Balika Vadhu 4th June 2015 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 4th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Harki asking Kamli to have food and says she doesn’t have patience to tolerate her behavior. She asks why you ar staring me. Kamli asks her to say one thing. She says how can you eat food after seeing your husband taking an innocent’s life. He didn’t have the courage to accept his crime. Your butcher husband even raised his hand on Nimboli. Harki asks how dare you? Kamli asks what shall I do? Akhiraj asks her to stay quiet and reminds her of Gopal’s shocking death. Kamli stares him. Akhiraj threatens to kill her and presses her neck. Disa comes to her rescue and reminds him of Devi’s words. Akhiraj warns Disa to explain to Kamli not to do anything against him, else he will forget the promise made to Devi. Kamli continues to stares him. Akhiraj warns to kill her eyes,

else he will damage it. Disa turns her face towards her. Kamli is still in shock.

Mannu hugs Dadisaa on his birthday and takes her blessings. He then takes Devimaa’s blessings. Mannu asks about everyone. Dadisaa calls Jagya, Ganga, and Abhi. Everyone comes with Anandi and Shivam. Abhi hugs Mannu and teases him taking Pooja’s name. Jagya and Ganga blesses him. Anandi blesses him. Ganga recalls about her promise made to Ratan Singh and says she wants him to do something special on his birthday. She says I wants you to come to hospital and distribute sweets among the patients. Jagya signs happily.

Akhiraj tells Devi has binded me. Why did she saved Kamli? Harki says you would have killed Kamli, if Devi had not come there. Can you forgive yourself? Akhiraj asks what are you saying? Harki says Devi did right. She asks him to end this matter. Akhiraj says he can’t look at Kamli’s inauspicious face. He says everyone knows about her doings and no one will marry her. Harki asks him to listen to her and asks him to sit. Akhiraj sits down. Harki tells him something, which is muted. Akhiraj agrees.

Nimboli comes to Kamli’s room and feels pain while walking. Kamli kisses on her forehead and feels bad for her. Nimboli says she is not having any pain. Kamli asks why it is happening with girls only. Nimboli says we have to tell the truth, at right time and right place. Kamli hugs her and says I will make you eat. Nimboli says I came here to see if you have eaten anything. Kamli says we, sisters will eat together.They make each other eat the food and share the pain. Disa looks on smilingly. She thinks they are together amidst Akhiraj singh’s torture.

Mannu comes to the hospital with Ganga and distributes sweets to the patients. She makes him come to Ratan Singh’s ward and introduces Mannu to Ratan Singh. Ratan Singh gets up and is emotional. He blesses Mannu and asks him to sit. Mannu is surprised and confused. He gives him sweets. Ratan Singh asks him to make him eat. Mannu looks at Ganga. Ganga signs him of her approval. Mannu makes him eat the sweets. Ratan Singh eats happily and gifts his chain to Mannu. Ratan Singh’s mum comes and is emotional too. Mannu refuses to take the gold chain. Ratan Singh asks him to understand, but limits himself from telling about their relation. He hugs Mannu and cries. Mannu feels strange. Ratan Singh folds his hand and thanks Ganga. He dies in Mannu’s arms. Ganga, Ratan Singh’s mum and Mannu are shocked to see him dead, as he falls on the bed.

No Precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Ganga did correct it shows humanity never dies

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