Balika Vadhu 20th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 20th March 2013 Written Episode, Balika Vadhu 20th March 2013 Written Update
Scene 1:
Location: Jaitsar hospital
sanchi is very hurt and in pain, and is relenting to get treatment done at the hospital, saying that she doesnt want to get treated in a villagey hospital. she says that she wants to go home. finally jagiya loses his patience, and says that he would throw her out if she cribs anymore, as she doesnt really have a problem here, and he cant afford to waste time listening to her whims. Shiv’s family who just arrived, listens to all this. jagiya too gets nervous seeing them on the door.

Dadaji asks him to take the treatment forward, and ensures that sanchi wont interfere anymore. jagiya requests them to wait outside, to which they comply. He carries on with the treatment, while she keeps yelping in pain, and the nurse assists in the dressing. he asks the nurse to prepare the injection, which when administered, sanchi holds on to jagiya’s hand, in horror, and finally lest go wqhen the pain subsides, but making jagiya conscious nevertheless. He gives her a hankey to wipe off her tears, adding that she cn trust as its not from the hospital and hence is clean.

Sanchi says to her family that had he known that jagiya was getting her here then, she would never have.

dadaji thanks jagiya, that if he hadnt been there, there would have been a big problem, and apologizes for her behaviour. He says that sanchi would realise the improtance of what
He says that she gest angry before she talkis. He tells sanchi that she shamed the army background of hers today. He teases her by asking jagiya not to treat just her wound, but also her anger adjustment. The nurse calls to jagiya for attending to another patient, and he excuses himself from there. Ananadi, taking ira’s permission follows aftre him, and thanks him for doing this for sanchi. He says that its not required since its his duty, and asks if there’s anything else she needs to talk about. When she says no, he takes her leave, while anandi keeps looking.

Scene 2:
Location: Shiv’s house in jaitsar
Shiv’s family get sanchi home, where she walks in with the help of supports. Anandi asks her not to swing her leg down, as that would create swelling. all take care of sanchi, while anandi offers for juice. Dadaji commenst jagiya’s instant treatment, or else sanchi would have been in trouble. Sanchi asks alok that she wangts to refer to their family doctor, but ira says that he’s in udaipur. She says that she wants to talk as she doesnt have faith on villagey doctors. Dadaji tries to convince that jagiya has trained in mumbai, and hence is a very qualified doctor, and is back in village to help his people. But sanchi is unconvinced.

Ananadi, who gets juice for her, however says that sanchi should be allowed to talk to her family doctor, as its very difficult for a patient to trust her doctor, and if that doesnt happen, the treatment also doesnt work properly. She asks alok to fax her file to him. Ananadi offers her juice, while sanchi is worried that she has been given wrong treatment, but when the family forces her, she takes in the juice.

Alok comes back and says that he has faxed the doctor and would tell in the next few minutes after taking a look. The doctor call sup and tells that jagiya has administered the absolute perfect treatment and is a very mature doctor, who keeps in mind everything bout the patient. Alok happily tells this to sanchi, who now is in a situation to bite his words. Ira gives sanchi her meds, which she wilfully takes now. She apologizes to dadaji, and alok tells her that she should do that to jagiya.

Scene 3:
Location: Jaitsar hospital
while jagiya is working in the hospital, Sanchi comes to jagiya and exclaims that she was vry wrong in prejudging him, as he doesnt look at all for what he expected in a village doctor, and that he is very differnt from the other people here. jagiya too says that he doesnt look like a village person, and he knows that. She thanks him, but he says that it was her duty and that she shouldnt blame herself since she was nervous and hence spoke such. He tells her the history of the hospital, and how his family is very determined to make this valuable to the village. He says that he knows that she feels that he should be in a big city, but in doing that, he has lost out on so much, and after coming back, he doesnt want to go back to the competitive world, and he sees a sense of belonging in this village that he doesnt want to let go of. He again tells her that she shouldnt feel sorry at all, and that he should say sorry too, since he too spoke rudely with her. He offers to walk her out, while he goes out for rounds. He sees her off at the gate of the hospital. As he leaves, Sanchi thinks that he might try to mix in the village people, but there’s somthing that sets him apart from the others.

Scene 3:
Location: Jaitsar haveli
As jagiya gets out in haste for work, sumitra forcibly packs food for him, so that he can eat at the hospital. Seeing his pensive mood, sumitra asks if he has a problem. He assures her not to think like that, as he had already clarified to dadisa that he is perfectly fine.

Shiv and anandi arrive. Shiv thanks jagiya for what he did for sanchi. He says that its just his duty and nothing more. He gives her a gift saying that jagiya shouldnt refuse it, as like a doctor he didne hesitate in scolding her, as her brother, he too has a right to take a token of gratitude. He says that he coudlnt decide what to get, anandi helped him by opting for a leather bag. jagiya takes it on dadisa’s insistence saying that its very beautiful. He says that he will keep looking at it and remembering them. Ananadi goes pensive hearing this. The screen freezes on her face.

Underlying message: Any work’s quality depends on the quality of the person doing it and not in the circumstances and surroundings. A person can perform superb work in the most adverse of circumstances.

Precap: Dadisa is lamenting that jagiya’s life has become highly mundane, fom hospital to haveli, and then back off to hospital again. Shiv gives in a suggestion saying that just like they convinced anandi to remarry, they should try and get jagiya also to settle with another life partner. Ananadi and others are very happy at this suggestion.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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