Bandhan 10th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Bandhan 10th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Pinky says to dev’s daughter we are all here with you. darpan comes and says suti you don’t have to be scared of anyone. Now eat something. She serves him and makes her eat. sanyu says we will buy you a lot of clothes. pinky says darpan bhabhi.. I wanna apologize. I remember i teased you a lot back in childhood. darpan says that was childhood just relax. pinky says have you pardoned me? darpan says yes. Bhao says asks darpan for pardon, she is not darpan. She is her duplicate. Raghav says i don’t know what new game are you playing. its not going to get you anything. Bhao calls someone and says bring it in. he says i have brought the proof. Raghav says trust darpan more than you. Bhao takes his hand and says come with me.

Raghav says leave my hand i don’t wanna come with you. Bhao shows them a dead body and says look at it. Raghav says what is it? Bhao takes off the cloth from face. its darpan. Everyone is bewildered. Bhao says she is original darpan. now tell me if she is darpan then who the one standing with you? Raghav looks at corpse and recalls giving darpan poison and then doctor saying she is dead. Raghav says what you thought we will trust you? She is darpan , the one who lives with me and i know that. Raghav says why are you eyes so closed? don’t you believe then wait for a while? he says bring the fake darpan here pinky. darpan comes and sees the dead body is shock. Meethi says they look similar. Bhao says yes, and she is a duplicate. Sanju says how would we know which one is real? Bhao says ask raghav he will tell you. He gave darpan poison with his own hands. bhao says she is here to fool us. Raghav says stop it vishwas rao. I can’t stand this anymore. Bhao says i am bringing a witness he will tell it all. He says gania come in. Ganehs comes in. Bhao says tell me ganesh is your sister? Raghav says ganesh, i know the one who is alive is darpan. tell us that the dead one is not darpan. Ganesh goes and stands with the corpse. meethi says if the dead one is darpan then who is she? Bhao says she is duplicate, she has done some magic.

Raghav asks her who are you and why you came here as darpan? darpan says whats wrong with you? cant you recognize your darpan. close your eyes you heart will says i am darpan, your darpan. Bhao says she will make some magic trick when you close your eyes. She came here to fool us. darpan says he is lying , all i know that i am your darpan. Raghav says i don’t know why you came here but i know the one dead is my wife, i killed her myself. she is not in this world anymore. darpan says look in my eyes, dont you see i am darpan. you killed me but i was saved, raghav says you are not darpan. darpan says i am darpan not her. She says please trust me. Raghav says i have made a lot of mistakes already and i lost my wife. i don’t want to be deceived anymore, Whoever you are please leave form here. i wont take any action against you. Bhao says inspector come in. inspector asks darpan that she has to come to police station. darpan says raghav wont you stop your darpan? She says lets go inspector. Cops take darpan with her.

Raghav is sitting with dead body of darpan. Meethi says raghav we have to do the last rituals and funeral. We have to make her look beautiful before we do her funeral. pandit asks raghav t fill her hairline. Raghav says you are suffered because of me. you paid for my mistakes. Please pardon me i will be your culprit all my life. sanju says raghav control yourself. pinky gives him sindur, he says i can’t do this.

darpan in police station says please let me go. Vishwas rao will end everything if i don’t go. she says vishwas rao is playing a game please let me go. He says shut up this is not a stage. you are making us fool? Darpan says please try to understand. darpan says why did this happen ganesh, how can you make such mistake ganesh. you couldn’t recognize your sister?

Precap-Raghav says ganesh come on, fire the body. He says why are you not listening ganesh.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Why am i confused now?

  2. this is shit as usual LOL

  3. this serial is just shit as usual please end it fast and writers seeing that you killed off all the good people please kill ganesh also so he could be united with his loved ones whom you killed off mahesh his wife and now darpan and after this I suggest you stop writing any more serials

  4. This show is so confusing now and irritating.


  6. Ha ha ha lol……… Them writers only wasting ppl time

  7. I thought today was surpose to be d last day for this show……….
    So how it have a p recap for next week one???

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