Barister Babu 3rd November 2020 Written Episode Update: Anirudh brings Bondita to her Sasural

Barister Babu 3rd November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sumati forgiving Mami. Bondita asks Mami to make sweets for her. Anirudh says I have to talk to you after Durga puja, I will go and get sarees for everyone. Anirudh and Bondita do the durga puja. Om jai ambe….plays…. Anirudh thanks Durga maa. He says I know every woman is Durga’s avatar. Mami asks where are the girls. Saurabh gets the girls. Everyone smiles. Bondita introduces the girls. She says they were with me in hira mandi, Anirudh saved them along with me. Mami asks will this not insult Durga puja to get such girls. Bondita asks why can’t they do puja, I also went there, am I also impure, they got saved with difficulty, they are also Durga’s avatar. Anirudh says she is right, they will become part of Durga puja. Mami says if we believe so, will they get pure for puja.

Anirudh stops the girls from leaving. He defends the girls. Sumati says he is right, this is your house from now, you all are welcome in Durga puja, celebrate well. Anirudh and Bondita dance. Everyone dances. Anirudh says I have to get respect for them in the society, their families didn’t accept them, we will make them independent, they will come with us to Tulsipur, they will stay with us. Saurabh says you said right, but where will they stay. He says we will make their arrangements in the other house, they should not get troubled, they are part of our family now. Anirudh asks Sumati to allow him to take Bondita home. Sumati says I wish to have Bondita with me for some time, but its fine, you both can go. Bondita says I have to meet the family. Anirudh says I have to tell everything to Bondita. He goes to her and says I was getting engaged for some reason, but I didn’t. She shows the news article and says I got angry when I saw this, I wrote a letter, but my friend threw it, I knew you can’t do wrong with me. She asks why did Pari did did wrong with me. He asks what. She says she has become bad, when I was running away from Tara bai, I saw Saudamini and called her, she turned to see me, she didn’t stop. He asks why. She says don’t know, but her eyes didn’t have love for me, she had anger, I felt that she can see me, she didn’t come to save me. He thinks.

Anirudh says we reached home. Bondita asks for whom is this decorations. He says for you. She smiles. Bihari and Koyli smile seeing her. Bondita gets a welcome. Batuk comes. Bondita says you became more fat, because I was not here, you didn’t need to run after me, you had sweets of my share also. She laughs. Batuk says she started teasing me. Bihari thanks Anirudh for bringing her back. Anirudh asks what happened. Bihari says Durga has come back, so the house will have joy. Bondita asks where is Trilochan, he didn’t come to meet me. She says he would come to welcome me. Anirudh smiles. She enters the house. Bondita asks Trilochan to see she has done all rituals well. She asks Anirudh did Trilochan not forgive her. They get shocked to see Trilochan on the wheelchair. Binoy gets Trilochan.

Anirudh asks Trilochan to see Bondita is back. He asks what happened. Binoy says I heard world can change in a moment, he fell down and got injured, his entire body got affected by paralysis. Bondita asks Trilochan to talk to her. She cries and asks him to scold her. She asks him to talk to her. Anirudh cries. She requests Trilochan to say something. Trilochan cries seeing her. Bondita says you have to bless me, I will not get up without your blessings. Trilochan moves his hand.

Precap will be added later.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Sweet, lovely and a very emotional episode! Knew Kaka will be paralysed! I hope Binoy opens his eyes now! Anirudh finally accepts Bondita as his wife😍❤
    And he is so honest, he came to confess that he was going to do engagement due to situation. He was so happy when bondita came back home, the smile never left until they came to know about Trilochan Kaka. He never opposed anyone when they referred Bondita as bahurani, grahpravesh and all! I hope kaka gets a speedy recovery🥺

  2. Bondita Roy Chaudhary,though a little wife,is very possessive of her husband.She won’t share her Pati Babu with anyone.That she is Anirudh’s wife and no second woman can take her place in his life,this sense is strongly rooted in her mind and heart.Good.
    Felt happy watching Anirudh allowing himself the Right of Bon’s husband.Perhaps now he is fully considering himself as Bondita’s life partner.That’s why clearing the misunderstanding came naturally to him.Ani was looking very sweet in that scene.
    Don’t know whether Binoy was faking his worries for Kaka or not.This double faced man can’t be trusted.
    The looks Bon were giving to Mini in the precap was awesome.She was looking tensed when Ani was asking Mini to swear on him.Seems like she knows in her heart that Mini will lie and her husband will be harmed because of that false swear if taken….Missed Kaka’s vibrant presence during house warming ceremony of Anidita.Don’t know what is brewing in Maker’s mind.

  3. ShraddhaSharma392

    Nice episode 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  4. Even tho Trilochan is paralysed, he will bless Bondita for sure😊 Today’s episode was awesome and as always, I am obsessed with this show.

  5. As polygamy was a common practice at that time, but Bondita was against it, and so she was angry on knowing Anirudh’s engagement. And Anirudh surely considers Bondita as his wife now. When Ani was leaving the engagement he said that Bondita was not his mistake and considered Bondita as his wife in front of villagers, then at hiramandi and today as well, like a good husband, companion and life partner, he came to Bondita to let her know of the facts that happened in her absence. Also he said to kaka, “apki bahu aa gyi kaka”. He accepted her as his wife long ago, the day he refused to marry Mini saying,” nhi karni mujhe mini se shaadi” and said,” kaisa lgta h pehli patni ko jab uska pati ek dusri biwi leke aati h” he might have been angry on bondita at that time, but he considered her as his wife.
    Today his act speaks a lot. Like a good husband, bringing clothes for his wife for the festival, bringing her back home and letting her do grah pravesh and most importantly clearing the facts about his and Mini’s engagement that he did not do it and also trusting Bondita and questioning Mini which the previous Anirudh wont do. Anirudh once did not believe Bondita, and he is not a person to repeat mistakes.
    If Mini says that engagement happened, Anirudh and Bondita would knw her lie, coz Anirudh remembers clearly and now Bondita also knows that he did not do engagement. It will be hilarious, Mini trapped on her web of lies.

    Precap: Mini says to bondita that she missed her and she was waiting to meet her. Bondita questions if it is true then why she did not help in the brothel. Mini denies the fact that they met. Anirudh questions mini and asks her to swear on him and say she did not meet Bondita (and Bondita had fear on her face felt as if she knows Mini can lie and her husband will be in danger🤣. This is only my assumption)

  6. Awesome. My Bondita. I’m so happy you have come back home. Pls Makers allow them to enjoy for sometime b4 you br8 Sadaumini problem

  7. ShraddhaSharma392

    Saudamini says to Bondita that she everyday prayed to Durga Maa for safe return of Bondita. Bondita asks then why didn’t she stop or reacted to my call in Hira Mandi?? Saudamini try to fool her saying I am blind helpless girl.
    Anirudh ask saudamini to sweer on me that she neither didn’t hear bondita call nor she saw her??

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