Bani Ishq Da Kalma 14th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Bani Ishq Da Kalma 14th August 2013 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 14th August 2013 Written Update

Nirvail:Rajji’s dad
Binder :rajji’s mom
Sarabjeet:Bani’s dad
Desho: bani’s mom
Jasi:Bani’s sister

Angad:Soham’s brother
Simran:soham’s bhabhi

Manpreet:Bani’s MIL
Surjeet: chachi
Randeep: creepy bro in law
Gaganpreet: Randeep’s wife

We begin with Bani crying n the floor, Soham walking away and Rajji pacing worriedly while the Saiyan music plays.
Rajji is worried since it’s nearly dawn and there is no news of either Soham or Bani.Buaji who has nothing better to do, comes and bang on Rajji’s door, demanding tea at the ungodly hr of 5 am.. Rajji is startled. Buaji keeps banging and Rajji if forced to open the door. Buaji barges in and notices Soham

is missing. She starts yelling at Rajji and tells her off really harshly. Angad and Simran, wo have been woken up due to the yelling, come running. Buaji keeps on storming at Rajji asking her where Soham is.

Soham arrives and tells Buaji it’s not Rajji’s fault. He apologizes to everyone and says that he had to leave urgently for a friend and he couldn’t tell anyone. He again says, Rajji is not at fault. Buaji looks a bit chastened, Angad looks relieved and Rajji looks at Soham gratefully.

Soham is getting ready when Rajji brings him tea. She thanks him and Soham (reverting to a toddler who only knows one word)tells her he didnt go for her but for Bani. He also says he didnt want buaji or Simran to think he had gone there for Bani . Rajji’s face slightly falls at this but she decides to kill him with kindness and sweetness and tells him thanks from Bani. She offers him tea again and asks about Bani. He tells her about Randeep saying that Bani wasnt feeling well. Soham is unconvinced and tells Rajji he think Randeep was hiding something. He says he will call again but realizes it wont be proper . He tells Rajji to call.
Bani who is sitting quietly is startled at the phone ringing, and picks it up Rajji asks her if she is ok and Bani lies that she wasnt feeling well. Rajji tells her to take care of herself. Manpreet who is listening to this is sad at how the son of the family attacked it’s honor, and how she , who faced such a terrible thing, is staying quiet to save that honor. Manpreet says that Bani is acting like a daughter of the family and Bani says she considers this house as her’s as well.

Buaji is pacing and upset at how Soham took Rajji’s side even though he doesn’t like her. She is furious that while she is being the bad person in front of everyone for him, Soham spoke up infront of her.
She says she wont let Rajji win.. She asks kookie for ideas, and kookie after offering up food items, suggests knitting a child’s sweater.Buaji is pleased with that.Her logic is that sweater knitting will show how she can keep love and harmony in the family
Buaji says that Rajji will have to knit an adult sweater.

Bani is having flashbacks of the incidence. Chachi and Chachaji come in to ask her about her health. She tells them she is fine. Kuljeet , who has an inkling of Randeep’s nature, asks Bani if everything is ok, She tells him all is well.
Gagan who has brought tea, is fuming silently, thinking how innocent Bani is acting. She taunts Bani and says how people try to blame others for their own doings. She leaves.

Simran is asking Buaji how is it possible for anyone to knit a sweater in 24 hrs. Buaji is adamant and even though Simran tries to dissuade her, she is unsuccessful. Buaji says Rajji’s other option is to admit defeat and defeat will have only one result. Rajji smiles and says yes to the challenge. Everyone looks at her in surprise Buaji included.

Precap: Kuljeet is admonishing Randeep that when Dushasan dishonored Drupati, Mahabharat was the result. randeep tells him this is kalyug and no Kishan is gonna save this Drupati and he will have Bani no matter what and no one can stop him.. Manpreet calls out that she would stop him.

Update Credit to: SophiSays

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