Bani Ishq Da Kalma 24th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Bani Ishq Da Kalma 24th December 2013 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 24th December 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Parmeet thinking why all his plans are failing and why he is not getting what he wants. He wants to get rid of Bani and she is not getting out of his life. He wanted to live a carefree life with all the money but nothing is happening according to his wishes. Just then the JanganMata Bani comes to Parmeet and asks him what he was worried about and if she could help him. Parmeet thinks to himself that his biggest problem now wants to solve his other problems. He says that he doesn’t feel very good and goes out of the room.

Randeep and Gagan furious that Daarji did not give them even 1% of the property and gave everything to Balbir. Surjit and Kuljit also discuss about the property being given to Balbir. Kuljit says that he doesn’t mind that Daarji

did not give him anything but he is sad that Daarji gave everything to Balbir

All of them sit down for lunch. Balbir’s wife starts complaining about the amount of butter on her rotis and also eats the most. She asks Bani to make curry and pakodes for dinner. All of them leave the table except Balbir and his wife. A servant comes across Rano’s photo with a baby and brings it to the wife.. she shouts at him for picking things from the floor and germs. She leaves too and te servant gives the photo to Balbir. Balbir is shocked looking at the photo. He thinks to himself about who the baby in Rano’s hand could be. If it could indeed be the baby of himself and Rano and also a boy. He gets excited at the possibility as the child would also get an equal share of the property. He decides to find out about this baby.

At Rajji’s house, Kukki brings tiffin to Rajji as she is going to the Gurudwara and also to work. She tells Rajji that there are fruits and dry fruits in the box and that she should eat them to make sure the baby is healthy. Just them Soham comes there on his bike. Kukki tells Rajji to talk to Soham. Soham says that he will take her but she says she will go by herself and leaves. Soham comes to Rajji on the bike and drives by her side as she is walking on the road without saying anything. Rajji tries to ignore him but he doesn’t give up. Finally she gets on to his bike. He drops her at the Gurudwara and she goes in. Just them Balbir comes to there asking about Rano. Soham hears him and comes to him. Soham wonders why Balbir had come asking for Rano after her death. Balbir says it is none of Soham’s business. Soham warns him to better not take Rano’s name. Balbir goes inside the Gurdwara.

Bani asks B’s wife to give her clothes for wash(no wonder everyone feels she is a servant of the house). B’s wife goes on about never giving her clothes for wash and always getting them dry cleaned and germs! When Bani tries to convince her, she says that Bani is a servant and should not act like a master. Just then Surjit comes in for Bani’s rescue and reveals to B’s wife that she is a second wife of Balbir. She is shocked to hear this.

At Gurdwara, Balbir gets to know that Soham is the only person who is close to Rano and that he is the one who took care of her all this time. So, if anyone would know about Rano it would be Soham.

Bani tells Parmeet that she has made his favorite food. She leaves to call the rest of the family for dinner. Parmeet is frustrated and tells Gagan that he is irritated with Bani and has done everything to get Bani out of the house. He says he tried everything from insulting her to insulting her at the party but still she doesn’t leave. Just then Bani comes and Parmeet is shocked. Gagan tries to act nice with Bani again but Bani says that she knows what is going on. She knew it the very moment Parmeet apologized to her that he was planning to send her out. She says that she knew that a person couldn’t change just like that but decided to stay quiet because she was hoping her love would win over Parmeet’s evil. She tells them firmly that if they are thinking that she will leave the house because of their evil plans, they should get something very clear.. that she will never leave the house. (first time felt good about Bani today!)

Precap: Balbir at Soham’s house asking Soham to help him find his son and that he has realized his mistake about Rano. Just then Bua says that no one will help Balbir Bhullar who did not take care of Rano when she was alive. Balbir leaves with fake tears.

Update Credit to: Hima

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