Balika Vadhu 5th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Balika Vadhu 5th September 2013 Written Episode, Balika Vadhu 5th September 2013 Written Update

Badi Haveli:-
Episode begins with Sumitra sitting and doing preparations of morning pooja in Haveli’s mandir Gehna comes from behind and is emotional seeing Sumitra .Sumitra does not see her .Gehna remembers Sumitra saying to her Flash Backs Ganga helped you in giving birth to Bhairavi then why you will find that girl wrong ?You will only take her side .Gehna saying to Sumitra you are my elder sister .Sumitra saying to her No where I am elder to you Elder you are , The elder Bahu of this Haveli , My Jethani .Everyone in the house is saying a lot to me then why you will stay behind you too say Flash backs end

Gehna emotionally prays to goddess saying I am very much hurt Maa Only you can help me My Jiji is very angry with me I call her my Jiji but she gave me love of a mother

Please tell me what I said that she got so upset with me? How can I make up with her ? Whatever I said I only said because I cannot see my Jiji sad Where I have this much intellect that I can make her understand anything , teach her anything . I might be her Jethani in relationship but I am very much younger to her in everything She is my Guru (teacher) and I cannot see my Guru sad Devi maa please return her old smile back on her face then I will be relieved too If my Jiji is not happy then even all world’s happiness cannot give me and my family any happiness Gehna is crying bitterly .
Sumitra is listening to all this finally her anger melts down and she becomes emotional too Sumitra stands up and consoles Gehna by putting her hand on her shoulder . Gehna holds her hands Both are very emotional Gehna says to Sumitra whatever you said I thought a lot on that and I concluded that your worry is not wrong but Jiji you don’t think so much , don’t take everything to your heart Jiji whatever I said I also said in worry for Jagaya and Sanchi . Jiji Sanchi will not have to think any wrong about all this for that we will have to do some effort Sanchi is young now , immature , she don’t have life experience equal to us and she is also a modern girl she must have less tolerance than us Jiji what Maasaa has tolerated in her life that you cannot do so , what you tolerated that I cannot do so , what I tolerated Sanchi cannot even imagine that Every person in the world is not like Anandi . We have to do some effort then in our Jagaya’s life that love , peace and happiness will come for which we pray day and night to God Jiji I only want to say this to you in attempt to join with Sanchi don’t distance Jagaya from you Jiji their relationship has to happen and God keep them always happy in their lives but Jiji if there came a crack between the relationship of mother and son neither you will ever be happy from inside and neither Jagaya .

Sumitra is listening to all this in understanding way and is emotional Gehna wipes her tears and says if I am wrong then like before you can scold me you have full right for this but please don’t turn your face away from me keeping something in your heart I will never be able to take this . Gehna cries holding Sumitra’s hands Sumitra wipes Gehna’s tears and says forgive me Gehna I am not stronger like before from heart now that’s why get angry at everything , start crying , speak bitterly I cannot stop myself and end up hurting those without whom I cannot even imagine to live my life please forgive me Gehna Gehna hug Sumitra Both are very emotional . Dadisaa is seeing all this standing in the corner Gehna and Sumitra both are happy now and pray to goddess together Dadisaa is very happy to see all this and says I never doubted your patience , tolerance and worry regarding this family but today I can say you are truly the elder daughter in law of this house May goddess always keep you happy

Mangalore :- Ganga s house :-
Ganga is studying . Mannu comes to her with his drawing book and says to her Mamma and shows her his drawing . Ganga happily sees it its drawing of a house . Ganga is very happy and picks up Mannu , making him sit in her lap saying wow this is very beautiful Mannu Did you make it ? Mannu nods in yes Ganga asks him who taught you this doctor sahab ? ( yes )Mannu nods in yes Ganga becomes emotional and says you liked it doctor sahab came to meet us and he went too I could not stop him despite wanting but you don’t be sad Mannu, doctor sahab is always with us , in our hearts that is with us . Ganga is emotional

Badi Haveli:-
Jagaya in his room is opening his bag taking his stuff out , He finds a letter in it Its Ganga’s with her name written on it Jagaya is surprised to see it and opens it It’s a her written poetry Jagaya reads it

( I tried my best in translation but still it won;t be like original because original is original )
I thought I am in every day life but did not find my peace
Sun rose every morning but there was still no morning for me
A human being takes several births but still don’t find a supporter
I got birth , got breathe , got relationships but still did not find peace
Stayed miles away from happiness and dreams
Life was a burden and living a forced one
One day all clouds of sorrow shed away and a real sun rose
And all darkness was removed
A gentle breeze blew and flew all the pain away
Like every day got Parsad from Mandir
But this time its sweetness removed whole life s bitterness

Jagaya stops reading and emotionally remembers Ganga now BG song Saiyaan meray Saiyaan Ganga with flour on her cheeks , eating barf ka gola , happy on holi , scared on giant wheel , in holi throwing color on him , happy at her result

Jagaya emotionally says Wish you would be here Ganga so your written words would get your voice too Were are you Ganga ?where are you ? He closes his eyes

