Bani Ishq Da Kalma 22nd May 2014 Written Episode Update

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Bani Ishq Da Kalma 22nd May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bua ji showing the guy’s pic to Kookie. She praises him and says he is a diamond. Guggie and Kookie cry. Bua ji sees everyone upset and asks what happened, why is everyone not saying anything, don’t they like the guy. Angad says no, the guy is good but………… Bua ji gets a call from her friend Nimmo. She gives the good news to her and scolds Guggie. She leaves. Angad says don’t worry, I will talk to her, she will say yes for your happiness. Raymon and Balbir come back home laughing talking about Parmeet and Rajji, and about Soham’s weakness.

They think to blackmail Rajji again about Soham. Bua ji talks to Angad and asks whats the problem, she wants to get Kookie married and no one looks happy. Angad says no, she is our sister, we are happy. Raymon and Balbir come to them and greet Bua ji. Bua ji scolds them and says you have changed again. Raymon says see what happens next. Bua ji says its my house. Balbir says we came here to talk to Soham, to remind him his past. Soham comes to them. Balbir says we need to talk to Soham.

Bua ji asks them to leave. Balbir shouts on Bua ji. Soham gets angry. He says we did what you said, as we were helpless, but not anymore, we will do what our hearts say. Soham asks them what they have to say. Balbir says everyone has hidden the truth from you about your past. Raymon says your wife has cheated you. Soham says I know everything, so we don’t need you. Balbir says when you know the truth, you can get a shock. Soham says you are the shock to me, you are my father and its bitter truth. Raymon asks how does he know this.

Soham says I got my memory back. Raymon and Balbir are shocked. Soham says I know Rajji is my wife, Rano mum and you are my dad, I know you have cheated me and my mum. He says you took my property by blackmailing Rajji. Bua ji is shocked. Raymon and Balbir move back. Bua ji stops them. She scolds them for taking Soham’s property by cheating him. She insults them and says how dare you cheat Soham. Raymon says enough, we did not cheat him, he signed the papers himself.

Bua ji says yes, but you won’t get the property, you don’t know if you take property by cheat, it’s a crime. Raymon says how will you prove it. Bua ji says doctor will prove it, as he was mentally ill and you have taken his advantage. She says I will report in police and then you will go in jail. Balbir says no. Raymon says yes. Balbir says no, we were trying to bring his memory back. He starts crying to get their sympathy. Bua ji says don’t fool me, I know you very well. She says this won’t work on me, before police comes, give me the papers that you took.

Raymon says papers are not with me. Bua ji says give it. She asks Angad to dial 100. Balbir says we have papers. He asks Raymon to give the papers. Bua ji says don’t waste time. Raymon gives the papers. Bua ji checks the papers and tears it. Balbir and Raymon are shocked. Raymon thinks her dreams have shattered. Everyone smile. Soham scolds Balbir and Raymon for torturing Rajji. He asks them to get lost. Angad says leave from this house. Balbir and Raymon leave. Gagan talks to Bani. She asks Bani to come her boutique whenever she is free. Randeep and Parmeet have a talk. Parmeet says I made a program for evening, our wives work so much, we should give them a treat for their happiness. Randeep says great.

Parmeet says lets do it then. Bani gets Rajji’s call. Rajji gives her good news that Balbir and Raymon came here, but Bua ji took the property papers back from them. Bani says its really good news. Rajji says they are coming there now.Bani says let them come, I will welcome them here. Everyone talk to Bua ji about Kookie’s marriage. Soham says Kookie should have a right to choose her life partner. Angad says you are hurrying for her marriage, she likes someone else. He says Kookie and Guggie love each other. Bua ji is shocked. She says this can’t happen. Everyone is shocked.

She says how can you all make Kookie do this. Soham says Guggie is from a good family. Bua ji says what will I tell my friend that my daughter loves some guy. We will lose respect, Kookie will marry the guy which I chose for her. Kookie cries.

Balbir says this house is mine, I will stay here, stop me if you have guts. Bani says you can’t go inside. Balbir pushes Bani and Parmeet. They get hurt.

Update Credit to: Amena

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