Balika Vadhu 4th January 2013 Written Episode Update

Scene 1:
Location: Udaipur and haveli
Standing outisde their room, anandi is very scared and runs away from there and comes in the study room, and remembers sumitra’s words of advice on her wedding eve. She calls up sumitra thinking, she would understand.

Scene 2:
Location: By the bonfire
Jagiya remembers lal singh’s words about sumitra’s declining health. He calls up at the landline. dadisa picks up, but he doesnt respond to her voice. Dadisa gets frustrated as to who has called and not speaking. then she understands its jagiya and addresses him dearly. But jagiya cancels the phone. dadisa rues that he could atleast call her dadisa once so that she’s at peace.

Scene 3:
Location: Udaipur haveli
Anandi is upset that she’s not getting through her phone with her family. She is firm that she wont be able to face shiv in the room. Meanwhile shiv starts searching for anandi in the house. Finding the study room open, he goes inside and finds anandi sitting with her head on the table. He wonders what is she doing here. Anandi, knowing of his presence, feigns to sleep. He picks her up and takes her to the room. Shiv puts anandi, who has fallen off to sleep, on the bed and keeps gazing at her smilingly. She keeps pretending to be asleep. While he tries to stand up, her jewellery is stuck in his tshirt. anandi squirms but doesnt open her eyes. He makes her lie down straight on the bed and pulls the blanket over her while she doesnt respond. He looks around the arrangement in the room with a sense of disappointment. She opens her eyes to find him making his bed and closes when he comes to the bed. In bed, he thinks about his romantic confession to anandi about their night together. He blows off the candle and goes to bed. Then anandi opens her eyes and is hurt seeing shiv’s disappointment and a tear escapes her eyes.

Scene 4:
Location: On a straded road
Jagiya, beside the bonfire thinks about his fights with anandi and their strained relationship and how she patched up with him finally. He thinks that this birth is too small for the penance that he deserves to have tortured anandi so much.A woman comes running out of the road, carrying a child in her hand and collides with her. He is shocked and she too is scared. He notices the wounds on her hand. Jagiya tries to attend to her wounds saying that he’s a doctor. She scares her away with the burning log in her hand. He retorts back saying that he was just trying to help her. She says that she doesnt want anybody’s help and that he should not try to get anywhere near her, or else she will burn him. And then throwing the log, runs off from there. Soon some villagers follow, talking about that girl describing her. Jagiya asks who is she. One of them say that she is a mad woman who has run away taking his child. Jagiya shows them the way and they run behind her and finally catch up on her. She screams to try and get out of her grip. They take her child while she keeps screaming at them to give it back to her. Jagiya too sees this but doesnt say anything. they take the girl into the jeep and drive off. The girl looks back with rage at jagiya.

Scene 5:
Location: Udaipur haveli
Next morning, anandi wakes up to find shiv gone from the room. She remembers the last night and is tensed.

Outside nathu and mahi are playing cricket. Ira, meenu and alok are tending to dadaji’s garden. ananadi arrives. Meenu and ira tell her to have breakfast and get ready since they have to go for a picning together. Ira tells that shiv has gone for jogging and would be back soon. Nathu tries to stop anandi from serving, but she does it nevertheless saying that she listened to him yesterday, now its his turn. Ira calls up the others for breakfast. Sanchi, seeing anandi is as usual upset. Shiv too arrives and is asked to join at the breakfast table. There, mahi tries to discuss the location of the picnic. but shiv changes the topic and talks to anandi instead that he has misplaced a file in the room and leaves, beckoning her to follow him, to help search the file.

Underlying Message: The past always seems to creep up in the present of a woman. Therefore, even after remarriage, she is not completely ready for her intimate submission to her husband.

Precap: Jagiya is called by the same villagers to treat burn wounds on his wife’s hands. He tries to asks what caused it and is told that they were caused due to the girl’s negligency and laziness. He says that he would like to hear from the girl herself. but her mother in law says that the girls of this house do not talk to strangers. The husband too asks him to just treat her. He resigns and starts attending to her burns. She squirms at his touch and he looks up to find her gagged so that she’s unable to speak. He is shocked to see this.

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