Balika Vadhu 1st March 2013 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 1st March 2013 Written Episode, Balika Vadhu 1st March 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Shiv’s house in jaitsar
Meenu and shiv manage to convince ira by saying that she has nothing to worry about, and that they should appreciate shiv for being such a good man. Ira apologizes saying that she didnt think at all, and acted in haste after hearing to sanchi’s version. Shiv asks her not to as what she did was because she cared, and wanted the best for him, and he isnt angry but hurt at her as it was a very personal matter between him and anandi, and now it isnt. Ira begins to call up, but is stopped by shiv, when she says that she has to put sumitra out of tension and also apologize for her behaviour. Shiv says that he would personally go and clear all misunderstanding between them.

Scene 2:
Location: Jaitsar haveli
Ganga asks about sumitra in basant’s room where gehna is being administered injections by the nurse. Ganga too telle her not to be afraid, as it just feels for the instant prick. But ganga sees basant’s upset face and points it to gehna, who also smiles seeing how scared he is. Ganga distracts gehna and they both are happy, when they knwo that the injection also has been done. Ganga goes out to look for sumitra. They both appreciate how ganga tactfully solved the problem. Basant says that he hopes that her secret treatment continues like this, so that dadisa doesnt know and get hurt.

As dadisa finds the nurse, packing up, she asks her what happened to gehna that she’s getting injections everyday. The nurse says that what she is doing requires energy. When dadisa asks as to what is gehna doing, the nurse begins to tell dadisa about it. But sumitra comes in and interrupts her, before she can say anything and asks her to leave if she’s done with the work. when dadisa asks the same to her, sumitra replies that they are power injections. dadisa asks her to take care of gehna dn give her good diet and milk.

Bhairo asks sumitra about what happened at shiv’s house, and is stunned to know it. She says that even she thought that this is impossible, since anandi has been glowing these days which they assumed was because she’s happy with shiv. she reminds him that anandi didnt want to get married, and did it for her mother’s sake, and she hasnt been able to accept shiv as her husband. Basant says that its indeed serious and its good that she got to knwo about this from ira. Sumitra and bhairo, who had been discussing about anandi are surprised when they see shiv approaching them with a stoical face. he comes upto them and clears the confusion saying that ira was worrying unnecessarily and that there’s no problem between anandi and shiv, and that ira has asked for an apology. Bhairo says that ira did nothing wrong as she just behaved as his mother. Sumitra asks that what ira thought then was wrong. shiv says that it isnt and they know anandi very well, that she cant hurt anyone, especially him. He says that he understands anandi’s dilemma and hence he had promised that he wont pressurise her and that they are very happy with each other. sumitra compliements on his unbelievably good character, and immense patience. he says that he has learned it from anandi only. Bhairo says that they would forever be indebted to him for this. He says that its not a favour, and that what he is doing is for anandi and his sake, and that anandi shouldnt get to know about this as she would worry unnecessarily and get hurt too, blaming herself fr it. They agree too and shiv leaves, relieved.

Dadisa understands that there’s something that the whole family is trying to hdie from her, as sumitra didnt let the nurse reveal anything. She wonders if gehna isnt suffering from something major, but then thinks otherwise, praying that nothing like that happens. She comes across, an injection and has an idea. she gets nandu and asks him if he knows how to read. when he says yes, she takes him to the room and asks him to read out the injection’s name.

She calls up the chemist and tells him to listen to the name of the medicine that nandu says. Nandu spells out MENOGON. Dadisa asks him what is this injection for. He tells that its for ovarian insufficiency and low follicle growth. when dadisa asks him to explain it in layman terms, he tells her that it is administered to women who have a trouble conceiving naturally. Dadisa is shocked and puts two and two together, and comes across the past events when she has been tried to avoid going to the hospital or know about gehna’s condition by the whole family.

In their room, Basant asks gehna to rest and asks if the injection actually pains. She says that for the greater happiness, she would bear this pain very happily. He touches her hand, and says that he’s getting increasingly restless thinking whether all of this would bear fruit, as they dont knwo if this treatment would work. He says that he would talk to jagiya abou the success and the time as to how much they would have to wait. Gehna too expresses concern at the success of the procedure. basant assures her and says that she shouldnt worry about it and when the good news comes, all of the family would be very happy.

He says that they would tell dadisa too, when they have confirmed news, as she would be very happy. Gehna says that she feels like a thief keeping this from her.
basant too agrees saying that he too doesnt like hiding such a big thing from her. He says that when the right time comes, he would tell dadisa herself. dadisa comes in and asks when would the right time come, after they give birth to the child, or after she dies. They are shocked to find out that dadisa knows it. The screen freezes on her face.

Underlying message: In a joint family, all important descisions are taken with the approval of the elders. Therefore when any descision is taken without their approval, they get hurt.

Precap: Dadisa says that everyone knows except for her. Bhairo tries to pacify her, but she says that she has already found out everything on her own. Dadisa says that she wants to know why is basant hell bent on bringing a new life into this planet, by making gehna go through this procedure. jagiay interruptsthem saying that basant didnt want her to go through this. all are surprised to find him in the room, especially dadisa.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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