Bani Ishq Da Kalma 13th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Bani Ishq Da Kalma 13th November 2013 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 13th November 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Soham’s place
Soham tries to talk, but rajji doesnt respond and syas that last night changed everything and she doesnt want to clarify. He asks her to wait so that she can go and leave her. She says that when there’s no company anymore of him, he doesnt need to accompany her till home. While he stands shocked, rajji leaves.

Simran is too shocked and distraught for rajji as well as soham, who was stranded by bani and now rajji too. angad asks her to forget and move on. But she says that she couldnt do anything and their family disintegrated. Angad tells her that crying isnt going to solve things. Soham sees them tensed and is distraught.

Scene 2:
Location: Parmeet’s place
Balbir is talking to his other wife, asking her to come home soon, as it would be done according to what she wishes. He behaves rudely to the servant, and asks them get the room ready for a guest. Surjeet hears this and wonders where would rano’s things go, if that room is cleared. when the servant gets the stuff, balbir throws away the suitcase, and throws it out, and tells the servant to clear all useless stuff. manpreet comes and assk the servant not to do anything like that, as its priceless, and asks him to continue with his other stuff. balbir asks her why is she always against every work that he does. Manpreet tells him that there needs to be a proper maturity, to understand whats right and the wrong thing to throw. balbir shuts her up and says that this home is his, and he would do whatever he wants to. He says that this is sheer rubbish and throws away the stuff in disgust. Manpreet, unable to control her anger, slaps him hard, much to everyone’s shock. She goes and picks upt the stuff, and turns around to find that she’s facing dadaji, who reprimands her for doing so. He says that she doesnt deserve to stay here aftre what she did, and asks her to ask for forgivess from balbir or else leave this house. All the family is shocked, while balbir stands victorious. He reminds her that this family’s woman are restricted to homemaking and kitchen and wont have any say in the descisions of the house. He reminds to ask for an apology or get lost from this house. manpreet eyes balbir, and going upto him faces him. She leaves without saying anything. dadaji asks her where’s she going. Manpreet turns around and says that she’s going to get her stuff, as its better that she leaves this house, instead of asking from forgiveness from such a man. Dadaji is in a rage. The other ladies leave with manpreet. balbir instigates dadaji, about manpreet’s ego and says that his respects her, but is hurt that she went againts dadaji too. Dadaji asks him to let be, and tells that he has called for a Sabha, and wants him to be there with him. Balbir smirks evilly.

Surjeet tries to calm down manpreet. manpreet asks her not to stop her. Surjit says that she didnt come eher for this, as this is the right descision, as its high time that the men of this family realise, that the women arent weak. Manpreet hugs her and gives her the keys, giving her the responsibility of this house. she blesses her to be happy. Surjit says that she would try, even though she isnt as efficient as she was. She says that her time to pack up may also come soon. manpreet asks her not to speak so again.

Randeep tries to argue about balbir to dadaji, saying that his descision to throw manpreet out, is wrong, as she has handled the house, and balbir, who always refrained from him responsibility, is now the head of the house. He says that he wont tolerate this anymore. Dadaji says that he has said enough, and says that his descision is final, and tells everyone that they too can leave with manpreet, if they have a problem with his descision. Ranvir tries to argue, but manpreet stops him, as noone needs to do anything for her, as its her descision and she’s leaving, as she doesnt want to. Balbir eyes her with an evil smile.

Scene 3:
Location: Jia’s residence
Seeing jia tensed, anu comes and casks her to forget everything. jia says that she tried but is unable to. Anu says that she doesnt have a choice, and its good that she got to before getting married. She says that she would have to be strong, so that they can together help bani now. Anu says that she has a responsibility towards bani now, to search parmeet and get him to go home with bani. Jia agrees to be with her in helping bani. Bani hears this from a distance. Bani thinks that she isnt a responsibility but a burden and she wont burden them any longer.

Anu talks with every police official to try and stop parmeet from leaving the country. Anu turns around and is surprised to find bani packed with her stuff. Anu asks where is she going. Bani says that she doent know but wont stay hre anymore. anu asks why. Bani says that she doesnt want to be a burden anymore. Anu says that she isnt leaving and she is definitely not a burden. She makes bani sit down, and treies to make her understand that she needs to live an independant life, and she desrves better than what she thinks of herself. Bani says that she wont stay here, as if she does, then she wont be able to make parmeet realise his mistake, and she wont let him get away with this so easily. Bani tells anu that she wont compromise with her situation, as thats for the weak. Anu says that she knows that she isnt weak, but she would face lots of problems in this way. bani says that she knows this, but would make parmeet give her answers, and never let anyone take descisions for her, and would live life the way she wants it to. the screen freezes on her determined face.

Precap: Dadaji closes the door after seeing that manpreet is gone, in the car. But he is shocked to find the car coming back again. He sees intently to find tht not manpreet, but a man is steeping out of the car. He wonders who’s returned and is shocked to find when he sees the person.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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