Barister Babu 26th March 2020 Written Episode Update: Bondita gets scolded

Barister Babu 26th March 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Saudamini offering help to Bondita. She says I will take you for bath, come with me. Everyone is dining. Anirudh asks don’t you get bathroom’s smell. Trilochan says you are just thinking of making bathrooms. Binoy asks is it necessary to talk about bathroom and bad smell. Batuk gets the blanket and says bad smell is coming from this, smell it. They all turn away. Anirudh asks do you want to faint all of us by this. Batuk says no, someone peed on this. Trilochan asks who has done this mistake. Batuk says a kid has done this. Binoy asks who did this. Batuk says everyone’s fav, Bondita did this. Anirudh and everyone get shocked.

Anirudh asks Batuk not to lie, else he will get punished. Batuk says why would I lie, your fav perfume is sprayed on it to cover the bad smell. Trilochan asks Bihari to take this blanket and dump it. Bihari takes the blanket. Saudamini asks Bondita to get ready, she will just dump the blanket. Bondita says I have already dumped it. Saudamini says what, now everyone will know it. Trilochan shouts to call Bondita. Saudamini says I think everyone got to know it, how will I save you now.

Sampoorna goes to take the lantern. Saurabh comes to her and romances. Kabhi neem…plays… She gets scared of Biraj and makes Saurabh away. She goes. Trilochan and everyone get angry. Saudamini gets Bondita. Batuk asks why are you hiding now, why are you ashamed to show your face now. Trilochan shouts and asks Bondita to come out. Bondita asks Anirudh not to come close, she is dirty, he will also be dirty if he touches her. Trilochan shouts Bahu. Saudamini says forgive her, she is a small kid, don’t scold her. Trilochan says she is not a kid, she has grown up, she has ruined our house, there is a temple here, we do puja every day, who knew that house’s light is spreading darkness in the house. Binoy looks on. Bondita cries. Trilochan says I have to apologize to Maa Durga, purify the house, wherever this girl went and touched the things, purify this girl first, until then none will go out of the house. Binoy taunts Anirudh and smiles.

The servants wash the entire house. Bondita looks on. Trilochan purifies the house. Anirudh sits angry. Saudamini smiles. She thinks I can see how your madness is falling weak, it will soon shatter. Bondita sees Trilochan falling back and holds his hand to save him. Trilochan shouts on her and asks how dare you touch me, the thing you touch will become impure. Bondita says if I didn’t hold your hand, you would have fallen down and got hurt. He says it would be fine, why did you touch me and made me impure. Anirudh says I will talk. Trilochan asks do you want to listen to more lies. He asks Bondita didn’t her mum teach her anything else, she has cheated them.

Bondita says don’t tell anything to my mum, she isn’t at fault, Anirudh met her, she is so nice, she doesn’t cheat anyone, my mum isn’t bad, if you call her bad, will your anger calm down, will I get pure then, she isn’t bad. Bihari comes and says I can’t tell anything, Anirudh will be angry. Anirudh sees his degree certificate spoiled by Bondita. He gets shocked seeing the dirty marks on the certificate. Saudamini smiles. Binoy is also shocked. He says its your barristry certificate, right Anirudh, any ways, its of no use, you don’t want to do barristry in London, maybe she thought to use the certificate this way. He scolds Anirudh.

He says you have ended your dream to become a barrister, this isn’t a stain on the certificate but on your name, these stains will remind you that you have ruined your own dreams. He laughs and says nice. Saudamini recalls putting coloured water on the certificate. Anirudh is speechless.

Trilochan says you got her as our Bahu, does this girl deserve to be here, go and leave her at her Maayka. Saudamini says you should send her back. Anirudh comes to Bondita.

Update Credit to: Amena

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    I love barister babu a lot. Good show
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    This show is much different than other daily soaps

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    love the show except for the b*t*h Saudamini

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