Barrister Babu 20th July 2021 Written Episode Update: Chandrachur wants to marry Bondita

Barrister Babu 20th July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Anirudh and Bondita bringing Binoy home. Somnath treats him. He says we have to keep him in chains, he has become dangerous for us. Anirudh scolds him and says he is our dad, he gave us birth, our name, this house, status and everything, you are saying he will hurt us, can he hurt us. They all get sad. Anirudh says don’t say that again. Tapur asks Bondita to have food. She sees pillows in Bondita’s place. She shuts the door. She says Bondita didn’t change, she has run away again. Thakumaa calls out. Tapur prays that Bondita comes back home before her lie gets caught. Anirudh sits sad on the stairs. Bondita comes. He says thanks for saving my dad’s life, I m thinking to take him abroad again and get his aid done, he will get fine, I try hard, but I always lose, I don’t understand what to do, I have never seen him so hopeless before. He cries on her shoulder.

Thakumaa and Sumati go to Bondita’s room. Tapur says Bondita will get me scolded today, what shall I do. She looks if Bondita is coming. She sees Bondita and calls her out. She throws a paper and alerts her. She says come quickly, Sumat is coming. She throws a curtain down and pulls Bondita upwards. Bondita gets inside. Thakumaa and Sumati come inside. They ask what’s happening. Bondita says I was doing exercise, my back got stiff. Sumati asks are you fine. Bondita says I m very fine, I m flying in the air and smiling, dreaming, seeing someone dear around me. She recalls Anirudh. She says I m happy seeing you. Thakumaa jokes. Bondita says I feel like I got a treasure today.

Its morning, Bondita prays. She says I want to tell Anirudh that I m his Bondita, whom he loves, every lie will end today. Chandrachur’s mum comes and scolds Tupur. He argues with his mum and defends Tupur. Thakumaa asks what’s our mistake. Bondita comes and looks on. The lady insults Tupur. She says my son has loved this woman, else anyone else would have thrown her out, they didn’t get a child till now, I want my family to go ahead. He thinks mum is saying as I taught her. Thakumaa says Tupur is taking medicines and keeping fasts also, she will soon conceive. The lady says you know it well, she is infertile. Bondita asks how can you say that, you think Tupur doesn’t want to become a mum, you are taunting her, you aren’t any doctor to declare that she is infertile, a child is their personal choice, if they are happy together, then why are you taunting her. The lady asks who is she to lecture me. Thakumaa says she is Bondita. The lady says you ran away from the mandap, you ashamed your family, whatever is happening today, you are responsible for this, you snatched my son’s happiness. He says maybe this was in my fate, don’t blame Bondita. The lady says we have decided to get Chandrachur married again, we will get other bahu to get a heir. They get shocked.

Chandrachur says this won’t happen, mum is angry, I will never let anyone take your place. Bondita says I m with you in this, we will do this together and oppose this custom. He says what can be better than getting your support, I can do anything I want when you are with me. Tupur feels bad. She thinks I know he has feelings for Bondita even today. Bondita says everything will be fine, don’t worry. He thinks Bondita will become my wife.

Bondita comes to meet Anirudh. She pretends to talk on the phone. He gets shocked and asks you.. She says yes, this is the truth, it came in front of you after 8 years, you remember you made me drink kada here for the first time, you have given me this dream to become a barrister babu. He says you are Bondita. She says yes, I m your Bondita, Vaijanti is your Bondita. She holds his hand. She says we have a relation, I m not just your responsibility, I have read the letters you wrote for me, I know that I m in your heart. He says no. She says you love me as much as I love you, this is the truth. He says we have no relation. She says we have a relation. He says I didn’t write anything like love. She says every but meant love. He says no, this isn’t the truth, we have no relation. She says this isn’t the truth. Her imagination ends.

Bihari comes and says Anirudh said he has a headache, he can’t teach you today, you can go. She thinks to make Anirudh confess his feelings first. She says then I will tell him that I m Bondita. Anirudh thinks I should have not told Vaijanti my feelings. She comes to him. He asks Bihari to apply oil to his hair. She applies the oil. He sees her and gets away. He says whatever happened yesterday, don’t get any wrong meaning, I shared my pain, but I don’t regard you my friend, I was in pain and anger, I m sorry. She thinks you can’t get friendly with anyone, because Bondita is in your heart. She says you needed some support, you wanted to share your joy and sorrow, I won’t misunderstand you, you can befriend me when you think I m suitable for it, you can tell whatever is in your heart. She asks him to apply the oil. She goes thinking Vaijanti will become your friend and make you admit your love for Bondita. Rishta tera mera….plays….

