Barrister Babu 10th June 2021 Written Episode Update: Thakumaa shocks Trilochan

Barrister Babu 10th June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Trilochan and Anirudh happily waiting to welcome Bondita. A bride comes in the palanquin. Trilochan says maybe Kalindi has sent Bondita as the bride, check. Anirudh checks and finds Roopa’s dummy inside. Trilochan asks who is it, tell me. Thakumaa shouts Anirudh likes to become the bride. Trilochan thinks how did she know that Roopa is Anirudh. Thakumaa says I will tell what women have to tolerate, palanquin is empty today, but tomorrow the old secrets will be out. Trilochan worries.

Thakumaa says a woman’s heart is like a volcano, you made a mistake to awaken it, this fire will burn you all. Anirudh gets sad. He asks what secret was she talking about, she said she will bring out the old secrets, I want to know it. He asks Trilochan does he remember anything. Trilochan says no. Anirudh says I will go to Thakumaa and see, what she is doing with Bondita. He finds the door locked. He knocks and calls out Bondita. Thakumaa cleans the gun and scares Bondita. She says I didn’t hurt him or you, but I don’t know what will happen next. Bondita says I don’t know what you will do, I have one request, don’t do anything to Anirudh, he did this for me, my happiness and my dreams, you punish me. Thakumaa says those landlords will leave today, else I will send you to Anirudh’s house. Bondita thinks what is she going to go. Trilochan says we will go back to Tulsipur. Anirudh says Thakumaa spoke of some secret and you got scared, tell me if there is anything, I think its her plan, I will fight her for Bondita’s sake. Trilochan says we won’t fight her. Anirudh says she is a poison in Bondita’s life, I will make her away. He goes. Trilochan asks how shall I explain you that Thakumaa isn’t just threatening, there are some secrets, our world will shake up if the secrets come out.

Thakumaa hears them arguing and smiles. She lights the diyas. She says they have to hide their faces and leave. Its morning, Trilochan and Anirudh see the palanquin coming. They get shocked seeing Thakumaa as the bride. Thakumaa argues with Trilochan. Sampoorna looks on confused. Thakumaa asks won’t you do grahpravesh of the bride. She takes her bag and goes inside the haveli. Trilochan gets shocked.

Thakumaa asks why did you do these decorations, I didn’t understand this, change everything according to my likes, throw the old stuff out. Sampoorna thinks why did she come here, she is commanding here. Thakumaa says your days will change now, a new bahu has come here. Anirudh asks what’s this drama, what do you want. Thakumaa says I didn’t come to take anything, but give, you landlords like to take up women responsibility, you asked me to send Bondita with you, I got her with me. She calls out Bondita. Bondita comes.

Anirudh asks what’s all this. Bondita says I don’t know why is she doing this. Thakumaa says you ask me, you want me to give Bondita’s responsibility to you, fine, I accept, but someone has to fulfill the old promise and take up my responsibility. Anirudh asks what are you talking about, who has promised and what was it. Thakumaa says the one who had promised me is present here. She points her finger towards Trilochan. Anirudh gets shocked. Thakumaa asks do you remember Trilochan. She says your Kaka had promised me, that he will take up my responsibility. Anirudh asks what.

Thakumaa says but he didn’t keep his promise, he left my maang empty, he didn’t marry me. She asks Trilochan does he remember anything. She says Trilochan had sent this saree for me, its good, right, he felt that its enough to send the bridal dress, its not necessary to marry and bring the bride home, it will happen now, I got my palanquin myself. Bondita cries.

Precap: Anirudh tells Trilochan that he did wrong with Thakumaa and he should apologize to her. Trilochan refuses to apologize saying he did nothing wrong. Bondita tells Thakumaa that she is with her and where there is no respect for women, they won’t stay there. They both start to walk. Bondita turns and looks at Anirudh who just stands quietly.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Ok so marry every woman or girl in Bondita ‘s family to RC’s. Like Tapur to Somnath , Tupur to Batuk in future. Sampoorna is already married to Binoy . Show the third Brother of Trilochan and Binoy and get him married to Sumati . .

    1. 😆 cool down. I am waiting ye thakuma kb jaegi inki life se.. but here she is planning to come to bother them permanently 😯😯. ..nooooo wayyyyyy

    2. Zaee

      I feel you…but the best was batuk n tupur😂

    3. I don’t like that elder one she is not innocent like younger sister. She keeps smiling whenever bondita in trouble so wo cancel. Choti thik hai for batuk. Somnath ke lie koi or dhundo.😆

    4. @Bhagya correct 🤣

    5. Somnath ke liye i was shopping that fake Shubhra. Lekin vo to gayab hi ho gyi. Aur ab to child marriages bhi ban ho gyi so batuk Somnath ki shadi cancel. Lol

    6. Tupur is the elder one right? She’s Sampoorna 2.0. Tapur is better for Batuk. Both love Bondita.

    7. Nimisha Sharma


  2. Priscilla-Ignacia

    Ei Jesus! What’s all this drama? I don’t Trilochan to marry her or else Anidita can’t get married. Hmmmm…. If this will be the only solution then…..

    1. It’s not possible for Anirudh bondita to marry again given that child marriages were banned. Don’t worry, Thakumaa will change into a good ani knows about trilochan Thakumaa truth. He will definitely do something so that Thakumaa gets a change of heart.

