Balika Vadhu 20th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Balika Vadhu 20th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Kundan staring Nimboli while she is busy cleaning the floor. He closes the door and sits next to her. He tries to touch her, when Nimboli turns and asks what happened. Just then Harki comes and opens the door. Kundan is shocked and gets up. Harki asks what happened. Kundan says she didn’t finish the cleaning till now. Harki asks her to come and make food. She goes out of the room. Kundan looks back.

Shivam thinks why Abhi didn’t wait for him. He then thinks go home by walk. The watchman comes out of school and looks for Shivam. Harki asks Nimboli to make the food of Kundan’s choice. She then says I will ask Kamli’s preference. Nimboli gets tensed and recalls Kamli asking her to make some excuse. Harki is about to go to Kamli’s room, when Nimboli stops her saying she knows about Kamli’s choice. She says she will ask herself and goes in. Harki wonders where is Kamli? She then asks Nimboli and asks her not to lie. Nimboli stays silent. Harki is about to slap her, when Kamli comes and stops her. Harki asks her not to lie. Kamli says I am not lying. She says she will eat whenever is being cooked. Kamli smiles thanking Nimboli.

Jagya comes to the school to pick Shivam. The watchman informs him that Shivam went home. Jagya says he doesn’t know the way to home and looks for him inside the school premises. Shivam is seen walking on the road tensedly. Jagya searches for him in every class and gets tensed. He then calls Dadisaa and tells that nobody knows about him in the school. Dadisaa tells Ganga where did he go? What I will tell to Anandi? Ganga says he will come. Shivam comes to the jungle area and thinks how to go home. Why did I take a shortcut.

Nimboli plays with Pampodi. She asks how did you get the time to play? Nimboli says Harki sent her to bring something. Geeta comes in a cart and asks Nimboli to negotiate with the cart rider. He settles for 15 Rs. Geeta asks her to bring luggage and goes in.

Shivam is running in the jungle, trying to search the way to home. Jagya enquires about him with the people on the road. The Inspector comes and tells Jagya that they will get Shivam. Jagya asks do you mean he is kidnapped? Inspector says may be. Jagya still searches for him.

Geeta bua cries infront of her brother Akhira Singh. Geeta says her husband misbehaved with her. Akhira singh asks what did he do? Geeta says he refused to take me for having chaat pakoda, but he refused. Akhira singh asks, what is the matter? Geeta says what is left. He refused. Akhira singh says you came here as your husband refused to take you for having chaat pakoda. This is a small issue. Geeta says it means he doesn’t care for me. How can I live with him. He never fulfilled my wish. Akhira Singh asks her to stop crying and says I will talk to Purab. Geeta asks when? Akhira Singh says today. Geeta says let him be alone for sometime. Harki makes faces. Akhira Singh asks her to make everything of Geeta’s choice. Harki nods. Geeta asks her to make chaat pakoda for sure. Akhira Singh laughs. Harki smiles and leaves.

Dadisaa tells that Shivam is not found. Ganga asks Shivam didn’t do anything like this before. Anandi comes and asks what happened to Shivam? Shivam gets scared and shouts Maa………….Anandi asks where is Shivam? She gets tensed.

Shivam continues to run and then sits down afraid, hearing the foot steps of someone. The man comes and puts hand on his shoulder. Shivam looks shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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