying.The old him wouldn’t allow these.Also, he finally accepted Sampoorna as his family even she’s was widow.
      Ani has created a chain effect. His brothers will also prefer educated wives. Even Vaijyanthi’s father wants her to be literate to get better marriage prospects.

      Bon’s challenge is to stop the abuse going on in her family. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that Thakumma will change after realizing her stubbornness is the reason why everyone is suffering. She was the one who brought CC into the family.

    15. Lopa

      I love ksj character very much. He is like a coconut… Tough from outside soft from inside. After all he loves bondita so much, now the situation is such that he can’t meet his bahurani.
      Hope everything gets fine soon.

    16. @Hope yes I agree with your all observation. And yess I too find new bondita very annoying.


      Comment removed as per comment author’s request.

  9. Sukanya Gogoi

    Missing earlier Aniruddh. It hurts to see Aniruddh in tears ,please unite Anidita fast and bring Smile on Aniruddh’s face then end the enemy track and get them married.please 🙏

  10. Lopa

    Tapur has widow dosh…So cc will suggest thakuma to convince bondita for marriage.
    How cheap and fool.
    I am happy that bondita tried to raise a voice against bahu vivah and I am sure she will not let it happen with tupur.

    1. Priscilla-Ignacia

      What is widow dosh and how does it affect CC marrying Tupur? Can you please explain.

    2. @Priscilla-Ignacia
      CC asks Tupur to convince Takumaa for his and Bondita’s marriage but she didn’t. When he asks her the reason, that if she ask Takumaa to get Bondita married to CC, will not she ask why Bondita and not Tapur?
      So he says that Tapur is having vidva dosh in her kundali that is why she isn’t married yet and neither will she get married. So, if Tapur is marrying CC, both Tupur and Tapur will become widows, so Takumaa will suggest Bondita.

    3. Lopa

      If a girl has widow dosh and she marries then her husband will die soon after their marriage. Though I consider it as superstition.
      Here cc is saying that tapur has widow dosh it means if she marries cc then he will die. If he dies then tupur and tapur both will be his widow.And obviously thakuma will not agree with that. So she will convince bondita to marry cc for tupur’s happiness (it’s cc’s thoughts for now)
      I hope you understand dear @Priscilla-Ignacia

    4. Priscilla-Ignacia

      Yh. Thank you so much 🤗

    5. I thin CC would have tricked by bribing astrologer.everthing will come one by one. Bonditha will find everything.

    6. Lopa

      Yeah I also think the same, it’s all cc’s devil plan.

    7. Priscilla-Ignacia

      Yeah you have a point

  11. Aise kundali dosh walo ke husband bahot saal Tak jithe hai.this is fact prove is my friends please don’t believes on this things guys.

  12. OMG!! This Somnath has become really dangerous….

    1. Somnath needs to eat more Rasgulla to sweeten his life.

    2. Priscilla-Ignacia

      You are very funny 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  13. I could watch the old episodes over n over over again, story and characters were so well woven. I find the after leap very incoherent … I don’t get why the new Bondita is not the sensitive and caring girls that she once was, no matter how difficult her situation was , physically or emotionally.
    Bondita now has only one aim … one has to treat the one you love with patience and caring love.
    I now skip through the scenes when previously I’d repeat an episode a few times.

  14. I agree with @Priscilla-Ignacia. What she said was true. And story line is very interesting. Anirudh is crying because he stills remember Bondita. He cannot forget her. But he is helpless, as he can’t end the enmity alone. He needs Bondita help to end the enmity. As the proverb clapping with the right hand only will not make a noise. They both need to work together to change the norm of society. There are so many social issues they had focused.

  15. What is the precap

  16. Annirudh's fannn

    Plz add the precap

  17. Precap plz

  18. Precap – Anirudh was holding candles . (I guess cuz the power had gone off) Vaijanti comes dressed in the barrister attire . She gets a barrister attire for Anirudh and she told him to wear it .
    He refused . He accidentally drops the candle and goes.But then The barrister robe Vaijanti is wearing catches fire . He immediately turns and helps her .
    She then says that to burn one’s hand for such clothes which are easily available in the market is foolishness . She says that the right place of these clothes (Barrister attire) belong in the trash . He angrily tells her to stop her from doing that .
    He takes her to a room and locks her there.
    She worries then that how will she get Anirudh to confess his feeling regarding her
    When she is locked in the room

  19. Excuse my language . There might be many grammatical errors as I wrote it in a hurry 😅

  20. Pls can u update all songs of Barriester Babu in English pls it is a kind request Mam pls 🙏🙏🙏 🙏

  21. I don’t understand something–why is Bondita acting like some Vaijanti? Doesn’t Anirudh know that she is Bondita? And why is he recalling memories of her when she is with him?

  22. @Samaira
    Ani does not know she is Bondita cuz he has never seen her face
    He is recalling memories with her cuz she is trying to get him to tell the feelings he has for her ( Bondita ) by getting him to experience those wonderful memories again
    She has to go as Vaijanti as she can’t go to the RC haveli as herself as she is from Krishnanagar
    Hope Thai clears ur confusion 😊

  23. @Kavitha u can get on YT just search for Rishta Tera mera
    Many people write the translations also 😊


    This youtube channel you can get most of the barrister babu songs with english Transalation

  25. Hey @Lopa someone posted rtm version 2 & 3 english translation on update section.
    I request you to post all version translation on update section before anyone does. Please

    1. VarshaMaurya

      With this link you can get …
      Please visit and give some views…I have written there.

    2. Yes I have seen it that’s why I requested @Lopa to write because I am seeing your comment for first time but she wrote version 1 translation already.
      I don’t have a problem if you translate all them but I want her too to translate.

  26. Lopa

    @Anisa I have already submitted my article they asked me to wait 24 hours.
    I am not here to compete anyone I wrote because you guys requested me. I will write all the versions with translation it doesn’t matter to me if someone else posts also.
    You guys loves are with me.❤️

  27. Oh shut up people! Stop passing personal comments.
    @MD how dare you try to blacken the character of a woman? What do you mean by crush?
    Have some etiquettes people, name calling isn’t acceptable at all.
    This Radhika keeps messing up with a 13 year old, Snowflake.
    This place has so much hate. Constantly targeting me, Snowflake, AJ, Kairavi etc. And you people forcefully ousted Jinny Jenny. What shame!
    Radhika aunty, I am 15. What will you do now?
    And madam MD, who are you to tell me what to do? I will comment on this forum and never stop. What will you do?

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