Bandhan 29th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Bandhan 29th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Lala is really angry that the food in his party has run short. Darpan says won’t you give me more food? you said I can eat as much as I want. Lala says forgive me please. I said so much there is nothing left in food. Darpan says I have three conditions. You won’t call ganesh elephant you will call him my brother. You won’t be proud about your money and balloons. you will pluck you eye brows. He says what ? I can’t do that. Darpan says you have. he says okay I will. Darpan says I am full. let me tell you why I wasn’t getting full. She takes them out and shows them ganesh. Lala is shocked and angry. Darpan says now you got the reason of my hunger? Pandit ji says these kids are the favorite of God. you can’t be bugged with them. Lala laughs and says your brother ate my whole food. I was thinking how could you eat that much. He says please pardon me. I made a mistake, to ganesh. He says you relationship is strong and he is actually your brother.

Scene 2
Bhao’s brother says to his man I will show Bhai that me dev pratap can do something. His man sees the traces of an animal’s feet. Dev says this must be of some leopard’s kid. Let’s go and hunt him. Dev along with his man chases the leopard’s kid. They take him with them. Some other thugs come and point a pistol at them. He says how dare you to take our animal. Dev says its illegal to hunt in the forest. The forest police will come and shoot you. He says wy are you taking it with you/ Dev says I am the king of forest. The thug says you or your brother? We have some people who want 30 leopard kids? Dev’s man says lets talk to bhao once. The thugs take leopard from dev and are leaving. Dev says hey wait. Ganesh is going somewhere with Darpan. Darpan says walk fast. Who asked you to eat this much. Ganesh farts. darpan says everyone will die with this smell. I will ask basant not to give you anything.

Dev says I am ready to deal with you. we know every detail of the forest. meet me here tomorrow I will give you what you want. Its was Mahesh and his friend in disguise. Vishwas is palying cricket with his men. dev comes there and catches the ball. dev says I have got a great news for you. I have made a deal. Bhao says you brought a deal? Clap everyone. dev says they will give us 6 crore. Bhao says there are many enemies out there. are you mad? we can’t trust everyone. now let me play.

Darpan tells prabha that we went to lala’s lunch. prabha sys they insulted ganesh earlier this morning. still you went their to eat. darpan says no we just went there to teach him lessons. Prabha says let me call baba. Mahesh comes in and asks whats going on?

Precap-basant comes to darpan and says there is a teacher in house to teach you. the lady says I am her to teach you lessons.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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