Balika Vadhu 26th May 2015 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 26th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Nimboli saving Shivam. Anandi recognizes her and hugs her. Shivam tells that she was teasing her when they were in car. Anandi introduces Shivam to Nimboli. Nimboli introduces her family to Anandi. Disa asks did you drop Anandi that day. Anandi says so you tied her to banyan tree. Disa apologizes and tells that Harki did it. They see the mela. Ganga checks Ratan Singh’s report and says there is a chance of multiple organ failure. Nurse says chances are less for survival. Ratan Singh’s mum hears it and says only you can give right treatment for him. Ganga says she will start the treatment. Ratan Singh’s mum requests Ganga to let Mannu meet Ratan Singh once. She pleads her to accept her requests. Ganga gets a call and leaves.

Akhiraj tells the goons about the Kailash’s bike number. The goons say they have got the bike. Akhiraj asks them not to let them leave. He recalls Kamli asking him to give her death. He recalls Pushkar’s dad breaking the alliance. He boils his anger and looks at the sword. Nimboli and Shivam play target shooting. Anandi tells Disa that they are against child marriage. She says they save small children from child marriage and tells about Shiv Niketan. Disa thinks if she comes across Nimboli’s marriage, then she might take her from here. Anandi says it is not right to get the child married at young age. She gives her card and asks her to inform if she comes across about any child marriage. Shivam and Nimboli continue to play. Kamli says you are right Anandi ji. She says balika vadhu suffers in her inlaws place, just look at our Nimboli.

Anandi is surprised and looks at Nimboli. Disa tells that no one can think about Nimboli’s marriage in this age. Nimboli tells that she has broken all the balloons. Shivam and Nandini have a cute meeting. Nimboli gets a prize. Anandi cheers up Shivam. Nimboli gives her prize to Shivam. Shivam gets happy. The goon keep looking for Kamli and Gopal. They purchase bangles. Shivam asks Nimboli to try the bangles once. They enjoy a good time. Disa is tensed. She prays for their safety. Akhiraj Singh is on the way still and calls the goon. He thinks Kamli and Gopal won’t be save now.

Nimboli and Shivam ride on the swing along with others. Nimboli looks at Shivam’s hand. Shivam writes Nimboli on her hand. Nimboli tells him that she doesn’t go to school. Anandi asks why? Nimboli says she does work at home. Disa tells that girls work at home and education is waste of time. Anandi gets sad. She asks Nimboli to tell about the shop. Nimboli says I didn’t know. Anandi says it is photo shop and tells about the advantage of studies. Nimboli says I will study too. The goon talks to Akhiraj and tells that they will find Kamli and Gopal. Kamli tells Gopal that they will meet Disa and go. Disa looks at them and smiles seeing Gopal’s concern for Kamli. Akhiraj fumes in anger. Gopal makes Kamli wear the bangles. Disa prays for their togetherness and safety.

While the aarti is done at the temple. Gopal is caught by the goons and beats them. He shouts at Kamli to run. Akhiraj catches Kamli and threatens Gopal.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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