Bani Ishq Da Kalma 2nd April 2013 Written Episode Update

Bani Ishq Da Kalma 2nd April 2013 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 2nd April 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Mama exercising in the roof while he notices Beeji and greets her. Beeji then asks him to come down and greet her properly. Mama then goes to Beeji who is sat outside Nirvail’s house and both starts conversation on their family and kids. On Mama’s question about Nirvail’s whereabouts Beeji tells him that he is behind him and Mama calls for Nirvail. A hesitant Nirvail then tells that he would have called Mama and his wife for dinner but due to family issues he is not able to do so while Mama on knowing the facts just nods. Mama then enters Desho’s house where she greets her and tells him that the breakfast is ready and she needs to have important matters to discuss with him. Desho then asks her brother to find a suitable NRI groom for Bani as she wants her to have all the happiness and comforts in her life. She wants to see her daughter have the life that they never could have for themselves. Mama then tells that NRI grooms are not everything as they can get a perfect match for Bani in the country itself while Desho explains that there is nothing in India and people only spend their life here while in abroad people can live their life to fullest and she wants that for her Bani. Mama then promises that he’ll do his best for Bani only to be distracted by his wife’s agony on India’s shower and all. Desho then tells Mami too to help them find NRI groom for Bani which is only received by a fake smile from Mami’s side and she takes Mama inside the house.

In the room Mami is having a go at her husband for agreeing on finding NRI groom for Bani. She then goes on about family status and all telling them Desho’s family has got nothing to give in return for the NRI’s groom side which is heard by Desho and Bani who are stood in the doorway giving shock to the couple. A heartbroken Desho then moves outside followed by Bani and Mama while on the same time we see Sohum and Bani’s father entering the house. Mama then apologies to Desho on behalf of his wife only to be cut in the middle again by Mami. She then starts blabbering how Desho should not have high hopes on NRI groom and should consider Indian grooms as well as it will only make Bani suffer in the end if she is unmarried. She then talks about their mistake in the past which have led to all current situation and social status. On hearing all this Rajji tries to go there only to be stopped by her mother. Finally, Bani then speaks on honour of her family that her parents have given them all the culture, happiness and everything despite the in facilities they might have had and she is very proud of them. Everyone except for Mami smiles and agrees to what Bani said and all the children share a hug with her mother. Mami then tells Bani that she should not have high hopes on having NRI groom as Bani could never have it and Mami might as well put in in the writing just to prove it. Just then two ladies enter and tell Desho that they have got NRI alliance for Bani which makes everyone happy. Mami is in shock along with Bani and Rajji while Awww my poor Sohum has a painful expression. Desho is so excited and asks about the groom all at one go and the ladies gives Desho the picture of the guy and tells that all his family are settled in Canada and they are here for his marriage. Jas then tells that being good looking is not everything and they need to check on the guy’s details too being as there are cases of many fraud NRI’s groom. This does not goes in very well with the ladies and she tells Desho that she can check it if she wants but also says that all the alliances she has done so far has led to a happy married life of all the girls.

On the other hand, Rajji’s mom tells Nirvail about Bani’s alliance and everyone is happy. Rajji telling to herself that Bani never wanted to get married to NRI and seems worried. Desho being happy then nods and shows the picture to everyone and shows the picture to Beeji over the wall. Beeji then passes it to Nirvail and his wife, and all agrees that the guy is good looking. While asked to Rajji she says he is okay and her uneasiness does not go unnoticed by her mother. Rajji then excuses herself saying she needs to meet her friend and goes away placing a scarf in the wall which Bani too notices. Desho in her excitement lets Bani see the picture too and we are shown Sohum’s painful expression and him taking backward steps. Episode ends.

Precap: Desho talking against the wall with Beeji for being the family together when the groom’s sides come there. As she wants them to show they are united rather than divided. Everyone is happy.

Update Credit to: Simmy

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