Barrister Babu 22nd October 2021 Written Episode Update: Batuk changes Tapur’s letter

Barrister Babu 22nd October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Batuk seeing everyone busy. He goes and reads Tapur’s letter. He changes the letter and leaves from the room. Its morning, Tapur stops Somnath and asks are you going to the hospital. He says yes, I m going to see a patient, what is it. She says I wanted to tell something, listen. Batuk looks on. She says I have written it in this letter. Somnath says I will see it later. He takes the letter and leaves. Batuk laughs. Bondita asks everyone to come for breakfast. She asks how did you know that I want to have sweets and sour things. Sampoorna says your husband has read your mind, he said he wanted to bring taste in your life, like you brought colours in his life, tell me what do you want to have. Bondita names different things. Sampoorna says everything is yours. Tapur says Anirudh will feed by his hands.

Bondita smiles. Batuk says this is for you, Bondita. Bondita thinks which perfume did he apply, I feel like puking, what shall I do. He asks did you change your mind again. She eats the laddoo. Everyone smiles. Bondita vomits there itself, over his shoe. Batuk asks are you mad, what did you do, its costly shoes, are you a kid, don’t you know, you should go to bathroom and vomit, don’t come close to me, are you mad, take a bath and come, stay away. Bondita recalls Anirudh cleaning the wet bed for her sake. Trilochan goes after Batuk. He asks him to come out. Batuk says Bondita is mad, she vomited on me, I have to throw my pants and shoes. Trilochan says you didn’t do this right, she is pregnant, she will vomit. Batuk asks will she vomit on me. Trilochan says remember, you are Anirudh. Batuk says I can tolerate anything, not any vomiting on me, I feel like vomiting, smell it, it feels like I m out of some dustbin. Trilochan says you should have thought of this before becoming Anirudh, don’t you remember, when Bondita was young, Anirudh used to clean her bed, he would have taken her vomiting in hand if he was alive. He goes. Batuk says he isn’t alive, he died while saving her.

Somnath reads the letter, I want to keep Shiv’s idol along with Durga maa’s idol in the house temple, if you accept this condition, then put an orange flower, I will understand its your yes. He smiles and stops Tapur. He gives her an orange flower. She smiles. Bondita comes inside the room. So many notes with sorry written falls over her. Batuk comes with flowers and says sorry, please forgive me, I will cover my face with this bouquet all day. Bondita asks do you think I can live without seeing your face, no, you don’t need to do all this, I have forgiven you, really. He says thanks. She stops him. He asks are you fine. He says yes. She asks if you are hurt by my words, if I did a mistake, then I m sorry. He says not at all, it was my mistake, so I said sorry, I wrote so many letters for you, lets count. She says I want to trust, but can’t do, you sent me a vehicle filled with letters, but never made me count. Tapur calls her out. Bondita goes. He says sorry. Tapur hugs Bondita and says Somnath gave me a letter, he has no trouble with my truth, he didn’t say anything. Bondita says strange. Tupur says you should be happy that Somnath has broad thinking like Anirudh, Tapur will be happy. Bondita says I m really happy, why didn’t he ask anything. Batuk comes and asks why did you call my wife, I was saying sorry to her, what’s this flower for, Tapur keep it, are you making a medicine by it. Tapur says no.

Tupur says Somnath gave it. Batuk asks do you want to marry him. Tapur smiles. He asks Bondita not to say no, be happy now. He calls out Somnath and everyone. He says there is a good news, this flower came from Somnath to Tapur, it means you should find mahurat for Ashirward rasam, Bondita, you don’t look happy. Bondita says I m very happy with this alliance. He says lets get the wedding planned. Bondita asks did you think well and agreed for this marriage, tell me if you have any doubt or question. Somnath says no, I don’t want Tapur to make medicines after marriage, I want her to help in kitchen and household work. Bondita says its wrong. Tapur says I m ready, I won’t make medicines after marriage. Trilochan says we will do the rasams tomorrow, its an auspicious day. Batuk says congrats. He thinks your relation with your sisters will break. Tupur says Somnath has accepted Tapur’s truth, can’t Tapur do this for him. Bondita thinks if Somnath has accepted Tapur’s past, then why does he have a problem with her work after marriage. She asks did you give the letter to him yourself. Tapur says yes, why are you asking this. Bondita says nothing. Tupur says we have to prepare for Ashirward Samaroh. Batuk plays a harmonium. Bondita comes and says I knew you are hiding something. Batuk asks what am I hiding, Bondita.

Precap: A girl comes and hugs Batuk and says, I missed you. Bondita pulls the girl back and asks who are you? And why are you hugging my Pati Babu? She says, I am Malika, Batuk Roy Chaudhary’s girlfriend. Bondita wonders why she is calling Batuk to Pati Babu.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Thankyou for the update Amena mam

  2. Srishti @

    Today’s episode is out too early 😞😞😞

    1. Yaa sis
      Really upset
      It’s affecting trp

  3. OMG!! Again uploaded so early!😓

  4. Som should let Tapur do her job and help him in his work. Household chores could be done later.
    Bondita has done both responsibilities perfectly.

    I think Bondita will soon solve this problem before its too late.
    Batuk will try to do his maximum for som-tapurs marriage to happen.

  5. Why is Friday’s episode out so early? Oh Jesus, save BB 🤲🙏🤲🙏😥.
    Bondita should have vomitted into his face, yuck🥴🥴🥴but it would have been so nice.
    I can’t wait for Batuk’s truth to be revealed.
    See y’all later, I have to get going, until then, au revoir 👋👋👋👋

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  6. Prachi Gill

    1. Knew it! Batuk changed the letter.
    2. Bondita needs to doubt ARC(BRC), there is a drastic change in his behaviour, I know its difficult but she needs to.
    3. I wonder what would have been Som’s reaction had he learnt Tapur’s truth….I don’t think he would have accepted her.

