Bani Ishq Da Kalma 19th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Bani Ishq Da Kalma 19th December 2013 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 19th December 2013 Written Update

At Sohum’s house: When the whole family is enjoying themselves talking about the kid, Kookie spots Rajji looking gloomy. She immediately rushes to her & says that she wants to see the old Rajji back. Before, they used to share each & every thing between them but now, Rajji seems to be lost. Kookie asks Rajji the reason behind her sadness. Rajji says nothing will ever change. It makes no difference now. Kookie doesn’t seem to understand so Rajji says that the one she loves the most doesn’t love her. Rajji tells Kookie that Sohum still loves Bani. The whole night he was with her but his thoughts were occupied by Bani. Kookie looks stunned and decides to talk to Sohum about it. Rajji stops her and tells her not to tell Sohum anything about it. Kookie

protests and tells her that Sohum must know about it. Rajji says it will only worsen the situation and tells Kookie not to talk about it at home.

At Bhullar House: Gagan, Balbeer & Parmeet are happy as finally Bani will be out of the house. Parmeet says finally he can live happily as Bani is going to be out of his life. Gagan says Bani should thank us as she live a peaceful life with her family. Balbeer tells Parmeet to pretend as if he is very sad. Right then Surjit and Chacha enter the house and asks why everyone is so happy. Parmeet says the party was too good. Bani walks down and tells Surjit that the party was good. She is about to tell Surjit the truth but the moment is interrupted by a phone call. Surjit attends the call and informs the family that DaarJi met with an accident. The family is too stunned to react. Balbeer tells Surjit that he just spoke to DaarJi a couple of hours ago. He was perfectly fine then, Someone must have a played a prank.Surjit says that the Police Inspector has informed them, DaarJi is no more. Balbeer tells everyone that he is going to the police station to complete the formalities till then, they can inform the other relatives. Randeep says that they must call Manpreet back. Gagan asks why to do so when DaarJi has himself told her to leave the house. Bani is flabbergasted. She confronts Surjit for lying to her. Surjit tells Bani how Manpreet was told to leave the house. Bani is stunned. Randeep says Manpreet must come back but Balbeer stops him and says that as long as he is here Manpreet must not be back. Bani confronts Balbeer but he manages the situation and says, being the Head of the House, he will not allow Manpreet to come in this house. The family looks aghast.

Kooki is pacing here and there and Guggi asks her the reason. Kookie tells that she had promised Rajji that she wont tell the truth to anyone in this house. Guggi convinces her to speak the truth.

Surjit tells Bani that she didnt want to burden her with all this mess. When she returned back in this house, she thought Parmeet would change and eventually all the men in this house would change & when this happens Manpreet will definitely come back.

Guggi says that he needs to tell Sohum the truth. Kookie tells him not to do so but Guggi says that Sohum has a right to know. Sohum comes out and Guugi tries to tell him the truth but then, Sohum receives a call informing about DaarJi’s sad demise.

SohJi, Bani’s family and other members are attending the funeral. A lady walks in & creates a ruckus. The lady who is Balbeer’s wife, complains that he didn’t come to receive her at the airport. Balbeer walks up to her and apologises. He informs her that DaarJi is no more. The lady walks in the house dramatically and sheds crocodile tears. Balbeer takes her upstairs in their room. In the kitchen, Rajji asks Bani what she has decided. Bani tells her how can she leave the house in this situation. DaarJi is no more and Manpreet will need her the most. Hence, she is not going to go anywhere. Parmeet overhears their conversation and fumes.

No Precap Shown

Update Credit to: PristineSoul

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