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Bandook uski Laila!

Hi guys, I’ve written this One Shot, not linked to any sequence of the show. I hope you all like it


“I love you baby, I love you a lot!!” Vansh said lovingly and kissed it. “You’ll always be my partner, no matter what!”

Vansh with her moved to the beach side and sat on one of the beach beds looking into the calming ocean and the beautiful sunset. He held her tight and hugged her, securing her in his arms. As the night fell, Vansh slept with her in his arms, cuddling up with her.


“Noooooo!!!!!!” Riddhima woke up with a startle. She looked around everywhere and realized she was in VR enterprises, in Vansh’s cabin. She stood up and walked around trying calm herself down from the dream she saw. She walked a few more steps towards the entrance of the cabin and from the glass door saw Angre hurrying past the cabin.

She opened the door and shouted his name. He halted and looked towards her. Flashing a smile, he went to her and did a little bow in front of her resulting her to hit him playfully. He wasn’t just Vansh’s personal assistant but he was more, he was a brother to her, he was a friend to Vansh. He was one of the hardest man you could get, extremely loyal and hard working.

“Is she with him?” She asked him on which looked at her in question.

“Who Bhabhi?” Angre asked not knowing who she was talking about.

“Arre Angre, her, that witch! My sautan!” Riddhima said as anger started bubbling within her while Angre who understood chuckled at her.

“Bhabhi seriously!” Angre chuckled.

“What seriously….you know how serious it is! Whenever she’s with him he forgets about me. I’m sure he’s with her that’s why he didn’t even turn up to check on me….not even once!” Riddhima completed as she was on the verge of crying, but suddenly her mood shifted, causing her to blare in anger. “That day I find her alone, I swear Angre I’m going to kill her for staying with Vansh all the time! And Vansh, what does he think I am….first of all does he even think of me as his wife or her as his wife!”

Angre tried calming her down and pulled her back in the cabin, offering her a seat. As she sat down she glanced around the cabin and smirked as her eyes noticed something. Slightly pushing Angre, she stood and went up towards that area. Soon she came back with a devilish smirk.

“I finally found her! Now no will be able to save her!” She said in a menacing yet exciting tone.

“Bhabhi it’s just a gun!” Angre shrieked but Riddhima wasn’t going to listen to anything.

She placed the gun on the table and went towards the small wardrobe that was at the far end of the room. She brought along a small hammer which stunned Angre. Angre realized what she was about to do and quickly pressed a button on his smartwatch. An alert he sent to Vansh.

She came to the table where she had placed the gun and lifted the hammer. Ready to take a strike.

“Ridddhimmaaaaa!!” Vansh’s loud voice interrupted Riddhima.

Vansh ran inside and held Riddhima’s hand while Riddhima frowned at him, for once again spoiling her plans. Vansh removed the hammer from her hand and handed it over to Angre so he could keep it aside. Vansh quickly looked at his gun and held it lovingly. He kissed it and looked back at Riddhima who was in tears seeing it however angry.

“See you don’t love me at all! You just love this gun…why did you marry me?” Riddhima blasted off.

“Riddhima you’re feeling insecure of a gun? Seriously!” Vansh asked, hugging his gun tightly. Seeing this Riddhima tried getting the gun from him but he ran around the cabin trying to escape from her hold. She chased him while he ran, escaping from her.

Soon then Vansh stopped, keeping a distance from Riddhima. Riddhima was tired yet she wanted to snatch the gun away.

“This witch, this gun is always with you Vansh….is she your wife or am I?” Riddhima asked panting.

“She’s not a witch, she’s my Laila, my beautiful gun!” Vansh said dreamily.

“I hate you!” Riddhima shouted and walked off, leaving Vansh who kept looking at his gun.

It was true. Vansh always had his gun…..and why not? He was part of the underworld, the mafia and it was necessary for safety. Riddhima walked away from the cabin while Angre laughed at their fight. He broke Vansh’s trance by shaking him and informed him about Riddhima.

“Bhai, Bhabhi just walked off. All the best!” Angre warned.

“What…where did she go? See Laila, my Riddhima, she’s got angry again. Now I wish you were my wife!” Vansh said sulking. He wasn’t aware of the fact that Riddhima had heard everything.

She walked inside and took the jug of water and poured it over Vansh, fuming in anger. Vansh looked up at her and flinched as he saw her furious face. Angre laughed out loud gaining glares from both of them.

“Now this Bandook is your Laila! Now tell this Laila only to give you food, give you a cuddle when you go to sleep and to shower all the love I do!” Riddhima walked off from the place only to return back to snatch the gun and point at Vansh.

“Sweetheart, it’s loaded!” Vansh warned her right before she shot….a little away from his ear. Not a miss but just a warning from her side it was, stunning both, Angre and Vansh of her boldness.

“Just showing you that your so called Laila is capable of firing at you!” She said in a stern tone and smirked.

Vansh went near Riddhima and pulled the gun from her hand, throwing it to Angre, who left with it. He wrapped his arms around waist and pulled her gently, close to him. His breath fell over her shoulders and she shuddered at their proximity. It was enough to calm her down. He traced his finger up her cheek and caressed it slightly.

He bent down near her ear and huskily whispered, “Mrs Vansh Rai Singhania suits you a lot sweetheart! My choice is never bad!” He winked.

Riddhima blushed and looked at him, whispering, “It is and will always be mine, no one else apart from me deserves it! Not even your Laila!”

Vansh smiled and kissed her forehead. Her attitude was something new but something he liked.

“By the way what made you so angry today?” Vansh asked out of curiosity.

“My dream…..I saw you and that witch together at a beach side and you were….forget it!” She looked away.

“Aww my cutie baby!!”Vansh pulled her cheeks as she cutely pouted. “That’s actually not a bad idea, I think I should do that!” He teasingly added.

“If you dare do that I swear I’ll take that witch and shoot you!” She threatened

“Laila….not witch!” Vansh corrected her.

Riddhima huffed in anger and went away, leaving Vansh there in his cabin.


“Laila, I’m taking you to the deal again…as usual can’t take a risk!” Vansh talked with his Laila.

He turned around and saw Riddhima there glaring at him while he smiled sheepishly, trying to avoid her killer gaze. If looks would kill, he would have been dead and this time not even his Laila would have saved him.

The End

Hope you all liked it, I had a different idea but I wrote something different, wasn’t getting the actual plot properly. So it turned out to be this, maybe not nice but still thgt of posting.

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