Banni Chow Home Delivery 19th August 2022 Written Episode Update: Alpana Creates A Trouble For Banni

Banni Chow Home Delivery 19th August 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Yuvan gets ready for Banni’s much dikayi ritual. Banni smiles at him. Viraj mocks Yuvan and asks if he wore a nappy. Yuvan asks why. Viraj says its okay as Banni will clean the mess again if he makes any again. Banni walks to Yuvan and says he is looking good. Yuvan apologizes her for the mess and promises to never make it again. Banni then instructs servant Shankar how to deliver her customer tiffins. Alpana gets jealous noticing that. She walks to kitchen and orders servants not to deliver Banni’s tiffins. Servant say its Devraj’s order. She says Devraj doesn’t interfere in household issues and threatens to deduct their salary if they disobey her.

Banni struggles to wear sari. Manini with Myra gifts her Yuvan’s mother’s saris and jewelry for the muh dikhayi ritual. Banni recalls Hemant and Viraj calling her a gold digger who married Yuvan for his wealth. She politely refuses to accept jewelry and saris giving her a reason. Manini says she will help Banni at least in wearing sari and helps her. Hemant gets angry noticing that, calls Manini aside, and scolds her for helping Banni forgetting Banni’s conspiracies to marry Yuvan. Manini refuses to obey him and asks him to forget the past as Yuvan’s happiness should be more important to them.

Banni gets confused thinking how can Manini change suddenly. Manini returns to Banni and asks if someone is coming from her maika. Banni recalls breaking up her ties with her maika and says no one will come. Guests gather for the muh dikhayi ritual. Vishnu walks in with a gift. Yuvan happily greets him in. Banni walks down for the ritual and feels happy seeing her brother. Charmi taunts that she got truck load of gifts from her maika for her muh dikhayi ritual, Banni got a bag of bananas. Manini scolds Charmi.

Banni notices her tiffins still undelivered and gets tensed. Yuvan says there is a surprise for her and calls her tiffin customers. Banni is surprised to see them. They all give her gifts. Yuvan asks Banni if she is happy. Banni says the most. Alpana and her team get jealous seeing that.

Precap: Yuvan thinks Banni angered his mother by not wearing her jewelry and sari, forces Banni to wear jewelry, and says he shouldn’t have married Banni.

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