Bandhan 16th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Bandhan 16th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Raghav says to darpan look this is your gift, th big bulky elephant. Bhao sees ganesh and says why is this elephant here? Raghav says i brought and for meethi maa. Pandit ji asked to keep an animal. Pinky says we can keep mouse or a cat. Raghav says thats not upto name of baba. Raghav says when villagers get to know that you have a pet elephant and you sit on it for tour, people will be proud of you. sanju says doesn meethi know about this? meethi hugs ganesh and says this time he has done right. because of this everything will be okay now.

Meethi does ganesh’s pooja. Bhao says he is my best friend from now as well. Ganesh shoves vishwas rao. This infuriates raghav. Darpan says in heart his aggression will tell, ganesh looks at her. Darpan asks him not to reach. meethi sys ragahv go and welcome the new member, raghav says ria come here, he says what are you thinking about? He is our ganesh ji. darpan does ganesh’s darti. SHe is in tears.

Ria comes in her room crying. Rahav comes in and looks the door. darpan says i wanna say somethhing? raghav says that i brought your brother in all this. you asked me that nothing gives you pain, but pain is there. you are scared if ganesh? I have mad this sibling relation your weakness. now you will do as i say. when papa gets to about your brother he will kill him staight away. He leaves. Raghav turns on music and asks her to dance.

Bhao gets a call he leaves. Meethi says everything will be fine now. pinky laughs. darpan says to raghav you have no manners, he grasps her hair says you were talking about manner that mother teaches? you killed my mom. he says i will give you all the pain and you have to dance. He screams dance, ria gets sacared. darpan starts dancing, raghav says do it from your heart, if you stop his life will stop. ria starts dancing again. raghav breaks some glass and asks ria to dance on it.
ganesh is screaming everyone reaches there.

Precap-raghav says to ganesh eat the food and see your sister dew every day. ganesh throws it on his face.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. do not know where this serial is going but it is pure shit and nonsense to me stop all the simi dimi now and writers go back to the beginning and solve Mahesh and his wife murders also naranis and show proof where Mahesh was innocent all along and that it was bhao who was stealing and killing the elephants and selling their tusks and ivory and that Mahesh had nothing to do with it and let darpan get out of that family before it is tooooooooooo late because as far as I see raghav is just like his father first he told darpan to eat glass and now he wants her to walk on glass what next I definitely cannot see darpan having a life with that evil b*t*h raghav no matter if he finds out the truth he is still an evil person so separate them before he kills her like how his father killed her parents

  2. This domestic abuse crappy never ending saga is ridiculous!!!!!!!!!!!!!! End this shit now!!!!!!!

  3. Why are these writers mind are so wicked and violent.This is all they can write .There are people who have wicked minds and they are copy cats.They can follow these cruel things that you are writing.Please be more responsible.This is abuse to the highest.What is wrong with you people ,dont you care about women at all.My goodness.Shame on you writers.There is no better exercise for your wicked hearts than you writers reaching down and helping to lift this orphan up What type of example is this?All too often we hear about how some one who was abused has become an abuser ,and a victim who has become a victimizer.Why can’t you turn the pain around rather using it to hurt other people –but to help other people.There is too much abuse going on in all parts of the world these days and you people have no remorse than to write and show this blatant atrocity for people to view.This is not about if you do not want to watch it change the station .This is about the responsibility as writers to help eradicate these abusive acts towards women in general.SHAMESHAME ON YOU WRITERS>THIS IS NOT INTELLIGENT WRITING.I AM PISSED AT YOU ALL>

  4. The painful serial should have faster ending, we are still far away from programs having real sophisticated modern scientific stories.

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