Balika Vadhu 19th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Balika Vadhu 19th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Nimboli getting shocked to see Harki’s dupatta fallen on ants. She gets shocked. She takes it to her room through the stick and tells God that she didn’t do it intentionally. Abhi comes out of his school and tells Makhan Kaka to drive the car. Makhan kaka says let Shivam come. Abhi tells a false story that Shivam has extra class to attend and his teacher will drop him home. Shivam comes out and waits for the car. Dadisaa picks the call. Anandi tells that they got a call from the gym instructor so she will be late. She asks her to make sure Shivam does her homework. Dadisaa says she will take care. Abhi comes home and greets Dadisaa. She asks you are looking happy? Abhi says he can play with his friend. Dadisaa asks about Shivam. He tells that Shivam went to field trip with his teacher.

Harki asks Nimboli, have you washed the clothes. Nimboli says she has completed all the work. She says whenever you gets hurt, then come to me. I will make everything fine. She says if you do bad then bad will happen with you. Suddenly it starts itching on her body. She gets shocked and asks Nimboli to do something. Nimboli says she will go and see. Nimboli hides and laughs seeing her. Harki’s daughter comes and says she will massage her to lessen the ants bite. The teacher calls Dadisaa and tells that Shivam is standing at the school gate. Dadisaa says she will send someone to pick him up. Dadisaa calls Jagya and asks him to bring Shivam. Nimboli thanks the ants and says you are my best friends now.

Harki’s daughter asks Nimboli to make some excuse as she is going to meet her friend. Nimboli gets worried. Harki comes back and asks her to make masala chai.

Kamli comes to meet her boyfriend Gopal while he makes their names intials with the flowers. He sings the song. They hug each other. Gopal says once he makes the commitment, he won’t listen to himself also. Kamli says you have become filmy. Gopal says he can’t believe his destiny. Kamli says she has seen her father behaving badly with her brother. She says she has decided not to spend life like her mum. She says I wants to live life with respect and love. Gopal says he is really lucky to have her trust. He promises to make her dream real. They hug again. Kamli says she have to go.

Makhan kaka comes. Dadisaa asks why didn’t you bring Shivam. Abhi says I made him fool. It is fun. Kundan thinks about his friends’ words. Nimboli brings tea. He stares her and says you brought cold tea for me. Nimboli says it is really hot. Kundan makes the tea fall on her hand. He then asks her to clean the floor. Harki comes. Kundan complains to his mum. Harki asks her to clean the floor. Nimboli says her hand is burning. Harki asks her to clean. Kundan stares her. Harki says she will make tea.

Jagya comes to the school and asks where is Shivam? He then asks the Inspector, who says he may be kidnapped. Jagya is shocked. Anandi is also shocked. Shivam is running and forgets the way back home.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Why can’t kundan accept nimboli???

    1. Because he is an a*sh*le like his father brought up with rotten values if nothing else.
      Ps this show has shown how worse a serial can get

  2. And whats with this kids shivam and abhi

  3. If kundan will accept nimboli then how come makers will prove child marriage is wrong. so now again they will show kundan hates nimboli and after sometime kundan will start loving nimboli and then to prove child marriage is wrong they will again make kundan negative and then nimboli second marriage

    1. Lol… That’s true…

    2. Kundan will start loving nimboli… Then anandi will find out nimboli and take her… After some days kundan finish his studies and come to see nimboli…

  4. Don’t separate kundan and nimboli like anandi and jagya… Then the story will be the same…

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