Barister Babu 15th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Bondita annoyed with Anirudh

Barister Babu 15th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rasiya saying I will find out Bondita, if she is there, then you will get green kerchief, if you see red kerchief, then understand she is not here. He thanks her. She goes. Bondita talks to Haseena about the newspaper picture. Rasiya comes to check the new girls. Anirudh prays that Rasiya throws green kerchief. Rasiya sees other girls. Surayya takes Bondita and says I called someone who can help you in reading the paper. She recalls…. Tara says Rasiya is a fool, I know everything, after meeting Anirudh, Rasiya will find Munmun there, take some other girl there. Surayya takes Bondita with her. FB ends. Bondita asks the man to read it and tell what’s written, did Saudamini do the puja at home. The man says she took your place, she got engaged to your husband, you think of him, he has forgotten you. She gets shocked. She asks how can this happen, they are childhood friends. Surayya says they will be husband and wife now, your husband made you out of the house for the sake of this girl. The man says she is right, when you got tortured, did your husband come, he left you forever. Surayya says yes, men are such. The man says he will be celebrating there. Bondita cries.

Rasiya throws the red cloth and thinks your Bondita isn’t here. Anirudh looks at the cloth. He says it means Bondita isn’t there. Tara smiles and says its not tough for me to handle them, Anirudh, none can save Munmun now. Bondita tries to write. She says I wish I learn alphabets, how did he break my trust, how can he marry Saudamini.

Bondita asks will you write the letter for me. Surayya says write it. The man says fine. Bondita says I m much angry yon you, do you care for me, will you come to convince me, I always obeyed you, how did you get engaged to Saudamini, tell me, am I a liar or you. She cries. The man says I wrote it. Saurabh asks Sampoorna to have food. She refuses.

He says Anirudh has gone to take her, he will bring her, you said fate has brought them together. Bondita gets sad and sees the letter. Anirudh also thinks of her and worries. Rishta tera mera….plays….. Tara kicks the man and says what was the need to write letter, you know her husband is here. The man says I wrote wrong things in that letter, her husband won’t understand it. Tara says don’t make any mistake that you regret later, I want that letter back. He says fine. Sampoorna coughs. Saurabh gets water for her. He asks are you fine. She runs to vomit. He says maybe that fruits didn’t suit her. He says take rest, then we will go to Vaid ji. He lets her sleep. He says entire family has gone out for puja. Tara asks Surayya to find the letter, burn it fast. Bondita wakes up. She scolds Surayya and asks what were you stealing from here. Saurabh wakes up and says oh God, we slept here all night. He hears the phone ringing. He says I will say that I came for work early and then take Sampoorna secretly. Anirudh says its good you answered the call. Saurabh asks where are you. Anirudh says I m in hira mandi. He tells everything. Saurabh is shocked.

Saurabh says someone else can also order sweets. Anirudh says no, I feel just Bondita can order those sweets. Tara says why would Surayya steal, she is finding the letter, I m going to city, I wanted to post it. Bondita says she could have asked me. She looks for letter. She says I kept it under my pillow. Haseena says I have made a boat of that paper and threw out. Anirudh says I feel just Bondita can order that sweets. Saurabh says fine, but you know how they treat girls at the brothel, girls are tortured there, you said you didn’t see where did the handis go, maybe the cart passed away, how can you say this for sure.

Anirudh says you are saying right, maybe Bondita isn’t here in hira mandi, but somewhere else, I m wasting my time, maybe its my madness, I need some money, can you arrange it. Saurabh says yes, why not, we have many known businessmen there, I will talk to them, don’t worry. Haseena says it was much fun, I didn’t wake you up. Bondita pinches her. They fight. Tara and Surayya look on. Bondita says I had to give letter to my husband. Tara says stop it. She smiles. Anirudh says maybe Saurabh is saying right, Bondita would be somewhere else, I should leave the lodge and find her somewhere else. The paper boat comes there. He sees it and picks to see. Jai durga….plays…. He tries to read it.

Bondita says why did Surayya lie to me. Haseena says Tara Bai isn’t good, she will never send me home. Bondita says I have to meet Gandhi ji and save my mum from villager’s tortures. Haseena says we can never get free from here. Anirudh thinks maybe this is Bondita’s letter.

Update Credit to: Amena

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