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Bandhan 17th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Bhao says darpan if you want your brother alive come outside, Raghav sayas don’t listen to him. He is dodging you. darapn says no ganesh is in trouble i have to save him. darpan goes out and sees ganesh surrounded my bhao’s men. Bhao says stop. He says i will kill him in one second. Raghav says i will see how you kill me, no one can shoot his family, start with me. Bhao says its mind game not brain game. raghav says what was with this plan? we all know the truth. Bhao says i am the king and you all are monkies. Lets see whom i kill? bhao points a gun at darpan meethi comes and stands in front of her. She says i wont let you kill her. bhao says why are you so emotional, okay let me kill you. darpan says no kill me, don’t harm them. raghav says he can’t do anything, bhao says see the sameple then. Ganesh starts moving towards bhao. darpan says have you gone mad ganesh?

Bhao shoots ganesh. Raghav screams vishwas rao, darpan says this is the fight of me and vishwas rao no one will come forward. raghav says he is our enemy too. darpan says i lost everything, even my brother. i don’t wanna lose you. sanju says we cant leave you alone. darpan says even ganesh has left me. She says raghav please take them all from here. Darpan says i surrender vishwas rao but you have to leaves my family. darpan says raghav please go from here. i have given you so much pain. I next life we will be together all our lives. please go now. Bhao says this is not a love story go if she is asking you. They all leave.

Vishwas rao and darpan are alone in the house. darpan says see all the doors are locked, no one can run from here. tell me what to do. he says we have to do it final. Darpan says i dont care about my life. he says you are stuck in my game. Darpan says no you are stuck in my game. Feel around you. darpan recalls asking suman to put petrol in whole house. darpan says who house is littered with petrol and will burn you right here. Bhao says how many times do i have to tell you, i will confess all my crimes in recording. He opens recorder and accepts his crimes. darpan takes the phone bhao snatches fire from darpan’s hand and shoves her. bhao burns the whole house, darpan faints, but bhao gets stuck in fire as well. Raghav comes in. bhao says says save me my tiger, raghav takes darpan with him and says you are bringing only sins with you vishwas rao. Bhao screams due to fire. Raghav takes our darpan and says open your eyes. She opens her eyes.
darpan looks at ganesh, and says where are you gone ganesh? darpan says how can you forget our love ganesh, you cant leave me alone. ganiya comes and looks at ganesh.

After years, stuti plays hide and seek with darpan and raghav. She finds ganesh and says you are too big to be hidden behind the chair. pinky takes a family photo.

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Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. I never thought this serial was going to be sooooooooooooo much shit otherwise I would not have started to watch it seems like the writers did not know what to write again imagine all the criminal activities that bhao was involved in even the death of darpans parents and naraini this is the easy way that he would die in a stupid fire no way writers bhao was supposed to go through a more severe punishment this is not justice for darpan so easy bhao has gone that is your kind of justice he was suppose to be caught by the police and let him confess his crimes then thrown in jail and put to death for all to see for me bhao got off toooooooooooo easy writers please do not write another serial like this it started off soooooooooooo well a good family drama and then escalated to criminal activities committed by bhao and all the good people were killed off by bhao and imagine up to now the innocence of Mahesh has not been proven by the police this serial was just a whole lot of shit and that is because the writers were poor at their writing skills and was just waking up and writing any shit that came to their minds anyway it is a good thing that they decided to end the serial this serial could have been such a good on if only the writers would have listened to we the viewers good riddance to bad rubbish

    1. I agree!

  2. That’s the problem with this series writters,is like they don’t know how to end an movie,for example almost the last three series that ends, doesn’t make any sense in d end, ek mutthi asmaan,do dil bandey ek dori sey,sapne suhane,they all ended up some how,the villain ain’t been punished the way they are suppose to be,i just hope the writers of the story will read my comment,please make the end more genuine next time plssssssss.

  3. This serial finish

  4. Can some body tell me if this serial finish

    1. Yes the serial finish new serial nama is ek tha raja ek thi rani ^_^

  5. love uuuuuuuuuuuu lottttttttttt chavi pandey come back soon and I miss uuuuuuuuu lottttt.

  6. I agree too

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