Bani Ishq Da Kalma 21st May 2014 Written Episode Update

Bani Ishq Da Kalma 21st May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Buaji asking about Soham. Simran and Rajji greet her and Bua ji calms down. Kookie meets her. Bua ji cares for Soham. She says I should have not gone from here. She says you are so hurt. Bua ji says Angad also did not inform me. She says you should have called me and told me everything. She asks Soham to identify her. She says his memory did not come till now, don’t worry, everything will be fine. Soham says Bua ji, I m fine and I remember everything. Bua ji smiles and thanks the Lord. She says don’t nod heads, I m annoyed with everyone. She says if anyone try to talk to me then see. She goes to her room calling them fools.

Simran says now what to do, she locked the door. Rajji smiles and says I know, how to bring her out. At Bhullar house, everyone have breakfast together. Chachiji says Manpreet always wanted us to be together. She smiles seeing her family. Guggie comes home and sees everyone tensed. He asks what happened, why are you all upset. Kookie says mum came back. Guggie says great. Kookie says she is annoyed with us. Rajji brings hot halwa and says its smell will bring her out.

Guggie says great idea, start it. Rajji says I made desi ghee halwa, lets eat. Bua ji comes out and sees the halwa. Everyone look at her. Bua ji says I m hungry so I came out. She says I have travelled from far, I smelled this halwa. Rajji says eat it, I made this for you. Bua ji says yes, but I will not forgive you all. She asks Rjji to serve her. Rajji says yes. Kookie asks Guggie to talk to her. Guggie says I will serve her halwa. Bua ji says when did you start doing this.

Guggie says bless me. Bua ji says yes, Rajji will serve. She eats the halwa. Randeep and Parmeet have a talk. They help the women in kitchen. Gagan comes and bumps into Randeep. They look at each other. Parmeet sees them. Bani too comes and sees them staring. Gagan leaves. Randeep goes after her. Parmeet asks Bani are you thinking what I m thinking. She says I m thinking………… He says to unite them. She says yes, but we have to know what Gagan thinks about him. He says good point.

Randeep gets Natasha’s call and talks to her. He says I m busy at home. Natasha says lets go out in party. Randeep says I won’t come in party, I m not interested in you, I m happy with my family. Bani and Gagan hear this. Bani says Randeep has really changed. Bani talks to Parmeet and says Gagan is unable to talk to Randeep. Parmeet says you mean they want to unite. Bani says yes, she has forgiven him, but her past is making her afraid. She says she wants to live her dreams with her husband. Parmeet says I think they should get a moment which can unite them and we will create it for them. Bani nods yes.

He says I will be late, sorry. She asks what are you finding. He says my file. She gives him. He says thanks, you remember this. Her dupatta gets stuck and she thinks he has held it. She truns and looksa t him. She then see its stuck. Parmeet smiles. He covers her with it. He says I also not cross my limits. She smiles and leaves. He says this limit will be till I see love in your eyes for me. Bua ji eats a lot of halwa and goes to rest. She asks Kookie to bring tea for her.

Kookie scolds Guggie for not trying. Guggie says I m scared. Kookie says can’t you make my mum agree. He says I will make my image and then ask your hand. She says fine, wait for my Roka with someone else. Soham says don’t be late. Guggie jokes on Soham. Rajji says yes, life is short, live it happily. Soham says go and talk to bua ji. Kookie and Soham push Guggie to talk to Bua ji.

Guggie comes to her with confidence. He sees her and is unable to talk. He does not say anything. Bua ji calls everyone. Everyone come out. Bua ji asks Kookie to bring her purse from her room. She tells ehtm that she has forgiven them. She says I came here for some work. Then I know about your accident. She says now everything is fine, so I think to tell you. Kookie brings her purse. Bua ji says I want to make Kookie married. She says I found a guy for her, and shows the pic. Everyone are shocked seeing the pic. Guggie’s heart breaks.

Bua ji says I m sure Kookie will agree to my decision. Soham says Kookie should choose the guy whom she wants to marry. Angad says Kookie and Guggie love each other. Bua ji is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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