Precap: Shaswati and other kids come to Anirudh. Shaswati says that she wants everyone, especially him, in her birthday party. Anirudh says that they all will celebrate her birthday tomorrow. Bondita is standing at a distance. She smiles. She says in her mind that she will bring Bondita’s name on Anirudh’s lips from his heart in the party.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Knew it
    That Chandrachur would want to marry Bondi by saying that Tupur is infertile 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

    1. Yeah. He planned this so that Thakumma would feel bad about Tupur and may forced Bon to marry CC to make sure he will still be her grandson-in-law.

  2. I’m so glad Bon realizes what will happened if she forces Ani to admit his feelings. Bon is maturing. She really needs to be more aware of the situation in RC and that CC’s cunning plan. My favourite scene is Ani leaning on he Vaijyanthi’s shoulder. He may have felt it was Bon was next to him and did this subconsciously.

    I think this track is important for Bon’s personal growth. All these feud will strengthen her mind and heart, and this becoming a great barrister that Ani always dreamed about.

    1. From the bottom of my heart I hope that the makers won’t mess up with Anidita bond/relationship… I’m scared that unknowingly, they’d make Ani fall for “Vaijanti” and confess his feelings or so… Which might bring a misunderstanding in the so far longlasting bond between Anidita… Maybe Bondi might feel like he’s fallen in love with a few girls (Mini,Manorama and herself); even she, being returned from abroad after 8years, he could easily fall for another girl who seems to have some sort of similarities with her, then there is no more mutual, unconditional, eternal somehow magical bond/relationship between them… As they adjusted the story in between by shooting (Ani’s hairstyle, from short to long, in between the scenes past few episodes to convince/justify/cool down the audience)some new reasons (Binoy’s condition and KSJ’s arrest)for which Ani keeps his hatred intact, they should try to shoot a scene where Ani comes to know that Vaijanti is Bondita before he gets close to her by reading the rectification that she did on his letter in his private room/Bondita mandir: Phir into Pyaar (wild guess! hindi isn’t my native language!)…
      When she’d be about to reveal the truth about herself, he could say that he doesn’t wish the truth to be revealed as he wants to live with her without guilty conscious and without anyone objecting them to be together… She could make him understand with her mature and knowledgeable speech that they mustn’t hide but try to tackle/solve together boldly and make both the families/villages happy and together! She must give him courage and show the right path as a grown-up woman! Then they could start fighting other prominent issues around in their own family/society by showing the cultural complexity to overcome it as they used to do before leap!
      It’s just my perspective/wish…
      Love from Paris,France!❤

    2. I really wish this happens 😄

    3. I really wish the makers see this somehow. You have a nice imagination actually a really sweet one.

    4. Thank you guys!😘 Hope the makers keep us entertained as before!
      Stay safe and happy!
      Love from France!❤

    5. Yes I hope the makers read this and keep the magical Bond of Anidita intact. Must say you have a great imagination ❤️

    6. @Paris.Wow! That’s lengthy reply. Yes,I trust Makers don’t mess up Anidita’relationship because it is the light of BB.The reason why I fell in love with BB.

  3. Bondita is always very good in giving shock treatment. Remember how she treated Anirudha’s hand by spreading the haldi! Somehow Durga ma will help Bondita in some way. I’m waiting to see Anirudh accept Bondita.

    1. I just hope they Bondita can cure Binoy by her love care and concern just the way TRC got cured post heera Mandi track. Dugga Maa bondu ki Shakti do.

  4. Priscilla-Ignacia

    Everything I thought of is happening.

  5. I don’t understand why this Chandrachur is so dumb!! I mean, how can he even dream that he will get Bondita married to him if Tupur is infertile?? She ran away from the mandap at the age of 12 when she was just a kid. Now, she is grown up and is a barrister too… You could not defeat Bondita then what do you think you can do now???

    1. Or chandruchar is giving medicines to make tapir infertile?

  6. 8 years earlier or at present… Tapur is always the one who knows Bondita’s mischief and try to protect Bondita from getting caught. I like both the young and new Tapur. Her was of speaking is so cute.

  7. Lopa

    Oh god it was bondita’s dream again though I don’t want bondita to reveal the truth so soon. At first she should find enough proof to disclose chandrachur and make sure to end the enmity.
    The chandra chur 😂
    How can he think of marrying bondita…Lol.
    “He cries on her shoulder”…Oh god I don’t want anirudh to fall for vaijanti. Hope it will not happen.

