Band..baaja and bhaagkar shaadi-shivika os by ayushi

This humorous idea came across my mind when i saw one of nakuul’s latest pic.Hope u all like it..

An hour b4 anikram’s wedding.
Om comes to shivaay’s room.He sees shivaay with his head his palms sitting in a casual wear.
O-Shivaay aren’t u ready yet
Shivaay looks up.
S-Om i lov her.I can’t see her marrying that 6 foot lamba girraffe.
O-tune hi toh ye farak ka game shuru kiya tha tadi mei.Monsoon offer ek pe ek shaadi muft..muft..muft..Abb karr.
Rudra comes
R-yes bhaiyaa.ab jhelo uss kakdi waali makdi ko..huuuhhhh..Don’t expect me to call that naagini bhabhi.
Shivom-Shut up rudra!
R-Oo excuse me bhaiyaa.Shutter na phle aap apni tadi ka dwn kro
O-Ruddyyy..i m proud of youuu!!
S-Guyss plzz stop this and tell what should i do
The trio ponder for a while.
R-Bhaiyaa aap bhabhi ko bhaga k le jaao.
S-Whaat???No wayyyyy
R-Phir jhelo uss makdi ko. Huuhhh!!!
Omru go.
Shivaay looks on.
Meanwhile the band ppl come and khanna counts them.Shivaay goes
S-Khanna evrthing set
K-Yes sir
S-Ok fine
Shivaay goes but khanna stops him
K-Sir i m your employee and i hav no right to say this but then also.Aapko daantna ho daant lena mujhe but plzzz anika madam ki doosri shaari mat karwao.Isse na aap khush ho na hi woo.
S-Khanna nothing to be scolded about.It was ur view point.

In anika’s room..Although she has last hopes but her evry ray of hope is dying with each passing second.She is wearing a blood red velvet lehenga with golden embroidery.Her diamind earrings shaped like a peacock,A heavy necklace,bangles and chand bracelet.
Suddenly a man in band dress comes with his face covered by cap
A-Who r you and heeyy what r u doing.
The man ties a handcuff to anika’s hand with one end to himself and presses anika’s mouth.Anika feels as if it is shivaay but brushes her thought.She kicks but nothing happens.He runs out with her.
Omru sees him are about to run but stop and smile.
They both run on the road
A-o bhaisaab.Ooo i hav a small bro i hav his responsibility.
A-Hey bhagwaan mujhe kaise kaise din dikhaate ho.Wo baagad billa kya kum tha..
Man-Cant u just shut up?For smtime atleast
Suddenly a truck passes by and the man’s cap blows… He looks back….
And gives a mischievous smile.
A (laughing)-Shivaay!!!
The glow on her face returns
A-Shivaay like really aap muje shaadi se bhaga le aaye.
S-U hav eyes i suppose i did that only
A-Shivaay bta dete mujhe ye bhaari bhurkum kapde toh utaarne dete.Bhaaga nhi jaa rha.
S-should i hav givn u invitation that i m going to run wid u
On the other side in OM
P-O my maata shivay missings that low class girl missings and one bandwaala missings…what is happening .
Suddenly Rudra laughs and says ARREE BANDWAALE BHAISAAB!!BAAJAAOO.
O-what happened rudra.
Rudra dances and sings..
Billu ne bhabhi ko bhagaya
Billu propose krega
Billu shaadi krega
P-O my maata rudra what anaab shanaab r u saying
O-meri pyaari chhoti maa because right now we saw a kanji aankhon waale baagad bille running wid his billi in band clothes.
P-Oo my maataaaa!!!
Shivaay takes anika to a temple.He removes his attire and is wearing a kurta pyjama inside…
S-Don’t say anything anika..Aaj mai bolunga tum sunogi..
He takes a deep breath…
Anika tum itni khidkitod khoobsurat ho wo bhi th (he tries remembering the word)Haa. Thok k bhaav mei.
Anika laughs amazingly
Jab se tum meri boring black and white zindagi mei aayi ho meri zindagi mei rang bhar gye hain bilkul meri kanji aankhon ki tarah.Jab tak tumhe dkh na loon tumse baat na kr lun mera din poora nhi hota h.Jab tum mere paas hoti ho meri saansein rukne lgti h aur dhadkane tez ho jaati hain.Tumne mere dil mei raita phaila diya hai aur mujhe ISHQBAAZ BNA DIYA HAI.
Kuch bacha??
Anika cups her mouth.
A-Shivaay u remembered each nd evry thing??
Shivaay kneels down..
Anika kya tum ek baar phirse iss baagad bille tadibaaz ko poori zindagi jhelne ki kasamein khaaogi?
Anika smiles with tears of happiness.
A-Aapko mai iss zindagi kya saat janam jhel skti hoon.
He adorns her with mangalsutra and fills her hairline with sindoor.
A-I must say vry adventurous marriage
Suddenly anika shouts
S-Don’t call me that…
A-Biluji billuji billuji
S-Stop it anika..
A-now u r looking like baagad billa
S-Tum jaanti nhi ho mai kya kr skta hun
They both laugh…
#########T|-| E E|\|!)##########

Guys tell me how it was and also whether u want a sequel.I m sorry i m not able to post “What did she do?”.
Some technical issues

  1. Anitaaa3

    Full on hilarious!!!?????? The Billu song was very good..I want a sequel

    1. SatyendraSharma

      Thnk u soooo much.I will surely post a sequel❤❤❤

  2. Sagithya

    Awesome yaar…. lovely part…….

    1. SatyendraSharma

      Thnk u sagithya??

  3. ShailajaBanthia

    Hilarious Rudra’s somg ????

  4. Awesome and khidkithod great loved it wish for more of the os’s

  5. Prajkta

    Totally loved it
    Damn funny
    I too want a sequel
    Billu song was khidkitod

  6. Dhar

    Superb yaar..

  7. Verna

    Awww this was khidkitod hilarious one.. enjoyed it..

  8. Navz

    That billu song is hilarious..totally the story is funfilled.loved it.

  9. Sairish

    heyy di..
    this was much much much amaaaaaaazziinnggg yaaarrr
    a fun loving humourous OS it was ..when read the first few lines i thought you’re gonna write it like the latest updates in which vikram will kidnap annika and the whole paltan will be then In band wali dress to save her …BUTTT
    I truly loveddd it and that billu song was fab …one more request …can I have a sequel for it
    TAKE CARE di

    1. SatyendraSharma

      Thnk u soooo vry much ❤❤❤❤I will surely post a sequel


  11. Nikita_jai29

    It is lovely and different and full of fun dear…

  12. Ankita27

    Wonderful OS… hilarious… hahaha omg omki ne kaya sahi kaha tune hito yeh fark game suru kiya monsoon offer ek pe ek free.. ??? wah billuji ne anika ko bhagaya… aww rudy boy what a song too good… shivay’s proposal was amazing… loved it….

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