Balika Vadhu 25th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 25th June 2013 Written Episode, Balika Vadhu 25th June 2013 Written Update

A family comes to Shiv’s house. Alok introduces everyone to them. He then says, Sanchi would be coming back from college very shortly. Alok gestures Ira to call Sanchi. Daddu talks with the guy, Mihir from Australia. Daddu says, I really wanted to visit Australia, but couldn’t go.. but seems like my dream is coming true now as you’ll be living there. Ira wonders where Sanchi is and right then she returns home.

Ira introduces Sanchi to Mihir and his family. She then takes Sanchi with her. Anandi seems worried.

In her room, Sanchi asks Ira to calm down and says, they are dad’s friend. What will I talk about with them? She is going to her room to get fresh. Ira stops her and asks her to get ready. She says, they came to see you.. came with your rishta. Sanchi is shocked. She says, you’re talking about my rishta without asking me? Ira says, that is why I called you to come early. Sanchi says, but I am not ready for the marriage… I want to finish my studies first. Ira says, they are not in hurry either. Mihir also wants to settle down first. All I am saying, just talk with them. He is a very nice guy according to me. Sanchi says, I am not a show piece that a guy will come to see me. Ira forcefully takes her outside. She tells Mihir’s family, she just came from college so didn’t get time to change. Mihir’s mother says, it’s okay.. we would like to see her in her regular dress anyways. Mihir’s mother then asks Sanchi, what kind of dress do you like to wear? Sanchi recalls that Jagya likes traditional Indian dress so she says, traditional dress. Mihir then asks her what she thinks about living in the city, overseas. Sanchi says, I like to live in a small village. Mihir’s dad says, so you live for others happiness.. but you will have to stop this social service for a while. And you will be staying in Australia after marriage. Sanchi suddenly gets up and says, I don’t want to marry him. Ira asks Sanchi, what are you saying? Sanchi says, how can I marry him when I love someone else? Everyone is shocked. Mihir praises Sanchi’s honesty and his family leaves.

Ira asks Sanchi, have you gone crazy? If you didn’t like the guy, then you could say it directly that you don’t want to marry. Why you had to lie? Sanchi says, I didn’t lie.. I am really in love with someone else. Ira asks, who is he? Sanchi says, JAGDISH. Everyone is shocked. Sanchi continues, I love Jagdish and I want to marry him. I have already attached him with my life.. forever. She shows her tattoo to everyone and says, I love Jagdish and I will only marry him. Alok loses his control and goes to slap Sanchi, but Shiv and Daddu stop him. Alok is furious at Sanchi. He says, do we have to tell you who is Jagdish? He has married twice already and you want to marry him? This is what you’re returning to us for love that we gave to you? Daddu talks calmly with Sanchi. He says, we are a family.. we are not enemies. Did we ever say you anything or stop you from doing anything until now? We want to see you happy. Marriage, love, etc.. are very important decisions of a life.. you can’t make them in hurry. I can understand your attachment with Jagdish as he saved you from a very bad incident.. but you can’t take that as love. It would be very childish to take this as love. You may have to regret in the future. He’s a nice guy, but not your type. You may find everything good as a friend, but when it will be time to live with him, you will find him very different guy and it will be too late to do anything.

Now Meenu tells Sanchi, do you remember you used to hate Jaitsar some time ago? And now as you like Jagya, you want to live there. Living 4 days is different than living your entire life. If you don’t like there tomorrow, then you can’t pack your bags and return here. You grew up in the city and you won’t be comfortable in the village. You may say now that you will adjust, but everything is very different in a village and a city. Meenu then asks Shiv if Sanchi will be able to live in village or no.. and episode ends.

Precap: Ira says, I am ready to keep my daughter in the house for her entire life, but I won’t allow her to marry Jagdish. Sanchi says, I already said that I love him and I will only marry him, no matter what.
Sumitra tells Ganga, if anything happens to Jagdish because of Ratan Singh, then you will have to pay for it as well. Ganga cannot believe this…

Update Credit to: Shreya

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