Balika Vadhu 2nd May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Balika Vadhu 2nd May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Harki saying she is not a good mother, but she can’t eat if her daughter is hungry. She says I understand your pain. You should think that you are going to a big family. He will be alright after marriage. She asks her to eat, but Kamli refuses. Harki says she will call her Bapusa and force feeds her. Kamli cries. Anandi comes back home and recalls her meeting with Ratan Singh and his mum. She recalls seeing his condition. She comes to Dadisaa. Dadisaa asks did you meet Phooli. Anandi says yes. Dadisaa says she will serve food and asks her to freshen up. Anandi says she had dinner while on the way. She tells her about sudden meeting with Ratan Singh and his mum. A flashback is shown. She tells about Ratan Singh pleading her to meet Mannu. Anandi promises to make him meet Mannu. She tells that she gave him promise, but don’t know if she can fulfill it. She says she will talk to Jagya and Ganga in the morning. Dadisaa looks on tensedly.

Nimboli brings water for Kamli and is happy seeing her having food. Harki turns to go. They hear some sound. Harki asks what is it? Nimboli covers her nose and asks what? Harki asks are you deaf? Nimboli says she didn’t hear anything. Kamli also says she didn’t hear. Gopal throws the letter covering with stone. Harki hears the sound. Nimboli steps on the stone. Harki looks out in the window. Akhiraj Singh calls her. Harki asks Nimboli to come with her. Kamli hugs Nimboli and says you saved me again. Nimboli says not me, but Kanha ji. She leaves. Kamli reads the letter and is emotional knowing Gopal came there. He promises to take her from there. He says I will marry you, if I couldn’t then we will die together. Kamli gets emotional and cries happily.

Jagya asks Anandi, why did you call me suddenly. Anandi asks about Ganga. Ganga comes and asks what is the matter? Anandi says we agree that humans should help each other. You people being the doctor helps others. She says we should help dying man’s wish. Jagya asks who? Anandi says Ratan Singh. Ganga is shocked. Anandi says he is drying and his illness is at last stage. His last wish is that he wants to meet his son Mannu. Ganga asks how did you know this. Anandi says she met him while on the way. She says he is really ill. She tells something which is muted. Ganga says you gave him promise that you will make Mannu meet him and with which right? Anandi says she couldn’t refuse him as he is about to die. Ganga says I doesn’t have any sympathy towards him, then why you? Why did you forget everything. She says I can’t trust him. Dadisaa says I asked Anandi why she promised him. Anandi says she did a mistake by not asking them before promising him. Ganga says you did a mistake and should correct it too. I won’t agree. She asks Jagya not to try to convince her.

Kamli finishes reading Gopal’s letter and wonders how he came yesterday. She feels pain and promises to elope with him through the window. She sees Akhiraj Singh coming with some men. Akhiraj asks them not to let anyone enter the house. The men promises to give tight security service. Kamli wonders how will Gopal come and rescue her.

Nimboli tells Kamli that there is a tight security around the house. Kamli says she is worried. Nimboli promises that she will get her marry to Gopal instead of Pushkar.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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