Balika Vadhu 30th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 30th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nandini asking Shivam, who is he and why he risked his life for Sudha. Shivam says he loves Sudha. Nandini asks what you are saying? She says Sudha is married. Shivam says I would not have told her about my love, but I have told her as Premal don’t deserve her and don’t love her. He says you have always tried to make her feel insulted always since childhood. Nandini asks did Sudha tell you this. She tells that Premal has filled Sudha’s ears and made her against her. She tells everything and says she tried to save her baby, but couldn’t save. She asks him to promise that he will love and respect Sudha which even Premal haven’t given me. Shivam promises her.

Shivam’s boss asks him to give drugs packet to someone. Shivam refuses to work. His boss tells you seems to be in love, but stomach don’t gets filled with love, money is equally important. Shivam agrees to do as the amount is 5 lakhs rupees, and says this will be his last work. Boss says okay and calls Kundan. He informs him that work is done.

Nandini and Krish are in the hospital. Nandini thinks to talk to him. Krish thinks he can’t forgive her as mine is hers completely. Kundan asks Karuna to come for check up. He then puts another sim card in his phone and informs Police that someone is using drugs in Suryodaya hospital. Police asks him about his name. He says name is not important and asks him to take action. Shivam comes to the hospital and puts the drugs in the bin, seeing Police. He thinks if I get caught then can’t show my face to Sudha. Kundan picks the drugs packet from the bin and puts in Karuna’s bag. Karuna comes out after her check up and brings her purse. Constable asks Shivam, what is the purpose of visit to hospital. Nandini sees him and tells Constable that he is her patient and came to meet him. Constable goes. Krish thinks why did she lie? Nandini thinks about Shivam’s love for Sudha and thinks he can’t do anything wrong as he saved my sister. Shivam thanks her and goes.

Inspector tells Nandini that they have to search in their bags. Lady constable search in Karuna’s bag and gets drugs packet. Inspector smells it and says this is drug. Nandini is shocked. Krish says someone might have kept it in my mom’s bag. Inspector says but we have to arrest her. They arrest her and take her to police station. She gets beaten in the police station. Inspector asks about her business. Lady constable continues to hit her with stick. Krish comes there and asks Inspector to free his mom now itself. Inspector asks Constable to open the door, and threatens Krish to beat him for insulting him. Krish says you can’t hurt my mom, else I will sue you. Nandini says we have to call lawyer. Kundan smirks. Triveni comes running and falls on Inspector feet, pleading him to leave Karuna. Kundan feels victoriously. Kundan recalls talking to Shivam’s boss about sending drugs with Shivam. He thinks Anandi shooting at Akhiraj and a fb is shown. Kundan thinks to take revenge from Nandini and says I will make your name ruined.

Precap: Last Episode: Tomorrow.
Nandini tells Karuna that Abhayram is Kundan. Kundan takes pheras with Nandini at gun point and tells that even he can kill Karuna to get her. Karuna hears him and is shocked. Later Nandini unites with her brother Shivam and cries. Kundan aims gun at them and is about to shoot. Nandini is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


    Yeh ending ho rehi hai ya birbal ki khichdi ……
    Ab tk to samgj aa raha tha but iss week to samjg hi nhi aaya ki inka motive kya hai show end krne k tarike me… bus drag kr rehe hai…

  2. Thank God this stupid show is ending, it should have ended with the young nadnini, cant stand the grown up one so weak stupid lots of pimples on her face, how can a doctor behave like this no intellect, grovelling to stay in a marriage with a younger man, only in india educated women still are dominated by men and think they have to die at their in aws no matter what the situation is disgusting writers, what was the use of this show going forward after Anandi left or when Shiv left the show, waste of time for good actors now they are leaving the show without any recognition nobody will remember them and always the devil has the upper hand in Indian serials, evil is glorified every day, why do you think the rate of crime has increased in India ? women being raped every second, children being abducted every second and s*x traffiking has increased 400 % ,daughter in laws being burnt for dowry, all these show re enforce the backward yesterday’s Indian culture please come up with a real show that has some substance, educative and empowering women. It means Indian men have lots of insecurity they have to dominate and put their women down in order to be men, not all but most.

  3. Many loop holes in balika vadhu before leap and after leap..storyline ??????

    1.shekar family not return back to jaisther for anandi and her children?
    2.shekar family not enquire about nandini till many episodes aired?
    3.shiva’s brother mahi joined in army….what about life span of mahi..?
    4.sanchi settled well but not concern about anandi and her children…?even anandi helped alot while sanchi in problems!
    5.what about anandi’s real father..he is suffered with skin health issues before shiva death.after that where is he?
    6.why akhiraj not realized for own mistakes?? at last harki realization is good but no use, because of akhiraj dadisa shot dead and anandi tooo!
    7. At last jagadish shooted akhiraj infront of kundan, why kundan concentrate anandi family only and why not jagadish family?

    1.why shivam role is like a goon, theif…?
    2.why nandini is slapped by every one…she has no dynamism while acting?
    3.probably negative range in this season is high especially amiths’s wife, sudha -dadisa, finally triveni….especially kundan and he from uneducated background..?
    4. nandini dont know about about kundan and who is he? but kundan finds nandini origins! from jail only…it seems funny!!!!
    5.kundan blackmailings, harresments not come in front of all till and why? and many more will see final episode i.e aired today…


      There are many loop holes even…

      What about jagdish family??
      Where did jagdish maa saa; babu sa go??
      Where did tai ji and her family went??
      Where is sugna and her family??
      How come shivam and nandini seperated?
      And much more!!!
      Thats why its ending….

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