Bandhan 14th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Bandhan 14th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Darpan says you dont have to risk your lives. The woman says no one knows we are with you. Darpan recalls ganiya saying darpan you can’t die without accomplishing your mission. She went to Shubha and her dad. She says i am sorry abut not telling you that i know about my past. Shubha says you are my daughter you should have told me, we should go to cops. Her husband says we have to think something else. Darpan says this is how i met you suman di. Suman di said to her in flash back, i am with you darpan, you parents have helped me a lot. I know a woman who can help me. Darpan says and because of Suman di i met you. and because of your magic we fooled vishwas rao. Darpan says in the end he won it but i am glad Raghav knows the reality now. Suman says we were near our destination, I don’t know how came up with this idea, that dead body was like you exactly and ganesh chose her. Ganesh could never do mistake. Suman says there is something we are not seeing. darpan says just like he made someone else darpan, maybe he came up with another elephant. Where is ganesh if it was not him? his life must be in danger, i have to save ganesh. suman says we have to hurry up.

Pinky gives meal to stuti. She says no, bhao says stuti don’t look here and there. Eat the food, don’t say no to it. Teach her Meethi. Meethi says why are you saying like that? Bhao says why are you all upset? Because of her? she is our enemy. Raghav says she is not the enemy. She is the one who exposed you. we are all upset because i killed an innocent, i became a murderer like you. what about your confession and the 24 hours you promised. Lets go to police station and confess our crimes, we will both go to jail.

bhao says stop, he asks his men to come. They surround the house with guns. Bhao says now listen what i say. i told you i would go to cops, but now i am not going. Pinky says but papa.. bhao says no one dare to speak in front of me. this is my house and you have o follow my orders. SAnju says i told you this man should never be trusted, i wont leave him. bhao’s men stop him with guns. Raghav says i will change the rules here. He grasps bhao’s collars. Bhaos slaps him on the face. He says this is the first time i have slapped you. Raghav grasps his collar and shoves him. Bhao points a gun at Stuti. meethi says don’t do this. bhao says i will kill everyone. Raghav says leave her its not her mistake. Bhao says don’t dare to move. Raghav says leave the girl.

Bhao’s men hit raghav and sanju and take them to warehouse, they rope them. Bhao comes and says how you feel now? you have to do as i say. raghav says i wish you or i had died when i was born. i am ashamed that you are my dad, i would have killed you 10 years ago. Bhao says until you dont follow my orders stay here.

Meethi says why are you doing this to your kids? Bhao says don’t try to help them. if you do say then i will kill you all. Raghav says you were right darpan, i wish i had knew the reality 10 years ago.

Darpan says to the ladies i feel so scared. sumar says you parents are trying, darpan says i hope its not too late. God please do something and help me.

Sanju is screaming for water. Raghav says bring water for him. Are you humans or not? He needs water, Raghav tries to release himself. Raghav says we have to get out of here i wont leave vishwas rao. sanju’s head is down.

Cops come and say time is over. darpan says why is God not coming? Suman says don’t worry. darpan says maybe he wants me to fight by my own. suman says how?

Precap-inspector points a gun at darpan and says run to save your life, if you run faster than my bullet you will be saved.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. again this serial is sooooooooo much shit writers you began with a good serial but then maybe you fell and hit your heads and from then onwards you started writing shit imagine we know raghav did not kill darpan he started it by giving her poison to drink in the water and bhao finished the job now both of them should be in prison for their crime and where is darpan step parents while all of this happen and how darpan cannot remember bhao giving her the injection while she was hooked up to the machine all of this do not make sense this is what we are talking about writers you are just writing scripts without thinking and the scripts are not making any sense at all I am so glad Friday is the last for bhandan I keep telling you writers to make the serial better by bringing back Mahesh and you did not listen so this is how stupid this serial is going to end

  2. Hey Gloria.. Shut ur cunt back…. The serial is ending on the 17 th. so take ur negative mind f**kin go from here na

  3. It’s Gud I hp darpan is safe from the jaw of life

  4. Only 3 more episodes ….:)

  5. I just wanna see raghav and darpan happy when will truth win and evil will get punished???? I hope vishwas rao will end soooooonnnnnn

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