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So guys don’t get mad at me but i was really busy in my assignments so couldn’t update both my ff’s ….pls sorry …. So lets start but before that thanks to Thinesanju,sona ,sneha, Anniya, anu, SNY, Madhu.r, Vanisha, a, Mannu,Febi, Naughty Smile, Shan di,Kumu, sanu,neha, AnuAnn, Soujanya, Mahisha, and Shifa….Now this part is dedicated to Manu di and Sus…. Well Sus ur right… Its all becuase of my dear regular readers that I have reached so far inspite of many times feelings to end this ff…But now that u all have started liking it I’ll try to give my best and Sona thanks u so much for sharing ur views and I’ll wrap up this track in other two parts…. plz co-operate….
Link to previous part: Click Here

***Leap of three weeks***
As usual Swara was helping Ap in the kitchen inspite of being told to take rest ….Just then Sanskar comes in with a girl who was literally drooling over him and Swara saw this and was boiling in anger and jealously….
Sanskar:(making faces)Maa….
Ap:(looks at him and smiles)Sanska….(but her expressions changed seeing the girl amd murmurs)Oh god this chipkali again….
Swara:(looks at Ap in confusion after seeing her murmuring)Maa…What happened??? And who is this girl????
Ap:(without looking at her)Bachha Chipkali…
Swara:(jumps and starts shouting)Aaaaaaa…..chipkali…. Bhaiyu….. save me….. Maa…chipkali (starts running with her eyes closed)Papa….. Giraffe….

Swara runs without seeing and everyone was startled hearing her screams and was confused and soon Swara dashed into Sanskar and was about to fall but was caught by Sanskar who was just mesmerized in her innocent face…. The girl who was clinging over Sanskar fell down because of the sudden jerk …Ap who was seeing this burst into laughter and Dp also joined her…. Swara opened her eyes and saw Sanskar but hearing he laughing sound both came into senses….Swara stood properly and gave a confused look to Ap and Dp when she heard some voice….Even Sanskar looked at the direction and was tring to supress his laugh….
Girl:Sanky plzzzz….Give me ur hand….
Hearing Sanky from her mouth Swara’s anger reached it peak and Sanskar noticed it and to make her more jealous went to help the girl….
Sanskar:(hidden smile)Oh Kavita….[heheehe….see cavity came here also] Come get up…
As he forwards his hand Kavita caught his hand and when she was about to get up Swara wantedly pushed Sanskar and as a result Kavita again fell down….Seeing this Sanskar ,Ap and Dp were giggling whereas Swara was going towards the dining hall cursing Kavita….
Kavita:Ouch….(gets up)God Sanskar who is this stupid Girl??????Doesn’t have minimum manners…..
Listening this Sanskar ,Ap and Dp got angry while Swara who heard this got more angry and irritated and she burst out….

Swara:(comes to her angrily)Oh just shut ur mouth u chipku chipkali…..(Kavita’s mouth opens in an ‘o’)Haan….And who the hell do u think u are to teach me manners????
Kavita:(looks at Sanskar)See na Sanskar this girl is talking to me in such a bad manner…..Btw who is she???
Swara:(angrily sees both Kav—–san)Oh hello… what are u asking him????Talk to me….
Kavita:(with attitude)Oh so tell me who the hell are u????
Ap:(angrily and goes near Swara)Bahu hai hamari……(she is our dil)
Swara:(smirks seeing her expression)Oh yes…Miss……….(kavita is about to speak)Whatever….(Sanskar was seeing all this with open mouth and enjoying) So let me introduce myself…. So Myself Swara….Swara Sanskar Maheshwari…Wife of (sees Sanskar)Sanskar Maheshwari…..(saying this she goes out to the garden)
Kavita:Sanskar u got married????But when….
Ap:(fakes a smile)Yes Kavita….Now my Sanskar is married and is very happy in his married life….
Kavita:(little upset)Oh Congratulations Sanskar…..
Dp:(smiles and goes to her)Kavita…when did u return from Bangalore????
Kavita:(smiles)Today only uncle….Okay then Sanskar I think I should leave…..
Sanskar:I’ll drop u….
Kavita:No..I’ll manage…. however Dad told he is coming to pick me up….
Sanskar:Okay… Come I’ll leave u till the gate….
Both goes to the gate and talk something and this all is seen by Swara and she fumes more seeing them together…..

***In Swarn Mansion***
Khushi was busy in her thoughts and looking aimlessly out of the window when her chain of thoughts were broken by a hand that sleaked aroud her waist and she just closed her eyes on feeling the touch of her love….
Khushi:(closing her eyes)Arnav….
Arnav:(nuzles his nose in her hair)Hhhmmm….
Arnav:(makes her turn to him and cups her face)Whats the matter Khushi?????
Khushi:I want to tell u something….
Arnav:(worried)I’m listening ….
Khushi tells him what she saw and on hearing this Arnav is shocked and then gets angry…
Arnav:That means Maasi is behind all this…..
Khushi:(looks down)I don’t think so Arnav but I want this matter to end soon so just told u what I saw….But my heart is not agreeing to maasi being involved in it….
Arnav:(makes her look up)Khushi…..I will find out and if maasi is involved in all this then she won’t be spared….
Khushi:(looks at him and then nodes sadly)Hhhmmm….
Arnav:(wipes her tears and kisses her forehead)I love u….
Khushi:(hugs him)I love u too….

So guys tell me whether u liked it or not …..
Sorry if it was boring and plz leave ur views…..
And for A Hero’s Love Story…. I’ll update tomorrow…..

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  1. SNY

    Amazing praju…..loved it…
    Nxt one soon….♡♡

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  3. Superb…continue soon
    I’m also scared of chipkali

  4. Madhu.r

    nice update

  5. Sus

    Amazing haha swara is too much dear

  6. Nagamanasa

    Praju firstly thank u so much for dedicating this part to me dear…Love u my little sisso..???
    Coming to the chappy it’s really awesome dear…I wish I could kill that chipkali..
    No need to take tension dear post when ever u r issues.

  7. awesome

  8. Awesome kiddo…… I can’t stop my laughter……..

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  10. AnuAnn

    Awesome dear

  11. Mahisha

    superb di
    will be waiting for next part 🙂

  12. Moon


  13. awesome epi praju dr plz update ur another ff

  14. Abirsha

    Awesome praju…. Loved it a lot….. Loved the scene where swara told she is swara sanskar maheswari…. Amazing….

  15. too short but nice

  16. Sri

    Episode is awesome praju di
    Even I hate that chipkali (cavity)
    How dare she come close to sanky
    Sanskar only belongs to his swara
    Its OK di u can post wen u r free

  17. Shifa96

    It’s awesome praju..just 1 chappy to reach 50.

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