Balika Vadhu 3rd June 2015 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 3rd June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Akhiraj asking Disa not to force him to cross the Lakshman rekha. Nimboli asks Akhiraj not to trouble Disa and instead beat her as it is her mistake. Akhiraj takes her inside the room to beat her. Nimboli pleads infront of him to leave her. Akhiraj takes her to room and closes the room. He beats her ruthlessly with sticks. Heartless Harki and Kundan come there. Harki takes Kamli from there. Kamli cries. Disa cries and asks Kundan to protect Nimboli being her husband. Kundan refuses and says let her die. Harki says the same. Akhiraj comes out of room and asks Harki not to give her water and food. He warns Disa and Chagani not to give her food or nurses her wounds. He locks the door. Disa is left shocked and is in tears. Disa sits down there. Harki asks her to go to her room. Chagani

takes her to room.

Kamli thinks bad for Nimboli and thinks she is the only one who is closer to her. Disa recalls Akhiraj beating her miserably and warning them. She questions Devimaa about her justice. She asks until when you will forgive Akhiraj? She says that devil might be sleeping peacefully and that little Nimboli might be sleeping writhing in pain. She says this will not happen anymore. She goes to the room and breaks the lock with stone. Everyone wake up hearing the noise. Chagani is stunned seeing Disa in anger. Kamli comes there too. Disa is about to open the door, when Akhiraj comes and holds her hand. He says how dare you? You didn’t respect my decision after staying at my house. I needs to punish you too. He asks her to leave. Disa asks him to shut his nonsense. She says I had listen enough. She asks do you know anything else rather than ordering ladies.

Everyone looks on. She asks what did Nimboli say wrong? She said the truth. Everyone knows the truth. Akhiraj says so you will go against my decision. Disa says you have gone against Devi and have beaten Nimboli. She says I won’t let this happen. I am elder bahu of this house and have some responsibility. Akhiraj says your responsibility lies in cleaning the house. Akhiraj says this door will not open. Disa tells him that she will tell everyone about his crimes and truth. She says shall I tell them. Akhiraj is shocked and says do whatever you want. He asks Kamli to go inside. Everyone leaves from there. Disa asks Chagani to bring turmeric. She opens the door and sees her in pain. Nimboli tells that she felt extreme pain when Akhiraj beats her. Disa cries and asks her to get up.

Pooja calls Mannu and tells Happy Birthday. Mannu thanks her and says you knows it. Pooja says she has been waiting for this day. Mannu asks for the gift. Pooja says she will think. Abhi wakes up and wishes him happy birthday. Mannu asks her to think. Disa nurses her wounds while she writhles in pain. Disa asks chagani to bring something for Nimboli to eat. She tells are you fine? Nimboli nods yes. Disa says you are lying to me? Nimboli asks if my nose is swelling. Disa nods yes. Nimboli says why did Bapusaa’s nose not swell. He lied many times. She says I was beaten for saying the truth. She says I won’t tell the truth. Disa asks her not to say that and says we shall say the truth always. Nimboli says I understood and cries.

No Precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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