Bani Ishq Da Kalma 3rd December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Bani Ishq Da Kalma 3rd December 2013 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 3rd December 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Parmeet’s place
While all are ridiculing and mocking bani, surjit and her husband stand up for her and taste it and say that its okay. Bani says that she tried real hard. parmeet says that its okay, but she shouldnt try making it again, and that the way he learnt his mistakes so soon, she too would in due course of time. bani offers to make something else, but in the garb of being happy, and sacrificing, he says that the taste would stay now and he wont be able to eat anything else.

meanwhile, bani, wanting to talk to manpreet, tries her number and when she doesnt get through, she asks surjit, who remembers her leaving the house. she makes a reason and says that manpreet is very tensed and its best not to bother her. she distracts her

by giving her a continental recipe book, so that she learnhs what parmeet likes. Bani thanks surjit profusely. She instantly gets to working in the kitchen, according to the book, and soon becomes quite dextrous at it. She hopes that parmeet too likes her effort. As parmeet comes down, bani stops him and hesitatingly says hat he’s free and if he isnt going outside, could she spend sometime with him. He says that he doesnt need to ask. She says that she has made his favourite food, and kept everything in mind. He pretends top be very surprised and goes over to look at what she has made and is impressed. He says that something is missing, and asks her to go and get glasses. Bani complies and goes inside. As she comes outside with the glasses, she doesnt find parmeet anywhere. Hearing him laugh, she finds that gagan, parmeet and Ranvir are drinking together. Bani is shocked to see them like this. bani takes the dupatta over and parmeet takes her over to gagan and ranvir. He asks her to taste some wine. bani is shocked. While parmeet goes on to emphasise the richness of wine, bani gets up and says that she cant drink alcohol. he places the wine bottle and asks if she has never drunk. He says that all things are to be done first, and shows them how gagan is enjoying, just like Modern times, and hence they should too, and celebrate bani coming back in the house. He tries to get her to take, but she says that she has never touched alcohol. He says that even in Canadan, his friends used to drink with him, and she’s his fie after all, and hence can drink together too. She wipes her tears, while refraining to drink from his glass.

Scene 2:
Location: Bani’s place
While biji is bantering with rajji, she is shocked as soham calls out to them. she turns around to face soham. biji gets happy and calls him inside, while rajji stands tensed. They exchange greetings while rajji watches them. Biji insists on getting some refreshments for them, while they talk to each other. An awkward silence follows after biji leaves. Soham tries to progress. As rajji comes face to face with soham, she asks him sternly whats he here for. Soham says that he would go only after having known the answer, as to why she left the house. Rajji says that she doesnt want to go home, and soham asks whats the problem then, and asks her to think of Simran and angad atleast. rajji says tht she respectes them more than they love her. Soham assk her to tell them atleast and asks what does she want. Rajji says that he would never understand. But soham gets in a rage all the more, and asks why’s she ruining everyone’s life. this angers her. soham asks what else should he think then. Rajji asks him to go off and think whatever he wants to. Rajji is speechless, while soham doesnt budge, and is determined to know the answer. rajji gets her finger cut on the wires of the Charpai. Soham instantly gets to her rescue, and begins to dress it. rajji jerks off soham, as he tries to attend to his finger cut, telling him not to even dare touch her, as she remembers their night together and him calling for bani after that. He says that he was just tending out to her wound. Rajji says that he can see this wound, but what about the wound that he inflicted on her heart. rajji says that she would be able to bear this, but not that wound. She says that he would never get the reason as to why she left the house, and her happiness and her life in it. She says that she would be reminded of it, and he too, as many times, he faces her, but he would never know it from her, whats the reason of this pain. Soham is tensed and stunned. Soham turns out to go, while rajji gets back inside. While he stops at his bike, she too halts. Soham turns around to find her gone, nevertheless. Having no other option, he kickstarts his bike and rides off. Rajji stands distraught in hewr room, as he hears him riding off. After he is gone, she comes outside and thinks that what gift she gave as a token of her love, he has with her, but he hasnt been able to understand her love.

Scene 3:
Location: Parmeet’s place
Bani is shocked, when parmeet, intentionally wanting bani to hear, tells gagan, that he’s calling balbir too, so that they can enjoy together, and gagag readily accepts the idea. He asks gagan to help bani learn and prepare drinks, as the next drink, he wants to drink should be prepared by bani. Bani is distraught and shocked. Gagan begins top teach her and asks her to be relaxed, as this is easier than cooking. As she takes her along, bani doesnt understand what to do. Gagan goes on to make one in front of her, while ranvir watches evilly.

Parmeet relates the entire event to balbir, saying that she hasnt touched alcohol yet. they both watch bani’s plight and discomfort from the balcony, while gagan asks bani to try herself once now, to prepare a drink. bani says that if manpreet got to know, she would feel very bad an d hurt, as she has always considered this a temple. gagan asks what she doesn t know wont hurt her. balbir says that this is the real test of bani, to prove herself to be an ideal wife. Gagan tells that this happens in high society circles, where parmeet belongs. parmeet holds a bottle and decides to teach bani a lesson. balbir asks whats his plan. parmeet opens up manpreet’s room. He calls out to bani. bani is happy to be relieved from the situation and hurries to him. parmeet, in front of balbir, intentionally rolls over the bottle towards manpreet’s room. as bani comes out of the kitchen, parmeet shows her the rolling bottle, that it slipped from his hand. Bani is shocked as she sees that the bottle is going towards Manpreet’s room. As she eys the bottle, the container in her hand, falls on the ground, and breaks out of shock. The screen freezes on bani’s distraught face.

Precap: NONE

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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