  3. If trilochan marries takuma then she will be Badi ma(kakkuma) for Anirudh and Badi ma’ s brother is uncle for Anirudh.. as per Tamil Nadu relationship rules u can marry your mama(uncle’s) ponnu(daughter) it’s called murai ponnu😁 lol… But it’s common to marry like this TN also this 10 year age gap is also common in such marriages…🤷‍♀️PS.such marriage happens only after the bride reaching the correct age as per rules…

    1. Zaee

      Are you from tamil nadu?

    2. I am also from Tamil nadu. Big fan of Barrister Babu Anirudh and bondita

    3. Hi welcome to the BB fam

    4. @Sk

      I don’t know hindi I am regularly reading the updates but not commented

    5. Zaee

      Ohh…so your mother language is tamil right?
      But you understand hindi too…you guys learn it from school or what?
      Btw I kinda have roots from TM too…

    6. @zaee That’s good to you know Tamil??…I didn’t learn Hindi in school… Tamilnadu follows 2 language principal only Tamil and English..with interest we can learn any language… I learnt Hindi just by watching TV…

    7. Zaee

      Ohh..even I’ve learned a Lil Hindi by watching movies/shows.
      My grand father was born and raised in TM…then he migrated and got married here in Sri lanka.
      I’ve never been to India yet tho.
      But my mom has few cousins in tm and Delhi.
      I can talk tamil but can’t read or write!

    8. I missed the important point…bondita will be Anirudh’s uncle’s daughter..if takuma becomes kakkuma.. so bondita is marriable to Anirudh(as per Tamil relationship rules)…🤭😁

    9. Even if she becomes kakimaa , den also bondita still will be her brother’s grandchild not daughter….. Ps. It’s in telugu relations too….

  4. Zaee

    Finally the much hyped revelation is gonna take place tomorrow…I meant all the proper flashbacks.

  5. Priscilla-Ignacia

    @Zaee you know right. The much awaited flashback is gonna be revealed tommorow. I can’t wait for it. The suspense is killing me.

    1. More than suspense I’m trilled Abt how will ani and bondu take the news and wat they are gonna do abt it?

    2. Zaee

      Yeah…I’m so excited for revelation!

  6. Priscilla-Ignacia

    Guys I sense that to separate Anidita, Thakumaa will try to get Bondita married to another guy. I wonder what Anirudh will do about it although I know the marriage won’t take place.

    1. Hmm i saw bts

    2. She cannot. Anirudh and Bondita had broken their marriage to pass the child marriage ban. Now bondita cannot get married until she gets older.

  7. Hey guys just a minute if thakuma get married with trilochan then what will be anirudh and bondita’s relation? I mean bondita is her granddaughter and anirudh is her BIL’S ( brother in law) son. Again thakuma is bondita’s grandfather’s sister that means her fathers aunt/bua. Bua’s BIL’S son I mean anirudh will be his cousin brother then anirudh will be bondita’s chachu/uncle???? WHAT? I mean seriously? I am so confused with this relation pls someone help me out…..

    1. 🤯🤯😵😵🤕

    2. Zaee

      Tbh I’m still confused over thakuma lol.
      I’m that bad in sorting out relation🙈

    3. I think tha ku ma is Bondita’s father’s aunt ( grand pa’s daughter). She is like thakuma (grand ma). she is definitely not Sumathi’s mil otherwise she wouldn’t call her Thakuma. She is the daughter of Das family, who took over whole family, responsibilities and everything of her father I mean as kartha. After some incident she was forced to take up responsibility. That’s what I understood from her conversation with Bondita while combing her hair

    4. Are she is grandfather’s sister, not daughter. She is das family like bondita and ani is roy choudhury. How will they be related?? Even if she marries ksj then also their relation won’t change only she will become ani’s kaku but before that she is her grandmother only. So ani and Bondita ko bhai behn ya chachu mt banao plz😯. They are gonna marry for sure in future.

  8. Kudos to those who read the comment of relation of Ani and Bondu . I got exhausted within 2 lines or so. It is so confusing 😛

  9. Priscilla-Ignacia

    You are not alone @BB watcher. I’m also confused about the whole relation thing as well 😕😕

  10. Guys kalanthi is Bondita’s aunt – kalanthi’s brother is Bondita’s father. She is pishima for no confusion. Bondita is niece for kalanthi…

    1. Kalandi is Bondita’s Grandaunt. Thakumma aka Kalindi already mentioned in this track that she had to take care her two nephews and family medicine business after the death of her brother and father. Those nephews are Bon’s dad and Shoumik.

  11. Kalandi is Bondita’s Grandaunt. Thakumma aka Kalindi already mentioned in this track that she had to take care her two nephews and family medicine business after the death of her brother and father. Those nephews are Bon’s dad and Shoumik.

  12. Oh god!!!! Yeah kya.yeah naathae,samjnae kee Koshish karithoo….. Mera dimagg blast hoga

  13. Bondita Will side With Thakuma And Protect her rights.She will leave RC mansion and fought for Thakuma.I think that’s going to happen from the promo

  14. Thakumaa is bondita’s grandaunt. Trilochan is Anirudh’s uncle. Even if trilochan and Kalindi marry, Anirudh and Bondita will be distant relatives. Anirudh wil be bondita’s grandaunt’s nephew. Bondita will be Anirudh’s Aunt’s grand niece.

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