Just then comes Ganga’s voice Doctor Shahab Jagaya opens his eyes and is surprised to see Ganga standing there looking at him smiling Jagaya emotionally says Ganga Ganga comes to him and says you called me theN how I would not have come Jagaya is emotional

Ganga starts narrating her poem herself

Every day got parsad from Mandir
But this time its sweetness removed all life s bitterness
Don’t know where new dreams . new hopes and new ambitions came to life
And said that there is nothing to fear now
Whole sky is there and new directions are there
And to show those directions such lamp
Whose light even strongest storms cannot put off
You are that lamp for me doctor sahab
That lamp who no matter how far away
But still from it my life , my paths will get light
( Jagaya emotionally smiles listening to it )
Ganga continues
Your each said word is like a new hope for me
I want to give this trust to you
Your all efforts for me will never be unsuccessful
I don’t have you besides me , no problem
I have lived my life in the shadow of injustice and pain so far
But I have sweet memories of the all moments I spend with you
To live my life this is biggest support for me doctor sahab
(Very very beautiful poem Ganga wrote for her doctor sahab to thank him and to tell him what is he is for her )

Jagaya emotionally smiles Ganga is smiling looking at him Jagaya tries to touch her cheekbut before he could do so his mobile rings He takes it out it Sanchi’s call But then he sees there is no Ganga in front of him He realizes it was only his imagination There is no Ganga he is standing alone with the letter in his hands Jagaya is emotional He answers Sanchi’s call Yes Sanchi

Sanchi says You forgot again you did not call me after reaching Jaitser not once .Jagaya answers I got some busy I am sorry . Sanchi says I have to say sorry to you yesterday night I could stop myself I know you got upset with me on that You got angry that’s why you left from here suddenly . Jagaya is looking at the letter and trying to connect dots what happened to him why he was imagining Ganga here Sanchi when finding no response from him asks him are you listening to me Jagdish ? Jagaya answers yes I was surprised by your yesterday’s behavior but I am not angry with you Sanchi becomes happy and says are you sure , you are not saying this to keep my heart ? Jagaya says after knowing me for so many days you must know I don’t lie ? Sanchi says of course but actually… Jagaya is very much disturbed and says to her can we talk later ?Sanchi says ok bye

After the call Jagaya is very much disturbed He hears again Ganga’s voice calling him. Jagaya is too much depressed in denial he heard any voice and moves back sits on a chair and says No Ganga I cannot remember you all the time and I should not do this Ganga you understand like you disappeared when Sanchi’s call came like that you have to disappear from my mind and heart too I have to forget you Your all feelings , your face all expressions , your every role , I will have to forget you , I will have to go this far away from you that I will never be able to return to you despite wanting to . I will have to do this because now I have to live my life according to the hopes of my family I have promised with them I cannot love you now I have no right to love you now but how I can forget you? its not easy to forget you its very much difficult to forget you To forget you s like this i forget myself In this house every where in every corner your memories are which again and again hold my hand What I can do ? Jagaya is very much disturbed

Mangalore :-
Ganga comes out her house to throw garbage and sees a rose basket there for her with her name written on a card on it Ganga is surprised and looks around for who kept it here but finds no one She picks it up and reads it For Ganga She reads the card Some poetry written on it
These flowers were a lot proud , there is no one more beautiful than them I told them meet Ganga for once then you will get to know she is more beautiful then all of you
Your beauty admirer

Ganga becomes angry reading it and looks around is there anyone ? She angrily says who did this How he knows my name ? Ganga is very angry She tears the card and throws it down with the flowers and goes inside the house . Balchandar appears from behind a wall seeing all this He picks all the flowers First cries hugging them and then take scent from it Ganga touched them so her scent He laughs his evil laugh

Badi Haveli:-
Jagaya is searching something in his cupboard and finds his file of admission forum for final semester of MS He remembers in Flash backs his friends and Ganga encouraging him to complete his MS Flash back ends Jagaya says even unknowingly you helped me a lot Ganga You showed a path to forget you Now I will have to complete my MS I will drown myself in studies so much I will never get time to think about you and perhaps like this I can distance you from my heart Staying here I will never be able to distance myself from your memories even slightest be it home or hospital Episode ends on Jagaya

Voiceover :- Whatever a person wants it does not happen whatever happens it the heart does not take that at that time a person wants to distance himself from the conditions to take some time to find the solution but can he really even in this way distance himself from all the feelings inside the heart and memories ?

Jagaya is with his whole family Basant asks Jagaya why you to do MS ? Where your work is stopped without it( very stupid question Basant ) .Jagaya answers I can my work better than before like this and six months will go when we won’t even feel that. Bhairo and Dadisaa are understanding to Jagaya while Sumitra says in this family no one wants my opinion but Jagaya that city has never been right for you That city always brought sorrows in our lives I am not ready for this You won’t do your MS Jagaya is shocked while Bhairo and DS want to hit their head somewhere

Update Credit to: kikyo

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