  7. Had there been Anirudh he would have asked “Are you fine Bondita”,when she vomited,he would have cared so much for her just like choti Bondita. oo I am missing anirudh so much😭. Please come soon

    1. Yes, you’re right. Miss him

  8. Firstly I’m miffed with colors tv for uploading the episodes so early, it seems that they intentionally want to reduce the trp. Secondly, I want Anirudh to comeback before things get more complicated

    1. Is your name Nancy? Mine too🤩

    2. Yes my name is Nancy ☺️

  9. I’m getting angry on Brc now.😤
    He’s so irritating.😬😬
    How can he treat Bondita like this??😠😠😠
    Please Arc, come back soon..

  10. this batuk is so intolerable plzz

  11. why every friday we are left with suspense😣😣😣😣😣😣
    really want bondita to find batuk’s truth on monday!!!!😭😭😭
    and arc to come back definitely next week pleaseee
    hope precap is a good one🤞🤞

  12. This ranguuuuuu…😡😡😡😡😡😡😡
    It’s the worst!!😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤
    I’m pretty sure that it’s intentionally uploading the episodes so early on voot for decreasing the trp.
    Have you guys noticed, since the off-air news has came, episodes are getting uploaded very much early???
    Rangu.. ranguuu… ranguuuuu….
    I’ll never ever forgive you..😡😡

    1. I think trp isn’t the only issue here.

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    7. Oh ok sis.😅
      But I remember everything. I remember each and every logo of each and every person here.😉😛
      No problem that you can’t contribute to trp. Convince as many people as you can, your all friends and relatives in India, to watch BB on TV only.📺 In this way you can help in increasing the trp. You can also spam the comment sections of youtube, insta, etc.

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    10. Rangu means what sis. I think injustice correct or not

  13. batuk 🤢 ., I think som won’t accept tapur if he knows the truth . bon pls find brc and bring your patibabu back

    1. Sana786

      That’s what Batuk has planned. He knows soms mentality and behaviour that’s why he is doing just to break Bondita’s relation with her sisters. When somnath gets to know the truth he will break his relation with Bondita and when tapur found out what has written on the letter she misunderstood Bondita. She will think that Bondita has done this with intentionally.

  14. Sana786

    Now it seems like they are doing it purposely. Why they are uploading episodes too early.

  15. Sana786

    Guys I request you all please watch the show on Tv even in you have already watched then also watch it again again. Just to save our show. Next week are very important for us we have last chance if we succeed in increasing trp then only we can save our show. Besides doing all the trends and mailings don’t forget to watch the show on TV.

    Sometimes I really wonder what wrong with people’s sense of humour they support the show which have no storyline not any social message to the society but gaining highest trp. But still we can’t lose hope until we succeed.

  16. How hurting and difficult it would be to accept the changed behaviour of our loved ones whom we know well? Since according to bondita it is Anirudh(though BRC),she could forgive ,accept and trust him so far (didn’t come home at night,shouting at her, wanting son only ..that too fair,reacting harshly for vomiting..etc).Though she is suspicious already ,she will need a very strong controversy in brc( so called ARC) to doubt him or even the truth itself should be revealed to her soon..till then she is really in a pitiable state..

    Ksj telling batuk that he should have thought that before becoming Anirudh- dialogue is nice

  17. What kind of show is this, guys. For me, the love I had for this show is increasing day by day. I can’t imagine a day without BB😭. The way Pravisht portrays Batuk’s character makes me cry yar. Amazing acting. I can feel the importance of ARC more than before while looking at this worst Batuk. Hats off to the director for giving ARC to us.

    1. Dilasha Mohanty

      So true buddy..the twists and turns in the storyline really feel like roller coaster ride as Pravisht had quoted in an can the trp of such a legendary show be so low😭😭!! And yes, ARC is the best Male Lead character I’ve ever known in the ITV shows!!

  18. Dilasha Mohanty

    I feel really sorry for Bon..when a woman conceives a baby for the very first time..she needs immense mental, moral, emotional and physical support and care and the way Batuk is treating her is really’s like mental abuse! Also, it seems as if Batuk will succeed in his plan of putting Bon in bad light in front of everyone although for a short while and cutting her ties with everyone..and what is more saddening is the fact that she will have no one to rely on..neither her KSJ and Pati Babu nor her sisters..and to make things worse for Bon, Batuk is already there!!

  19. Khawahish🤞

    Wait….What about that widow’s case….Well okay….Her life doesn’t matters, Batuk’s useless revenge does!😶….Well done makers😋

    1. Sana786

      You have misunderstood. They called Bondita but BRC refused them saying. Bondita didn’t live here.

    2. Khawahish🤞

      @sana786 OK I think I missed the part…thankuu…But sadly that part is siddened now it if they showed that track rather than anirudh’s disappearance then trp would have been more😔

  20. There’s a truth they aren’t saying about this damn trp thing. Only God knows whether the TRPs are accurate or not.
    How I wish my naughtiness would lead me again to do something dangerous about this blo*dy shit called trp.

  21. I’m tired of watching brc being so mean to bondita..
    Arc should come back soon

  22. In Hiramandi track, anirudh was shown dead then saved in a matter of two episodes. Why can’t they do the same here especially with falling TRP? Give us something to show he’s alive.

    1. Namak ishq ka episode 82

    2. Thankyou

  23. Good morning fam😊

  24. Hello 👋

  25. how can batuk be mad at bondita for spoiliing his shoes….he literally ruined them yesterday by pouring coffee in it…he should be mad at himself

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