Bani Ishq Da Kalma 7th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Bani Ishq Da Kalma 7th April 2014 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 7th April 2014 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Parmeet’s residence
Manpreet and bani congratulate each other for baisakhi. manpreet expresses her concern for parmeet, and how he has been behaving strangely. bani tells her that soon everything would be alright, and asks her to have faith on her. manpreet says that she can have the blind faith to have her run the house completely. They discuss about plans for baisakhi. Bani suggets that they can have an outing. bani says that it would freshen the mood too. gagan is excited too. Manpreet says that the location is a surprise. The ladies get to begin with the preps for practise. Manpreet asks bani to invite rajji and soham too, and bani complies. bani thinks that today, being the 13th, a great truth would be exposed, which would get justice to a woman.


finds parmeet still asleep, and tries to wake him up, saying that they are all going for the picnic. He doesnt budge. manpreet comes and asks her not to wake him up, as he needs rest. bani is tensed. she says that parmeet too would be with the whoole family. but manpreet says that sleep is his priority right now. She takes bani outside for preparations. bani is tensed.

After sometime, bani tells guggi that if parmeet doesnt go, then her plan would fail. Guggi asks her not to lose hope. He leaves hearing noises. As the entire family gets together, Guggi goes in parmeet’s room, and tries to wake him up, bun it vain. then he sees the water and gets an idea. He drops the water on Parmeet, and he wakes up with a start. The entire family begins to go out, while bani is tensed that her plan to expose parmeet would fail terribly. they begin to walk out. bani hears parmeet’s screams and rushes to get to him, asking manpreet to wait there. parmeet wants to sleep some more, while bani tries to get him to wake up and get dressed. bani says that the entire family is going, then would he want to stay alone in the house. He is scared thinking about bani’s ghost and says that he wont be alone and would go out with everyone else. he rushes to get ready. After parmeet comes back dressed, he ass where are they going. Bani says that its a surprise, and his mother has planned it. Bani pretends to be maya and says that this being the last day, she wants to take some good memories, and hence offered to have a picnic. parmeet asks her to stay back as long as she wants to, as they both know that they have transcended their professional relation and share a personal and more intimate bond. But maya shirks him away and leaves. He follows.

Scene 2:
Location: Soham’s residence
As they are all set to go for picnic, soham and rajji decide as to how they have to assist bani in her revenge today. Soham says that before they head for the picnic, he has to do one last thing, for helping bani have her revenge. As they all begin to go out, balbir and reyman are super excited but they are left surprised when rajji tells them that they cant go. rajji says that if all go, then who would take care of simran and kuki is small still. rajji says that she’s giving them this responsibility so that they can be better parents in buaji’s eyes and reminds her that she has to make Laddoos too. reyman and balbir has no option but to agree. They are amused at her plight. After soham and rajji leave, balbir expresses her frustrationv at reyman, while she is sorry herself.

Scene 3:
Location: Parmeet’s residence
parmeet and bani come down, and manpreet is excited that he would also go with them. they are thrilled to find a toli coming along with rajji, and start dancing along with them only. When they ask about soham, she says that he hzs some urgent work, and would straightaway reach at the venue. While the toli leaves after greeting them, one of them leaves, saying that only 2 hours are left. He gets tensed, while bani and rajji are amused.

Scene 4:
Location: Picnic spot.
parmeet falls asleep in the car and when he wakes up, by bani’s coaxing, he is shocked to find that its the same spot where he had taken bani and the family for a picnic,. the day he had planned to kill her. he is taken back to the memories of that day and gets tensed. Bani takes parmeet back again to the same picnic spot along with the rest of the family. While parmeet expresses his concern, they all ask him to lighten up, as they should let bygone be bygones, and should move ahead in life. As they all begin to enjoy, he is haunted by the memories of the past. bani is happy that her plan is working. When bani offers him coffee, he asks why did they choose this place only. Bani says that for the family, bani is still alive and hence there’s no problem with this spot. Parmeet is still tensed.

Guggi entertains them and gets them into a fun session if singing and dancing. parmeet is intimated by these coincidences, and isnt able to digest it. bani is amused at his plight. finally it gets too much on him, and he takes bani aside. rajji is tensed. maya asks parmeet whats the matter now, and asks him to relax. He asks how can he be normal, when everything around him is abnormal. He says that this all has been replicated before. parmeet says that this cant be a coincidence, that they are here at the same place on the same date, when and where bani was killed. Maya asks how was this similar. Parmeet says that he isnt able to tolerate this anymore, and continues to rant, when she takes his hand, and says that he would have to accept all this, as maybe all of his mental problems are solved. She asks him to share that day and live it again with him, so that he can forget the past and move on, after having gone through it one last time. Her talks have an impact on him and he gets to spilling the truth. He takes maya down the memory lane, as the entire scenes are replicated again, in parmeet’s and bani’s mind. parmeet shows bani aka maya the boat where bani had sat. bani begins to take him near the boat, but he is scared to go. Bani asks him to have the faith on her, and he finally relents. she takes him near the baot, unlike the last time, when she had been led by parmeet and his ulterior motives. They reach the boat. bani asks him to get in the boat. He asks her to stop. Bani asks him not to get afraid as she is with him. He complies. She asks what happened next. He tells her everything, and how he had started the motor after that. they both remember it individually. she asks him to start the motor. he complies scared himself. she eyes him tensedly. He asks her to come too. Replicating the situation, she says that she is feeling thirsty and would go to get water, reminding parmeet that he had given the same excuse to bani, when he had sent her alone in the boat. He stops her with his hand. She remembers that parmeet had done the same thing to himt oo, and asks her not to be scared as nothing would happen and that she would just come. She lets go of his hand just like he had done it the last time. Now its parmeet’s time to wait for bani, like she had doen for him last time. parmeet asks her to come inside. Bani says that only 13 seconds are left. She starts the countdown, while he looks at her stunned and shocked. Finally, in the same fashion, as had happened to bani, parmeet is left in mid waters, while bani eyes him determinedly. He calls out to her, asking her to stop the boat, as he doesnt know how to swim and that he is hydrophobic, and how she had been in that same situation, not too long back. she eyes him with a vicious sense of revenge as she finds him in the same situation. bani says that she wasnt like this, but he made her so, and that whatever she has faced, he would have to bear it too. She waves at him, just like he had done emotionlessly the last time, when he had tried to kill her. He is shocked thinking that he had done all this to bani, then why is maya doing all this with him, as he never told her all this. He recouns the situation and comes to the conclusion that this isnt Maya, but bani. The screen freezes on Bani’s face.

Precap: Parmeet calls up bani and asks her to save him please. Bani says that he would have to go through the entire torture that he had placed her in. She says that if he wants to escape his punishment, then he would have to confess his crimes openly. He screams out saying that he is guilty of having murdererd her, and that he has wronged her. Bani is finally satiated at her revenge having been fulfilled. parmeet asks her to save him, as he is scared of water. Just then, the anchor snaps open and the boat gets disbalanced and he falls into the water, much to his scare.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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