Bani Ishq Da Kalma 3rd January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Bani Ishq Da Kalma 3rd January 2014 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 3rd January 2014 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Parmeet’s residence
Balbir is shocked when rajji says that she came alone. He says that the first step has been taken, and now soham wont be able to stay without her and their child, and hence he would soon follow. the servant is called by balbir to get rajji’s suitcase to her room. he calls for reyman. Reyman comes with pretense love, welcoming her in the house, and thanks balbir that she got such a wonderful bahu. balbir says that its their daughter. when bani and others come out too, they are boggled to see rajji. Balbir tells them about soham being rano and his child. They are all shocked especially bani, when he adds that he has asked them to stay with them only. He says that rajji has come and soon soham would come too. reyman says

tht they shall talk later, but first she has to rest. reyman takes rajji’s hand and takes her, while rajji signals bani to be quiet. Bani complies but is tensed inside. Ranvir and gagan vent out their frustration, that now with this new child, soham, their hopes of a part in his property is gone forever.

Reyman and balbir excitedly show her the room, and tries to lure her with expensive gifts and jewellery. they ask rajji to go and freshen up and then rest. as she leaves, balbir compliments reyman for such nice words. but Reyman says that she’s doing it because she has to right now, for theit plan to succeed. balbir tells his evil plan to reyman.

as the night descends, rajji is sitting tensed when bani walks in and asks whats all this. Rajji comfirms the story. bani has endless questions. rajji tells her everything that happened. Bani is shocked but asks her the reason why has she come here. Rajji tells that she wants to give another chance to her life. she says that now that she would stay with bani, she would be related by a different reason. bani says that they are still sisters, and nothing is more pleasurable for her than the fact that they are going to be living together.

At the dining table, rajji is given special treatment by reyman. balbir too pretends to get emotional that his family is now complete. Parmeet, ranvir and gagan are fuming with anger. reyman starts to serve fruits to rajji. rajji seeing that bani is working, asks her to sit down, while she works. She insistently makes bani sit beside parmeet, and asks her what she wants. surjit tells the sisters, that she’s very happy to see them together. Balbir too says that he’s very happy. Bani is tensed at sitting next to parmeet who’s equally at discomfort.

Scene 2:
Location: Soham’s residence
soham and angad are tensed disbelieving that rajji can do this, when she hates them so much. Angad says that rajji cant do this, as she is a very egoist lady, and wont do it for the riches and that there’s some other reason. Agad asks soham to talk once again with rajji and try and put some sense into her, for the sake of their child. Soham agrees that he would go and talk, and also try and get rajji home with him only.

Scene 3:
Location: Parmeet’s residence
Later, rajji is advising bani to stay on the path that she has chosen. bani says that now her confidence is boosted all the more, with rajji beside her. While bani and rajji are chatting, parmeet comes home in an inebriated state, along with a female friend, guffawing and laughing. they both are shocked. parmeet tells the girl that he wishes she met him before, so that she would have been his. she carelessly dismisses him as being a wonderful flirt. He says that now they would go to their bedroom, while she is giggling at the prospect. He also sarcastically makes her meet bani, and introduces bani as his wife, and intentionally taunts her to attend to his friend. While they stand stunned, parmeet leaves with the girl towards the room. Bani is distraught, while rajji is apalled at bani’s condition. Parmeet leads the girl to the bedroom and asks her to go in, while he comes in two minutes. He excuses himself as she goes onto enter. As the girl begins to enter parmeet’s bedroom, bani confronts her, takes her by the hand to stop her, and jersk her away from the room, saying that no one can enter her room without her permission, as its her room and not a hotel’s that anyone may wish like it, and enter this room. Parmeet sees this and comes to her. She falls into parmeet’s arms who composes her, and goes onto reprimand parmeet for his wife and looks sternly at bani, who confronts him too. Bani retaliates back saying that she’s the girl who respects her values and relations and makes her cloe ones too understand it whenever it is required, she’s the girl who keeps the traditions alive. She says that instead the other girl is like the one, who can come drunk in anyone’s house at midnight, and a girl who can enter any husband’s bedroom. she leaves, telling parmeet that she would meet him tomorrow. after she leaves, prmeet say that its in vain, as he would do what he wishes, despite her trying to get her claim on him. he says that inside or outside the house, he has free will. he goes inside, and locks the door. rajji assures bani that in front of her adamant behaviour, he would have to subdue. Bani says that she wants to win him over and not win over him. rajji assures her that her driving the other woman out was the first step towards it, and that she would definitely get what she wants from parmeet. The screen freezes on Bani’s tensed face.

Precap: Soham asks her how long is she going to be torment him for having forgotten that night of passion that they shared together. Rajji says that it isnt about forgetting that night. soham says that he knows that its about the night itself. Rajji stands silently. Soham asks what should he do now, and as he has penanced enough and what does she want from him, that she has now escaped from everyone and come to stay here. rajji asks him not to make false presumptions. Unable to take his allegations any longer, rajji blurts out that he had called out bani’s name after spending the night with her. soham is shocked.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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