    1. Really I am also waiting that when will Anirudh accept bondita

  8. I am just eagerly waiting to see Anirudh reaction, after he will find, bondita is vaijanti

    1. Dashee

      Anirudh babu ko court m dikhao makers. We’ve never seen Anirudh in court, be it 8 yrs before, or even now. The first and last time we saw him in court was in Bondita’s imagination😂😂

  9. Bondita is dreaming once again?🤣

    So, What happens if Anirudh falls for Vaijanti??

    What will happen if Thakurma knows the truth of Anirudh’s Fiancee?? (This is the thinking of Chandrachur)

    Story is going fine…

  10. Bondita and Anirudh are inseparable. But BONDITA should not be focusing only on her love life, romance and all.
    *She Should Remember That She Is A Barrister*😐

    By the way did not expected Anchal to potray her role of bondita so bad… I miss Aura a lot…

  11. @Rusha, Anchal is doing her work well… but Aura is Aura…

    We all know that!😭

  12. Today’s episode was great!
    Loved it! Great work Amena!😏😚

  13. Dashee

    Don’t get me wrong, but, I think Bondita should spend some time with Sumati too. Since, Bondita left for London at a very young age, it’s difficult for a mother, that too whose only reason to live is her child, to wait for the child patiently. And when Bondita returns, she just seemed to be worried and dreaming about Anirudh. Even in today’s ep, she was smiling and happy thinking about Ani, but lies that she was happy seeing Sumati. Makers can show Bondita’s time with Anirudh in RC mansion, as well as her spending some time with Sumati when she returns, rather than dreaming about Ani 24X7.

    1. True. They can show her educating her mother.

  14. Snowflake

    Any new promo?

  15. Nope @Snowflake
    Not as of now

  16. Can anyone share precap link pls?

  17. Thanks in advance

  18. Now stop stretching tie up anirudh and bondita.. and show should show the real issues.

  19. What about real Vaijayanti?

  20. BB S2 has a lot of incongrouncies that always seem to favour big Bondita. The flower cart , the bathtub, her jumping into Anirudh’s private room through that little window and lately her ‘saving’ Binoy. Why would any driver not stop when someone is standing right in front of the jeep in clear sight.
    The bedside phone … oh my … that is only a very recent luxury. Let’s be a little realistic.
    This is such a far cry from S1 which was so smooth flowing and congruent with their story….most of the time.
    I find her wardrobe to be also detracting from the era. Dress code for courts are even till today very strict … I cannot believe she would go to court in sleeveless saree blouses … that too in the 1930s. Sleeveless blouses were worn in the 30s but mostly by the actresses and artistic people. Even then the pallu would be draped across their shoulders.
    You are absolutely right Priya … where’s the real Vyjanthi who was supposed to come on her recovery … after a few days wasn’t it.
    The new Bondita’s character now is so different from the younger one … she seems to be obsessed with getting Anirudh by any means … seems to be doing a Saudamini this time around.
    Dashee & Mohini … spot on she doesn’t at all seem to consider her own family.While her very concern for them and their feelings was the main cause of all their problems at the end of S1.
    Romance is good n fine .. but it would be nicer if done in smaller and less frequent doses amidst the story.

    1. It terms of historical accuracy for costumes, hairstyles styles,food, I sometimes wonder if Makers don’t have enough time to do research, or they just don’t care.This is not 1st drama/movie I’ve noticed this. The lawyers at the court were not realistic for me. There’re should some with Ani’s ideology. After all , lawyers were also human rights activists.They involved in political parties and freedom fighting. But for the sake of drama,they made every lawyer in Deenpur court looks down on women.

      If my memory serves me right, real Vaijanthi suppose to come in 15 days. Bon has not much time left. Judging from the promo, I think Bon is going to experience a rude awakening about her relationship with Anirudh. It’s going to hit her like tsunami.I’m mentally preparing myself to see Ani erupting like a volcano.

      But BB promo has always been misleading. I’m going to wait.

    2. Is bb promo released? What happened in that promo?

    3. Dashee

      Absolutely @Malini. The romance and the cheesy moments like, falling over each other and etc. were stretched unnecessarily. Instead of wasting time on these kind of things, they could have shown some real issues instead. And, meanwhile Bondita is not getting cases in court, what about Anirudh? We’ve never seen him in court, and he has been a Barrister for almost 9 yrs. Why don’t they show Anirudh fighting for women’s rights ? The makers can actually go hand in hand with romance, court works, enmity etc., But seems like the makers are focusing more and stretching Bondita and Anirudh’s romance.

  21. True @ Malini
    This show once had a really lovely Bengali essence which they only destroyed
    It had a different charm from the other shows which was what had made it special
    And now that charm is lost somewhere
    Just hope they finish this enmity track fast
    And show some social issues for real

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