Bani Ishq Da Kalma 25th June 2013 Written Episode Update

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Bani Ishq Da Kalma 25th June 2013 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 25th June 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Wedding Venue
As amreek’s father reads the letter aloud, all are shocked. Rajji’s father is shocked, and comes to them demanding how can he do this at the last minute and that this isnt a joke, and his daughter is waiting for her marriage, and their son went his way He asks that this letter would determine rajji’s fate and happiness. biji faints, and all are scread and rush upto her. jas is advised to take biji into bani and rajji’s room, as staying here would worsen the situation. He demands amreeka’s parents, what shjould he do now, as all the rituals are done now, and what should he tell his daughter, that the mehendi on her hands is no use, as her groom has run away. Rajji’s dad demands an explanation for this. Amreek’s father says

that he is rendered speechless at this, and they had no idea he would do something like this. Rajji’s father says that amreek doesnt have any idea what has he done, and that he should be brought back here, to finish the marriage, as they arent the p[eople who take such insult lightly. he says that he needs an answer and they shouldnt try to just wash it off their breats, as if they dont know anything. Amreek’s relatives are surprised. They decide to search the nearby areas, as he couldnt have gone far.

As granny is crying incoherently, and after seating her and giving her water, and making her lie on the bed, Bani and Rajji continue asking what happened. when granny doesnt respond, Bani asks Jas to say something. Jas tells them hesitatingly that Amreek has left the altar, and told that he doesnt want to get married to rajji. while bani is surprised, Rajji is shocked and distraught to hear this. bani asks her to compose herself, as everything would be alright. Rajji says that its all her fault, that he went away.

rajji’s mother outside, too is beyond consolation. Amreek’s parenst try to console her, but in vain. They apologise profusely. Rajji’s father asks them to leave, before his anger takes over them . Bani’s father too supports him, saying that they would manage themselves, and that they should leave rightnow. Amreek’s relatives leave with their head hung low. Bani’s father apologises to Parmeet’s parents, for having to wait in all of this. Dadaji says that he shouldnt say this, as they dont mind delaying, and that their concern should be nirvel right now, and that he should look after him.

Soham asks rajji’s mother, Bindal what happened. Rajji’s mother says that everything is over, their happiness and the insult, as the daughter of this house is never going to get married. When Soham finds Rajji’s mother crying, he tells her not to cry or worry, as he would handle everything and that everything would be alright now. Soham says that he would do this marriage, thinking that she’s crying for bani, oblivious that its rajji that all are worried about, whereas she is happily relieved and gratefully surprised too, at this offer. He says that he cares for this insult. She asks if he’s saying the truth. soham says that she should trust him, and he cant let this hap[pen, that the palanquin doesnt go from this house, as he’s doing this marriage for his will and happiness. She is thankful for this huge favour. soham asks her not to say this, as he’s doing this for himself and his happiness. Tejo hears this from a distance and is tensed. She thinks that she cant let this happen, and that she would have to stop this misunderstanding, as if she doesnt clear this up right now, then it would be a huge problem.

The matchmaker comes and asks what is she mumbling about. Tejo tells her everything. She is shocked to hear this. Tejo decides to go and tell Soham. but she is advised against it, that this is happening for the good, and that she shouldnt bother to clear the confusion. Tejo refuses to build this relation on a lie, and that she wont let this in justice be meted out to She is again advised against it, as this is the only saving grace right now. She tells tejo that soham is ready for marriage then waht diference does it make, be it rajji or Bani. Tejo is about to say that Soham loves bani, but then composes herself, and says that this isnt right. but she again is shown a diffrent side to the situation. She says that biji also wont be able to bear this, and tells her how everything is alright if soham is marrying rajji today, and that this is for the best for everyone. She tells tejo that she shoudlnt interfere in destiny, and should just keep shut, and let the girls get married.

As biji is lamenting on the situation, bindal says that nothing is lost, and that Rajji would get married today. Biji asks if amreek has returned. Bindal says that the Lord has sent someone else to marry Rajji. Bindal says that they never wanted Rajji to go abroad, and that they now have a suitor right in their surrounds. Nirvel asks her who is she talking about. when bindal says Soham, everyone is shocked especially Rajji and bani. The screen freezes on Bani’s shocked face.

Precap: Bani comes to soham, and asks if he’s happy with this marriage. He says that he’s super happy, and has ahppily agreed, and in fact he is thankful to the Lord for this. He is about to confess his love, while Bani is surprised.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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