Bani Ishq Da Kalma 22nd July 2013 Written Episode Update

Bani Ishq Da Kalma 22nd July 2013 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 22nd July 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Soham’s place
soham and his family is having breakfast with buaji, when she says that she feels that everyone’s hiding something from her, as they all seem sad. they vehemently deny it. She offers to invite rajji’s family also here, just as they went, for lunch. As they fumble at this proposal, buaji asks them whats the problem. Simran and angad try to avert it saying that they might have other plans. Buaji says that if they are busy they would tell so themselves. she asks simran, who hesitatingly goes to call rajji’s family up. She calls and invites them over. Desho readily agrees to come. Buaji asks rajji to invite bani also, as she’s the only member that she hasnt met yet. rajji pretends to listen and oblige.

In their room, soham

tries to be cordial with rajji, offering her his phone so that she can talk to bani and invite her there. Rajji nervously reaches for his phone.

Scene 2:
Location: Parmeet’s and bani’s place
Parmeet is talking on a video call with bani. Bani asks him why isnt he picking up Dadaji’s call and advises him that he shouldnt be angry at dadaji. parmeet assk if she’s older than him, and if not, then why is she scolding him. Bani fumbles, while parmeet says that he likes that she’s rightfully scolding her. Parmeet says that she neednt worry, as this keeps happening between him and dadaji. Hearing dadaji’s sound, bani composes herself.

Dadaji reminds him that he had promised to give him the property once he is married, and asks if he’s married now. Bani is surprised. parmeet says that this wasnt needed. Dadaji insists and says that he’s sent the papers and they would reach him in a couple of days. Dadaji leaves wishing him well. Bani is surprised to see that parmeet has disconnected the call. She wonders that parmjeet didnt even talk and cancelled the phone.

Just then she receives rajji’s call, and who exchanges pleasantries with her, and then rajji tells about buaji’s wishes and invites her for lunch. Bani says that she cant say for sure, but shew ould try. rajji agrees and cancels the call, wishing her well. Rajji tells what bani told to soham. He says that it would be good if bani came too, as everyone is coming. Rajji says that he neednt clarify, particularly not to her, as she knows what’s bani’s importance in his life and heart. soham asks rudely if she knew, then did she come. Rajji says that she never intended to replace bani in his life, and this was maybe their destiny. soham accuses her of putting the blame elsewhere. He says that she’s the reason bani isnt in his heart and life, as he had resigned himself to the fact that bani isnt going to be his, but atleast bani would have been in his heart, and it wouldnt have felt wrong, had he been unmarried and not married to her. soham, says right or wrong, he cant throw bani out of his heart, not now nor ever. Soham leaves from there. Rajji is sad. he thinks that she may not be in his life and he is sad about that, yet he is happy, that wherever bani is, she is perfectly happy.

Scene 3:
Location: Parmeet’s place
The next morning, bani is working in the kitchen, when manpreet comes and asks her to take it easy, and get ready for her lunch at rajji’s place. she goes out. She finds a person, coming in shouting calling out for dadaji. He starts accusing dadaji of giving a wrong descison, and so confidently as if he fels that he’s the ruler of the world. Dadaji comes, and demanding to know whats the commotion about and asks what is he talking about, and who is he. He identifies himself as the brother in law of the girl, who dadaji had sentenced to be with her in laws’ a couple of days earlier. Dadaji says that it was the right descision, done by him. he says that its their fault, and the girl wouldnt bear the brunt of it. The person says that he is a hypocrite to be doing differently when faced with a similar situation in their own house, and how they covered up their mistakes when it came on them. Bani is confused as to what is he talking about, and the others are surprised and tensed. Dadaji says that his descision is final. He asks dadaji to think about himself before giving advise to others. The person says that its very easy to force descision at others, but says that he wont ever accept this descision, for whatever’s worth. Dadaji is very angry. he is thrown out of the house. Bani asks about him from manpreet, and is tensed. manpreet says that its some frustrated person, whose descision wanst in his favour, and he’s venting out his anger. she askls bani not to bother as she has to leave. Bani leaves to get dressed. Manpreet thinks that its good that bani didnt know anything, and wonders how long they would manage to keep it like that.

Scene 4:
Location: Soham’s place
As simran is working in the kitchen, rajji comes in and says that she shouldnt do this, particularly for her parents, when she doesnt like them at all. But simran jerks her hand away saying that she isnt doing it for rajji’s family but her own. rajji asks her to think that she too’s doing it for her family. As she begins to work, simran eyes her. Buaji is getting ready and asks guggi to take special care of attending the guests. she sends kuki to see if the food is ready. But she is distracted when guggi comes in and buaji reprimands her for being so distracted all the time. Guggi is very nervous in kuki’s presence. angad comes and buaji asks him about soham. He tells her that soham has gone to the station, to help someone. Buaji is tensed that he’s left his in las’ for some work at the station.

Scene 5:
Location: On the road
Soham drops rano off at her home. After he’s gone, Rano overhears people talking about how soham hasnt changed since the marriage, and still goes to leave rano and pick her up from the station. Rano wonders that soham got married and didnt even tell her. She thinks that soham finally got his bani. She decides to go and congratulate him as that would be the rightful thing to do.

Precap: Rano congratulates soham, in the rain outside, about his marriage, and comments that finally the lord listened to his and her prayers, and he got married to the love of his life, Bani. soham is in a state of shock. The whole family along with bani’s and rajji’s family and buaji are shocked to hear this.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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