Balika Vadhu 29th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 29th April 2013 Written Episode, Balika Vadhu 29th April 2013 Written Update

All ladies in haveli are packing gifts for anandi. Ds was packing more n more stuffs for shiv and anandi. Sumi n ganga are smiling. Jagiya came down. He waited for bhairon so that they can go. At that time ds got bhairon’s call that he was stuck there n cant came soon. He asked jagiya to go.jagiya wonders who will go to anandi’s home. All wonder too. Jagiya saw their dull faces so he agreed to go there to give gifts but won’t stay longer. He went. Ds said once basant n gehena will go to jaipur then they will go to temple to pray for them.
At KB, All things are ready. Anandi went to pray to god. Dadu asked shiv to have tea as anandi will take time to pray. Shiv said he wanted to pray to. Anandi prays that the moments with shiv will be the sagun of her life. She prayed to keep everything fine there. Shiv stood behind n prayed that to give strength to anandi to bear the cold climate in kashmir. Anandi understood the joke n said god shud give him strength to bear the “baraf gola” which she will throw. Shiv said he will be lost somewhere that she wont able to throw. Anandi smiles and said shiv can’t go away from her. He will return to her anyhow.
Ganga was playing with mannu in haveli. At that time her MIL n FIL(ratan’s parents) came there. Ganga stunned to see them as they are in jail. Her MIL started shouting at her saying harsh words that for her ill fate they are facing all things. But they are on bail. Padma got bail too but only rattan is still in jail. Now ganga will help. When ganga refused. Her FIL took mannu and both threatened her to get rattan out of jail. Ganga tried to get her baby. Her MIL stopped. At that time, DS n sumi came from outside. Both her inlaws changed colors n gave baby n started to beg for forgiveness. Her MIL begged sumi n DS too by saying they craved to see mannu that’s y they came here. Ganga got angry n said they are doing drama. Her MIL said her motherly love is not fake but they want their grandson n if ganag wants then she can leave in BH. Ganga refused straightly. Her FIL said rattan is repenting , he wants to say sorry to ganga n wants to see mannu once. Ganag didn’t believe. Sumi asked ganga to think again once. As they are saying sorry, so she can give them a chance.

Ganga told sum not to trust them as they are doing drama. They don’t have any kindness inside them. Ds said due to the bitter past she can’t believe them. She wants to get separated from rattan then she can help to get their son back to them. She has her mannu then she can give rattan to them too. Her inlaws beg again. Ganga stunned.

Precap- AnSh n jagiya’s cars crossed on the way. A boy misbehaved with saanchi , at that time jagiya comes there n sends the boy away. Saanchi impressed.


Update Credit to: khushi

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