Banni Chow Home Delivery 24th June 2022 Written Episode Update: Yuvan Wants To Get Engaged To Banni


Banni Chow Home Delivery 24th June 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Banni tells Yuvan that she will feed him water and he will even apologize. Yuvan asks how? Banni asks him to hold his ears and starts feeding him food. Yuvan says his ears are paining. Yuvan asks him to apologize Niyati then. Yuvan apologizes Niyati. Devraj smiles at Manini. Manini angrily leaves with Niyati. Devraj says its proved today that only Yuvan’s mother and Banni could handle him. Manini scolds Niyati that she is a failure like Viraj and failed to keep Banni away from Yuvan. Banni tells Devraj that Yuvan’s mother’s anklet saved Yuvan from having food from Niyati today. Devraj thanks Yuvan’s mother in mind. Yuvan says he is angry on Banni for making him apologize dirty angel/Niyati and asks her to go from here. Banni smiles and leaves saying she will not come from tomorrow. He gets worried.

Manini and Viru select menu for Yuvan’s engagement. Myra says there is nothing of Yuvan’s taste in it. Manini says Yuvan has to change his taste. Banni walks down. Manini asks her not to visit her from tomorrow as Yuvan is getting engaged from tomorrow. Banni says she will bring food for Yuvan until Devraj orders her. She tells Niyati that she need not worry as Yuvan will marry only Niyati. Yuvan walks down and asks Banni to leave then. Banni says she will. Devraj tells Yuvan that Banni scolds him for his good. Manini shows wedding rings to Yuvan. Banni says Yuvan and her relationship is pious and nobody should dare accuse them.

Yuvan hugs Banni tightly and pleads her not to go and forcefully tries to put engagement ring in her finger. Banni stops him and says he will put engagement ring in Niyati’s finger and should marry him. He pleasd her not to go. Banni says she has to and walks away. Devraj stops her and requests her to attend Yuvan’s engagement ceremony tomorrow. Banni agrees and says she wil prepare a special surprise feast for Yuvan tomorrow. Devraj thanks her for helping Yuvan. Banni says Yuvan thought her a lot and is very pure hearted. She gets her customer’s call and goes aside to speak.

Devraj hopes Yuvan and Banni’s engagement happens tomorrow. Myra says that is the best idea and hopes Yuvan marries Banni, she asks him to speak to Banni about it. Devraj hesitates. Banni returns says she needs to serve food to her customer. She realizes that she left her footwear inside house and rushes back in stepping on a kukum water thali and leaving her footprints like in grahapravesh. Sulekha tells Myra that her wish will be fulfilled soon. Banni leaves. Sulkeha asks Devraj to visit Banni’s house and discuss about the alliance indirectly with her.

Banni returns home and finds the goon bringing alliance for her and greedy mamisa accepting gifts from him. She tongue lashes the goon and warns him to get out of her house. Goon says her mamusa took 3 lakhs loan from him and lost the money in gambling, so she has to marry him at any cost. Banni says she will marry a person who is innocent, kind, protective, etc.. Devraj with Myra reaches there and hears her conversation. Banni says she didn’t find a boy like that and once she finds him, she will give invitation to the good and ask him to make arrangements for her wedding, till then he shouldn’t show his face. Goon challenges to marry her one day and leaves. Banni notices Devraj and Myra.

Precap: Yuvan goes missing from home. Family gets concerned. Manini accuses Banni of hiding Yuvan.

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