Balika Vadhu 24th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 24th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with the Inspector coming to Dadisaa’s haveli and tells Jagya that he caught the contractor. He says he told us that he bought the material from some shop. The seller is the relative of LP Shrivastav. Jagya applauds him and says they should be punished. Inspector says he did his duty.

Ira tells everyone that they will stay at home as Anandi’s delivery date is nearer. Meenu says we will be at her side. Alok says he refused to attend a meeting. Anoop says he said clearly to his clients that he won’t have any meeting until his grand children are born. Anandi is coming down through the stairs and is about to fall. Meenu and Ira rush to hold her. Meenu suggest Anandi to shift to ground floor’s room, adjacent to Subhadra’s room. Subhadra hesitantly asks her to shift.

New collector of Udaipur comes to Anandi’s house and introduces himself as Vinay. Daddu asks him to sit. He says Shiv’s PF, gratuity and other benefits will be transferred in 2-3 days. He says he came to give an envelope and asks Anandi to open it. Meenu gives the envelope to Anandi. Anandi reads it and gets teary eyed. She says Govt has decided to honour Shiv with Rajastan Ratna Award for his bravery. Everyone get emotional and feels proud of Shiv. Vinay says this award will be given tomorrow on the Republic day. Daddu says we will come surely. Vinay leaves.

Daddu says Shiv never wanted to go to army. It is strange that he is getting an award which every army men wish to get it. Ira asks shall we take Anandi there. Daddu says she shall receive on Shiv’s behalf.

Anandi talks to Dadisaa and tells her about the award. Dadisaa praises Shiv and feels proud of him. Anandi says she will try not to be weak. She asks about her studies. Dadisaa says she is studying and will pass with good marks. She says she will fulfill Shiv’s dream. Anandi gives her best wishes and disconnects the call. Dadisaa tells Jagya that Shiv is getting an award for his bravery. Jagya says it is really good news. He deserves it. He informs Dadisaa that the exams will be there as scheduled. Jagya asks her to attend Republic day celebration at Vasant Niketan.

Amol comes to Anandi. He says he took out his clothes, blazer, shirt and trouser. He says Papaji used to wear the same thing. Anandi says Papa will be very happy. Amol goes to change his clothes. Anandi talks to Shiv’s photo and says your son will be called as best dressed man. Daddu comes and says this is cheating. You are not here to receive the most prestigious award. Anandi says he will always be with us in our heart. Daddu blesses her.

They reach for the Republic day celebration. Daddu says he is proud. The Chief Minister comes escorted by the body guards. They salute the national flag and sing National Anthem.

The school teacher thanks Jagya for coming for the Republic day celebrations and asks Dadisaa to say a few words. Jagya asks her to say what is in her heart. Dadisaa goes on stage and greets everyone. She tells about the independence etc. She tells a good speech and says time has changed. Everyone applaud for her speech.

Anandi goes on stage to say a few words in Shiv’s honour. She gets labour pains before she could speak. Doctor checks her and says she is in labour. Anandi gives birth to two babies.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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