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Bandhan 23rd February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Raghav says to ganesh 10 years ago she took my mom from me. I vowed that i will find her and bring her back where she killed me mom. Ganesh loses his mond.ragahv says don’t forget i am marrying her. you are the who got me her consent. you know why wont she say no? Because she loves me. all i have it hatred for her. He gives ria a flying kiss. raghav says i know none of this is your mistake you can go from here. Ganesh says no. raghav says okay i can understand. you fulfill your relationship and i will fulfill my enmity. i accept your challenge. go stop my roka if you can. raghav leaves.

Shubha gives ria a pearl set and says this is for you. Shubha says girls frow old so fast, they leave their houses empty. ria says don’t cry. why papa looks worried? He says i am just

wondering how will i handle your mom alone. RIa says i will keep coming. He says i will still miss you. Shubha says go get ready, its about 10. Kajal and ria go in. shubha says why are you so worried? He says i am worried this is all so fast. We just met him and roka today. we couldn’t get to tell raghav and his family ria’s truth. shubha says we don’t need to tell them. He says we have to, they will get to know it someday. they will feel betrayed. For ria’s secure future i have to tell them.

Scene 2
Raghav is in front of naraini’s photo. He takes out that locket and says i have been keeping with me to keep my hatred alive. I will seek revenge of your death. that time is here, she will come here as your daughter in law every day i will make her suffer. I will kill her slowly. Ria’s dad calls raghav and says i want to talk to your dad. Raghav says you can tell me. He says i had to tell you and your dad something. ragav says i don’t get it. He say actually ria is not our daughter, 10 years ago we found her by the bank. she lost her memory as well. Doctor said we shouldn’t tell her, it will give her a shock, that is why we never told her but i thought i shouldn’t conceal. your dad should know. Raghav says thanks for telling me. but its better that you didn’t tell baba. i have no concern with ria. I request you don’t tell baba. I will handle the rest. Bhao comes in and says what will you handle? Raghav says i asked him to keep it all simple. Bhao says thats good, wear these clothes. He sees the locket o raghav’s table. Bhao picks it up and is shocked to see that its darpan’s locte.

Ria is getting ready, she can’t find her earring.Ganesh is wondering how will he stop all this. kajal says ria look here ganesh wants to talk to you. Kajal says how she looks? Aunty has said you wont come there. ria says golu why are you screaming? are you hungry? Ganesh says not. Ria says then tell me whats the matter? Ria says i think he is upset.

Raghav is in temple, bhao comes to him and says its your big day, you should be happy. come and pray first. He says God give blessings to my tiger. Raghav says we could keep it simple, why you spent so much, bhao says keep looking what i do next. Bhao says is there any problem? you are marrying the girl you love, why are you upset then? Raghav says its not like that. bhao says wont i get it? i know why are you upset? Raghav says what you know? Bhao shows him the locket. He says darpan.

Precap-ganesh stops ria’s car. She says what is golu doing here? She says why i feel like he once stopped me like this before.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. when will ria regain her memory pls writters hasten up

  2. Not for hell I can understand this foolishness.What sense does it make to marry someone just to take out revenge.Take out the revenge now.What will Raghav gain from doing this.It may backfire on him and cause great damage to him.This part of the story line does not make sense.It is nonsensical,

  3. I agree with rosey this serial is total shit why not take revenge now why get married and then do more damage I will really like to know where this serial is heading nothing makes sense anymore with this soap it just going around in circles and one storyline over and over and why bhao is not in jail for all the murders he committed and why darpan staying sooooooooo long to regain her memory this is tooooooooo much shit I think all viewers should refrain from watching this serial

  4. How this guy know it’s darpan without meeting the elephant when he first met her she did not had the elephant soap make s no sense

  5. cheryl Jagassar

    this is foolishness only showing how evil is good to do , nonsense

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